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Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics
Parliament Resumes: Governor Gen's Speech From The Throne
UN Elects NZ's Kenneth Keith To Int. Court Of Justice
Brash Tweaks Nat Portfolios
Rod Donald: Heart Attack Ruled Out As Cause Of Death
Speed Dating Woos Wellingtonians
Extremely Rare Storm Petrel ID-ed Near Little Barrier Island
Party for Sustainable Fisheries
BREAKING NEWS: NSW Police Swoop On Alleged Terrorist Group
Gerhard Schröder Meets For The Last Time

Chris Ritchie: Impressions Of Lebanon 25 Years Since Leaving -
HARD NEWS from Russell Brown & More
Good Returns Book Review: Real Estate Cash
Bill Grigsby Analyses The Culture Of Lies At The White House

OTHER NEWS (Just Politics):
Maori Party Marks Beginning With Te Tiriti o Waitangi Affirmation
Whales Unsaved
Counter-Terrorism Exercise Begins In Suva

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Parliament Resumes: Governor Gen's Speech From The Throne

 Dame Silvia
Cartwright.The Governor General, Dame Silvia Cartwright: "Honourable Members: [1] My government is deeply conscious of the honour bestowed on it in taking office again. Its mission is to lead the economic and social development of our proud, independent South Pacific nation. It seeks to work alongside a broad cross section of New Zealanders to achieve the best results for New Zealand. I wish you well in your deliberations. You have been charged by your fellow New Zealanders with great responsibilities. I am sure you will do your best to fulfil them." See... Speech from the Throne [2]

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UN Elects NZ's Kenneth Keith To Int. Court Of Justice

- Four prominent jurists were elected today – with one re-elected – to serve on the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the United Nations' principal judicial organ for settling disputes between countries, for a term of nine years beginning on 6 February 2006. Emerging from six rounds of voting which were needed today to obtain the required absolute majority in both the Security Council and the General Assembly, the new judges are: Mohamed Bennouna of Morocco; Kenneth Keith of New Zealand; Bernardo Sepúlveda Amor of Mexico; and Leonid Skotnikov of the Russian Federation. Thomas Buergenthal of the United States, whose term was due to expire on 5 February 2006, was re-elected for a second term. See... Vacancies Filled On Int'l Court Of Justice [1] ALSO:

  • Prime Minister - PM congratulates Sir Kenneth Keith [2]
  • NZ Govt - Sir Kenneth Keith ICJ election welcomed – Peters [3]
  • National - National congratulates Sir Kenneth Keith [4]

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    Brash Tweaks Nat Portfolios

    - National Party Leader Don Brash has today announced the following portfolio changes: Pansy Wong: gains Commerce - Shane Ardern: gains Forestry, loses Fisheries - Phil Heatley: regains Fisheries - Chris Tremain: Statistics. See... National Party portfolio changes [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA0511/S00106.htm

    Rod Donald: Heart Attack Ruled Out As Cause Of Death

    - Tributes And News Items... - Green Party co-leader Rod Donald died Saturday night at around midnight at his home in St Martins, Christchurch. Mr Donald had last week been ill with a chest infection. It was first believed that a heart attack had caused his death. However, an autopsy has ruled this out. Further tests are being done to establish the cause of Mr Donald's death. His funeral will be held at Christchurch Cathedral on Thursday at 10:30am. See... FULL COVERAGE: Tributes To Rod Donald [1]

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    Speed Dating Woos Wellingtonians

    - Fast Impressions, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest speed dating service, is bringing it’s brand of stylish, invitation-only speed dating to Wellington. Launching on November 23, events will be held on a fortnightly basis at Monkey Bar, Wellington’s slick underground jazz haunt. See... Wellington Meets Love in the Fast Lane [1]

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    Extremely Rare Storm Petrel ID-ed Near Little Barrier Island

    - A small seabird known only from specimens collected over 150 years ago flew inside a fisherman’s boat anchored off Little Barrier Island on Friday night. The bird is thought to be the New Zealand storm petrel (Oceanites maorianus), which was re-discovered nearly two years ago when it was photographed off Whitianga and Little Barrier or Hauturu. Fisherman Geordie Murman and his crew were sitting down to a lasagne dinner on Friday night when the small black and white bird flew into the cabin. Having worked with seabirds before, Mr Murman realised it could be the elusive storm petrel that scientists had been seeking, and put it in a box. See... 'Extinct' seabird drops in for dinner [1]

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    Party for Sustainable Fisheries

    - - For the second year in a row, no New Zealand fishery was rated as sustainable in Forest and Bird’s wallet card consumer guide to commercially caught fish. The Best Fish Guide 05-06 was launched with the support of the Best Fish Guide Ambassador Dobie Blaze, keyboard player from award winning Wellington band Fat Freddy’s Drop. Dobie Blaze cooked and served up chips to invited guests and media at Turnbull House in Wellington. See... Sustainable fish guide launched with celebrity chips [1] Also:

  • Seafood Industry Council - Forest and Bird claims - "Absurd" [2]

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  • Wage Growth at Record High [1]
  • Dairy Protein Crisps Find Favour with US Consumers [2]
  • NZ’s most powerful revealed [3]
  • DHBs Withhold Promised Funding To Aged Care [4]
  • ET explorer, thinking person's ghostbuster for 06 [5]
  • Environmental Concerns Rule Out Sth African Exhibit At Flower Show [6]

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    BREAKING NEWS: NSW Police Swoop On Alleged Terrorist Group

    - One of the nine men arrested in anti-terrorism raids across Melbourne overnight is the outspoken Melbourne Muslim cleric Abu Bakr (pictured left). The Australian news-site is reporting that up to 15 people were arrested in raids involving some 400 officers in Sydney and Melbourne this morning in an operation police said "disrupted ... the final stages of a large scale terrorist attack". New South Wales police commissioner Ken Moroney said at least six people have been arrested who were "proposing to conduct a terror attack in Australia". ABC has reported a further nine people were arrested in Victoria though this has yet to be confirmed. The raids are still being carried out and involve searches of properties in Australia's two largest cities. See... NSW Police "Disrupt Large Scale Terrorist Attack" [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0511/S00122.htm

    Gerhard Schröder Meets For The Last Time

    - The Red-Green cabinet met for what was probably the last time today. Chancellor Gerhard Schröder thanked the members of his cabinet for their seven years of service in his government, saying: "It was a pleasure to work with you." Speaking as the oldest member of the cabinet, Interior Minister Otto Schily noted that he was very grateful to have been a part of what he felt was a good government over the past seven years. See... Schröder Government Holds Final Cabinet Meeting [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO0511/S00104.htm


  • Envoy Says Eritrean-Ethiopia Situation Delicate [1]
  • UN Condemns Assassination Attempt on Somali PM [2]
  • EUROPE UPDATE seminar: Current Challenges [3]
  • Annan Meets with French President [4]
  • New Book: The Next Gulf - Oil Conflict in Nigeria [5]

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    Chris Ritchie: Impressions Of Lebanon 25 Years Since Leaving -

    Lebanon’s fourth largest city of Tyre, once the pearl in the crown of a Phoenician trading empire that stretched out to the Mediterranean shores of Europe and Africa, these days marches to a distinctively slower drum-beat than the country’s northern towns. See... Chris Ritchie: Kiwi Health Worker Found in Tyre [1] See Also:

  • Tips on Living with Terrorism
  • Chris Ritchie: Power Shifts Rattle Lebanon [2]
  • Want A Memorable OE? - Try Lebanon [3]

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    HARD NEWS from Russell Brown & More

    - Red-robed figures, carrying a proclamation from the head of state, swooshed purposefully across Parliament Grounds today; past a bit of light traffic on Molesworth Street; past schoolkids walking in the opposite direction; past bronzed sunbathers and barefoot, ... See... Public Address 08/11/05 - Only In New Zealand [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0511/S00130.htm

    Good Returns Book Review: Real Estate Cash

    - I liked this book right from the get go. Anyone whose mantra in relation to property is “to be the best at creating beautiful spaces for people to live in, invest in and enjoy” is – in my opinion – in the property investing market for a great reason. Real Estate Cash from Treasure and Trash begins with a small amount of history about the author, including her main sources of inspiration... See... Real Estate Cash from Treasure and Trash [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0511/S00129.htm

    Bill Grigsby Analyses The Culture Of Lies At The White House

    - The neoconservative pundits are hard at work, attempting to convince their readers that ‘Plamegate’ is an isolated incident, hardly worth the cost of the newsprint. The ever-spry George Will leap-frogged effortlessly from Harriet Miers over indicted Scooter Libby to Samuel Alito. Charles Krauthammer ignored Libby’s indictment, instead navigating unfamiliar territory [for him] by attacking persons of intellectual integrity (in this case, Brent Scowcroft). See... Bill Grigsby: A Culture Of Lies [1]

    [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0511/S00128.htm


  • Richard S. Ehrlich - Euthanasia Promoter Faces Imprisonment In Cambodia [1]
  • Marjorie Cohn - The President & His Vice: Torturers' Puppetmaster [2]
  • David Swanson - Swanson: The Bush-Cheney Ethics Refresher Course [3]
  • William Engdahl - Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Ind. [4]

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    Maori Party Marks Beginning With Te Tiriti o Waitangi Affirmation

    - At Parliament's swearing in ceremony yesterday, Maori Party MPs inserted reference to the Treaty Of Waitangi into their oaths and were asked to repeat the oath as written. Tariana Turia: “This is not the first time that we have expressed our belief that the affirmation or the oath expressed by Members of Parliament should include respect for Te Tiriti o Waitangi as creating the constitutional framework for this land." See... Parliament Opening Significant Day for Maori Party [1] ALSO:

  • NZ Govt - Labour delivers on key election promises [2]
  • National - Labour confirms $2 billion hit from loans plan [3]

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    Whales Unsaved

    - New Zealand is deeply alarmed at news Japan's whaling fleet has sailed to commence its newly expanded scientific whaling programme, Conservation Minister Chris Carter said today. See... Whaling fleet prepares to kill Pacific whales [1] ALSO:

  • Greenpeace - Whaling fleet leaves for the Southern Ocean [2]

  • [1] - http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA0511/S00097.htm
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    Counter-Terrorism Exercise Begins In Suva

    - Prime Minister Helen Clark welcomed the commencement of the first Pacific Forum-wide discussion-based counter-terrorism exercise at Forum Headquarters in Suva today. “Exercise Ready Pasifika brings together officials from the Pacific Forum’s 16 members, and representatives from French Polynesia and New Caledonia, as well as regional law enforcement organisations, to allow them to explore the region’s ability to plan for and respond to a hypothetical terrorist incident. See... Pacific counter-terror preparations in spotlight [1] ALSO:

  • Army on Exercise in Lower Central North Island [2]

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  • Govt - Whaling fleet prepares to kill Pacific whales [1]
  • Nats - Labour's loans will lead to lower standards [2]
  • Nats - Labour confirms $2 billion hit from loans plan [3]
  • Nats - NCEA: students need transparency [4]
  • Maori Party - Parliament Opening Significant Day for Maori Party [5]
  • Treasury - November Working, policy perspectives papers [6]
  • MFAT - New envoys present credentials [7]
  • NZ Govt - Peters names new Ambassador to Timor-Leste [8]
  • National - Brian Connell apologises [9]
  • NZ Govt - Cullen: Opening of Crown Finance Institution Forum [10]
  • Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs - Pacific Prosperity Conference [11]
  • Libertarianz - Poll shows failure of top-down environmentalism [12]
  • Action On Smoking And Health - "Trust us: We’re Socially Responsible" [13]

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