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Scoop Feedback: Cook Egg Record Slammed

Scoop Feedback: Cook Egg Record Slammed

The following is a selection of feedback and other unsolicited email received by Scoop recently. The opinions they contain do not necessarily reflect those of Scoop.

They do not appear in any precise order.

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Dear Editor,

Recently you ran a scoop on the second attempt by Rick Walczak to fly his balloon across Mt Cook which he believes to be the first time.

If he believes the latter then he is completely wrong! I flew my balloon "West Wind" over the summit of Mt Cook on 3rd January 1976 which was televised by TV ONE and covered in a one hour documentary, "Knocking On Heaven's Door".

I unfortunately cannot trace Rick and wouldn't like him to make such a dangerous flight in the false belief that he was doing this flight for the first time!

I also flew my balloon over the Cook Strait and in Tonga in the 70s.

Many thanks,


Wing Commander Roly PARSONS

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Not sure if you have come across it yet, but the Tamiflu stories are getting overly sensational and one-sided. If you look here;
and here;
the story looks a bit different.

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Follow the money. 7 billion dollars is worth a lot of PR money.

Don't believe the truth.


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This is very touchy. However, the Ethiopian street kids and the children of Ethiopia don't understand that UN fail on Ethiopia. They only care to have a good relationship with the Present arogant government in Ethiopia. It very sad that these kids are targeted when Melese Zenawi soldiers killed and arrested. Of all things, UN has given a lot of money for Ethiopia but the money goes to purchase weapons to fight with Eritria and the an existed terrirost in Horn Africa. I hope UN will take action and do something. It is hard to be black but we are proud that you are African and especially Ethiopians. We will never neglect our street kids. We love them, that is why we survived upto now. May the Love of GOD BE WITH ETHIOPIANS and ETHIOPIA! AMEN!

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What an amazing news to discover that New Zealand has won the right to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup this morning! Hopefully Jerry Brownlee will also be congratulating Helen Clark for her efforts - together with the NZRFU team. But given Jerry Brownlee's rationale for his recent outburst of indignation last week towards the Governor-General, may be he would be in 'his rights' to likewise direct his 'righteous' umbrage towards the NZRFU, for not inviting National to co-present the Government's case for New Zealand hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

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Open Letter to Chris Carter, Minister of
The Controversial approval of the Whangamata
Marina by the Environment Court
23nd November 2005

Whanga Bar

My name is Paul Shanks, a surfer of Whangamata involved in the Whangamata Marina Case since 1998. The case against a marina is being led by a Maori grouping with their own valid issues some of which overlap into the situation of surfers of Whangamata and surfing nationally and internationally.

I am disturbed and disappointed with these latest decision’s. It is obvious that the construction of the marina and the dredging of the harbour will change the quality and the quantity of the water and sand on the terminal lobe of the ebb tidal delta, known nationally, and internationally as The Whanga Bar.

The huge increase in large boat traffic (as predicted by the Marina Society) will endanger us on our rightful access to one of New Zealand’s most renowned surf locations, with the wake of the boats impacting on the quality of the wave. An aspect that sets Whangamata Bar apart from other waves is its ability to carry riders when it is under “2 foot”. Already these are the times of high boat traffic, and also the time when novices and grommets are learning their stuff on the Bar. With the wake of the boats causing a wash across the wave face making it dangerous and poor for surfing. The Bar is a renowned left hander but its right hand break has a well deserved underground rep.

Environment Waikato’s determination to outlaw surfer access to the Bar by way of Navigational Bylaws show its lack of respect for Surfing as opposed to the respect and the access to Senior Planners given to Capital Investors and Foreshore developers. At peak population (summer holidays) Whangamata swells to some 50,000 people, the 205 “investors” in the Marina equates to less than 0.5% of the population but have exclusive rights to prime harbour area and its entrance.

Whangamata Surfing will take the brunt both economically and culturally the town is reliant on the Surf industry.

This Decision will result in the destruction of the Whangamata Saltmarsh (Notated under the Proposed Regional Coastal Plan as an Area of Significant Conservation Value), also the location of our loved neighbours the Banded Rail and the destruction of our foreshore area known as Te Matatuhi.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Surfriders Foundation and Windsurfing New Zealand for their help in the initial stages of this case. I also acknowledge Dr Morgan Williams who peer reviewed the Whangamata Community Plan. see note

In 1996 the Ministers (of Conservation) representative turned down this marina, and DOC appealed the local Councils granting of consents. It seems that an earlier Minister of Conservation wrote a Ministerial Directive telling the Department of Conservation to withdraw from this case. This Directive and its supporting documents need to be made available for public understanding before any signing off of consents. The concern for all those who enjoy New Zealand’s coastal access laws must be made aware if a Minister for Conservation can bow to foreshore developers. This foreshore development has national implications, including the alienation of Surfers to be able to access long established surf spots because of the introduction of new navigational and safety bylaws to cater for developers. The vexed question of who is allowed to own and subdivide the foreshore.

Should local councils be allowed to buy and sell land without scrutiny?

I call on all Surfers nationally and internationally, all lovers of the ocean to petition the Minister of Conservation in an effort to stop this “Travesty of Justice” in order to protect these three natural phenomena the Whangamata Saltmarsh, Whangamata Kaimoana bed and the Whangamata Bar, our Whangamata whanau.

Paul Shanks

Appendix 3: Quotes from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment review of the Whangamata Community Plan (the first community plan under the 2002 local government Act).

1: “Whangamata is popular for recreational activities, for example swimming and fishing, but especially surfing, Surfers are attracted to the long breaks offered by the Whangamata Bar, just outside the harbours entrance, and it’s known as one of the best surf spots in New Zealand”.

2: “The water quality of the Whangamata Harbour has degraded. Some areas are probably unsafe for swimming and shell shellfish gathering at most times”.

3:”That the past and proposed physical changes to the harbour structure will have a long term adverse environmental effects on the harbour.

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good editorials but dump the sleezy pop ups

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The comment is concerned with all your reports related to the Ethio-Eritrean war. As journalists you should also provide information to the broader audience which is held behind the curtain. Can't you see that everything going on between Ethiopia and Eritrea is a game between Africa's two biggest dictators? Both of them are bragging about war whenever there is an internal political crisis. Almost all dictators, especially Africans, gamble with their people's life and development as long as it helps them live longer. The leaders of the two countries are not even enemies, they have been working concertedly as rebels and now as leaders. There could be some feelings of animosity among the low ranking authorities, who anyway are only serving running the government machinery. So, please do not just parrot what these dictators say and play in to their hands by contributing to their deception of the world. As journalist, try to see a bit deeper and understand how this claim of war is being systematically exploited to consolidate their dictatorship and also how they are helping one another. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea, I believe, are not in a condition to start the same war that has taken place four years ago. You should serve your main role of discovering and telling the truth to the world and prove that you, as journalist, are different from the ordinary audience.


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The worst thing, the most damaging thing you could do and have done is to stop the publication of RECENT PHOTOS of war crimes against the Iraqi people. You are showing images on your website that are MORE THAN TWO YEARS OLD. The damage you are doing is that many people, seeing those old images, will say, "Oh, the violence has stopped." "Oh, the torture has stopped." "Oh, the war crimes have stopped." We know about the white phosphorous -- which is devastating and criminal -- but you must CONTINUE TO POST CURRENT PICTURES of civilian Iraqis wounded or killed to get the world's attention, and especially to shame my country, the U.S.

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When is something going to be done about what is happening with CYFS. There are many children out there who are at risk and CYFS don't seem to care. They have an "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" attitude. It is about time that they got themselves organised into doing more prevention work. Surely once this process was undertaken and utilised, then after a period of time they must surely see their case numbers decline. I believe the CYFS legislation in itself is worthwhile in principle - it is the people that work the system. What will it take? The death or abuse of yet another child? It is time for action - now!

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Australia, awake from your slumber!

Awake from your slumber, Australia!
Awake before it is too late!
Today a son of yours has been killed.
Don’t you care? Don’t you care, Australia?

Certainly, it is your prodigal son.
Certainly, he has wandered away from home.
Today, your son has been killed.
Don’t you care? Don’t you care, Australia?

Where is your fatherhood?
Where is your motherhood?
In your warm bed how could you sleep?
O Australia, don’t you care of your wandering children?

How many more of them will be killed?
Will you leave them to their fate?
Will you say it was their fault?
Australia, where is your parenthood?

You do not kill your children if they commit fault.
How could you let your neighbors kill them?
True, you have warned them of the danger.
Is that the reason for you to ignore their death?

How could you shake hands of the killers?
Was your face veiled by money?
Is the business deal with your neighbors more important?
Or are you careless about your children’s lives?

How could you keep a big smile with your neighbors?
How could you claim your successful reign,
When your children are being slaughtered in your sight?
Australia, arise from your sleep before it is too late!

Australia, where is your fatherhood?
Where is your motherhood?
How many more of your children will be killed?
Will you leave them to their fate?

Awake, Australia! Awake, before it is too late!
What can you tell God about your parenthood?
What will you leave in the memory of your children
From generation to generation and for ever?

Minh Bui
In memory of Van Nguyen
A drug trafficker killed by the Singapore
2nd December 2005

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carbon taxes and climate change:

If tomorrow humankind ceased to exist climate change would continue. The removal of humankind from the equation changes nature's contribution ("greenhouse gasses") from a bit over 95% to 100%

carbon taxes is lunacy. carbon credit trading is a money making industry for fat cats in the loop.

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I so enjoyed reading your Dec 2 article about violence not being tolerated, and very much believe that bullies were once victims of bullying themselves. They stuffed their rage, focused on their own bully or bullies, and then became “like” the bully/bullies. The phenomenon of patterning is strong. Research studies about school shooters from the last decade demonstrate this point.

I invite you to visit my website which gives a great deal of information about bullying as well. The Peace Rug process is the way I have been able to help children from ages four to fourteen to find their voices when bullied! When a student is disrespected in ANY way – physically or non-physically, he or she invites their bully to go to The Peace Rug. It is an actual 3’ x 5’ rug designated as the “safe place” where they can talk – whether it is in a classroom, or counseling office, or even outside at recess. They use a script (part of The Peace Rug process taught to all students in every school) and within minutes make an agreement, then celebrate that agreement with a handshake or “high-five,” and then return to their activities. Teachers don’t have to facilitate the conflict resolution; students are learning to think through the process themselves. As we know, when “victims” learn to find their voice - they don’t stuff their rage, focus on their bullies, and become “like” them. The unhealthy pattern is broken, and the students have successfully advocated for themselves with each other! Yeah!

Dr. Helen McIntosh, Counseling Psychologist

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It is disappointing that mediation has failed to resolve the Kindergarten Teacher's pay dispute. Mediation is a successful and cost effective process that is gaining increasing use in the NZ employment arena. But success is not assured unless there is a detertmination by both the mediator, and the parties, that they will work hard for a positive outcome. Especially when an impasse threatens to derail the process.

An answer to this dispute is out there - somewhere. It just needs to be visualised, captured and utilised. Rather than taking industrial action, all parties should be urged to return to the "talking table" and to redouble their efforts to find that solution.

Bill Rainey
Concordia Dispute Solutions

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This is old but I just came across your site and read an article about Bush and the Mormons. I would just like to say that your article was very one sided and distorted. I joined the church 14 years ago and studied it for 12 year before. Your information should be gathered from LDS sources instead of the typical anti stuff. It simply amounted to a cheep shot from down under.

Thank You.


RE: Corney: Meat and Fibre Producers' Council Opening

Surely, "Our primary industries will continue to be the backbone of the New Zealand economy"?

Who wrote that speech from the throne?


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