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Scoop Tribute: Rod Donald Remembered

Scoop Tribute: Rod Donald Remembered

The Scoop Team has compiled reportage of Rod Donald's recent career and also coverage of his funeral, cause of death, and tributes. This ensemble remembers the Zimbabwe Cricket Tour issue, his speeches on FTAs and justice. Includes audio and video.


Speech On Zimbabwe
- Rod Donald was an outspoken critic of injustice. In July of this year he spearheaded public opposition to sporting contacts with Zimbabwe and attempted to halt a tour of that country by New Zealand Cricket's Black Caps. The tour went ahead, but not before Rod Donald spoke to a large crowd in Auckland. See… (text) Rod Donald Speech: "It's Just Not Cricket"
Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Rod Donald Speech: "It's Just Not Cricket"



Scoop Image: Rod Donald's
(Click on image for Scoop Video)

Green Party co-leader, Rod Donald, died in the early hours of Sunday, November 6. His funeral was held at the Christchurch Cathedral. Scoop pays tribute to Rod Donald presenting this account of recent news items, leading with this video taken with those who packed Christchurch Square listening to the service that was taking place inside the Cathedral.
Scoop Video.Scoop Video: Snippets From Rod Donald's Funeral


Pathologist Finds Viral Myocarditis Cause Rod Donald's Death - Christchurch pathologist Martin Sage has today released his finding in the cause of Rod Donald's death. In a letter to Mr Donald's partner Nicola Shirlaw he said in his opinion the cause of death was viral myocarditis. See... Statement from Nicola Shirlaw: Rod Donald's death



Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Rod Donald's partner Nicola and eldest daughter Holly speak at his funeral.
Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Selwyn Manning Reports From Rod Donald's Funeral (Scoop report 6mins)
Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Selwyn Manning + 95bFM's Simon Pound discuss Rod Donald's Funeral (Scoop report 11mins)


Nandor Is Back – 'With A Vengeance' - Nandor Tanczos will be taking a seat as a Member of Parliament for the Green Party of Aotearoa / New Zealand. "Rod Donald's death is an enormous blow, personally and politically, but the work continues. Rod always encouraged me to be myself within the constrained environment of Parliament and I intend to do that, with a vengeance," Nandor says. See... Nandor's decision


Scoop Video.Link to TVNZ's VIDEO internet coverage of funeral.

Huge Internet Demand For Donald's Funeral - Infomercials on TVNZ - Television New Zealand may be regretting its decision not to broadcast Rod Donald's funeral live on free-to-air television after its interactive services division struggled to cope with massive viewer demand. On TVNZ's Channel One, instead of Rod Donald's funeral, during the period of the funeral viewers were treated to the final half hour of Good Morning followed by an episode of the quintessential daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. On TV2 the state broadcaster was playing infomercials. See…. Rod Donald Funeral Rivals Election In Net Ratings


Scoop image: Rod
Donald with his youth parliament rep, Rachel Meadowcroft.Rod Donald: Heart Attack Ruled Out As Cause Of Death - Tributes And News Items... - Green Party co-leader Rod Donald died Saturday night at around midnight at his home in St Martins, Christchurch. Mr Donald had been ill with an infection. It was first believed that a heart attack had caused his death. However, an autopsy has ruled this out. See... FULL COVERAGE: Tributes To Rod Donald

  • Memorial gathering for Rod Donald in Wellington
  • *******


    Green MP Keith Locke and Rod Donald celebrate Ahmed Zaoui's release on bail outside the Wellington High Court.

    Earlier: Fitzsimmons, Donald, Locke visit Zaoui in Prison.

    Scoop Audio.95bFM Audio: Noelle McCarthy Interviews Rod Donald.
    Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Lyndon Hood Interviews Rod Donald

    Speech: Rod Donald On Free Trade - Time and time again apologists for free trade fail to provide empirical evidence of the benefits to New Zealand of making our domestic economy more vulnerable and more dependent on the global marketplace. It is increasingly apparent that FTIAs have become a form of cargo cult – somehow markets will magically open up all around world as soon as we sign up to bilateral FTIAs. The Nats hold that fixation with religious fervour and the disease now afflicts Labour-Alliance Government even though, in their hearts and heads the, Alliance knows better. See… Free trade lies! - Rod Donald Speech Notes: Wednesday, 20 June 2001

    Scoop Video.Video: Rod Donald & Six Finance spokespersons speak on the economy
    Scoop Video.Video: Brethren Launch Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Greens


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