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Clinton & McCain Proud Supporters of Israel

Political Zionists Clinton and McCain Proud Supporters of Israel

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

I am sorry to report that the heir presumptive to the Democratic ’08 Presidential Campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a disgrace to humanity. Though the much publicized photo of her yukking it up at the May AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) convention with the international war criminal, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon frankly turned my stomach, I was willing to cut her some slack if her domestic policies were sound. But no, Hillary has sunk to the slimiest recesses of the bottom of the barrel. Her black Zionist roots are showing despite her golden tresses.

According to Associated Press writer Rachael Hoag, Clinton is reported to have said during her recent visit to Israel that she “supports the separation barrier Israel is building along the edges of the West Bank, and that the onus is on the Palestinian Authority to fight terrorism.” So much for victim’s rights! Perhaps Hillary needs to live under occupation for a couple of months and see what its like for a trip to the grocery store be playing Russian Roulette with your life.

Clinton’s remarks are particularly egregious at a time when long-time South African Anti-Apartheid leaders such as such Ronnie Kasri (who is Jewish) are speaking out. Though the suffering of the Arabs in Israel & Palestine parallels in some instances the suffering of blacks in South Africa under apartheid, conditions now present in Palestine far exceed it, some say.

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Meanwhile, the ever-popular, former POW John McCain is earning much deserved credit for attacking the torture-for-some-prisoners-of-war policy both promoted and denied by the Bush administration with an “Anti-Torture” campaign. But to illustrate the soundness of his anti-torture proposal, McCain advises that we turn to Israel as a stellar example of restraint.

“The state of Israel, no stranger to terrorist attacks, has faced this dilemma, and in 1999 the Israeli Supreme Court declared cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment illegal,” according to McCain. “‘A democratic, freedom-loving society,’ the court wrote, ‘does not accept that investigators use any means for the purpose of uncovering truth. The rules pertaining to investigators are important to a democratic state. They reflect its character.’”

Yes, Citizen McCain also deserves a Zionist gold star on his forehead for Pollyanna support of Israel, despite UN and non-governmental agency reports, both inside and outside of Israel, that document wide-spread Palestinian prisoner and citizen torture and abuse. The frightening prospect is he too may be headed for a serious presidential bid. Of course, in his case the “apple don’t fall far from the tree,” as the saying goes. One has only to type “US Liberty” and “Admiral McCain” into a Google search to uncover the role the Senator’s father played in exonerating Israel from their attack on the American ship, the US Liberty, during the Arab-Israeli War.

On June 8, 1967, the US Liberty was in international waters 13 miles off the Sinai Peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean when Israel launched a ferocious attack. Over 820 shell holes were counted in the ship's superstructure and hull. Thirty-four men were killed and one hundred seventy two wounded. I am sure that the Admiral’s son is well aware that at that time Israel was in the process of occupying Palestine. Since then, every man, women and child in Palestine lives and dies under the brutish, torture chamber dictates of a very un-just Israel, despite the so-called freedom-loving nature of this Zionist dominated society.
But despite regressive, anti-Arab policies of too many American politicians, their Israeli-Zionist counterparts and Neo-Conservative surrogates, light may be seen at the end of the tunnel. For the first time since its bloody inception 57 years ago, an Arab Jew of North African descent, Amir Peretz has been elected to a top leadership position in Israel and there is a possibility he may one day be Prime Minister.

At a recent rally at the Rabin Memorial, Peretz's speech was delivered as a direct address to the assassinated Rabin. “Ten years ago, on that fateful night, you have said that violence undermines the foundations of democracy - not knowing that a violent death awaited you just around the corner. Ten years on, and the violence is still very much with us, Yitzchak. The country is full of violence. We have not succeeded in isolating it. It has spread beyond the areas of confrontation with the Palestinians, it has become rooted among us.”

“If we had left the Territories, stopped the violence which issues from there at its source, we would have also overcome the violence in our midst,” Peretz stated.

“I am the child who came to Israel fifty years ago, at the age of four. I am the child who grew up in the time of the Fedayun (cross-border inflitratrors of the 1950's) and nowadays lives with his family under the shadow of the Qasam rockets. The children of my hometown Sderot have their sleep troubled by the fear of the Qasams, while their contemporaries in Gaza wake up with the sonic booms and the anti-terrorist preventive acts” Petetz continued.

“I have a dream, Yitzchak. I dream that one day the no-man's-land between Sderot and Beit Hanun will flourish. I dream of factories going up there, and recreation areas, and playgrounds where our children and the Palestinian children will play together and build a common future. When this dream comes true I could go to your grave, face you and say: Rest in peace, Yitzchak. You have earned your final, undisturbed rest. You were murdered, yet you won!”

Yes, Peretz’s election offers hope despite American support for his political rivals, Sharon and Peres. Meanwhile the UN Quartet Special Envoy for the Gaza Disengagement, James Wolfensohn, warns of the danger that the Gaza Strip could turn into a giant prison. The truth is Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem ARE giant prisons if you happen to be a Palestinian. End the occupation and there will be peace. The onus is on Israel, Hillary. It is their boot that is on the throat of Palestine.

(Peretz speech can be found in Hebrew at www.gush-shalom.org)

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