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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 6 October 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: The "F" Word and How To Escape From Its Clutches

Bernard Weiner

So we're here. No more shilly-shallying about whether America is beginning to resemble a fascist society. We're now plopped right down into it.

2: The US Occupation of Iraq: Casualties Not Counted
Dahr Jamail

In all past wars the United States has been involved in, including the two World Wars, Vietnam and the first Gulf War, the military was self reliant and took care of its basic support functions like cooking, cleaning and other services.

3: Parker: The way forward on climate change
New Zealand Government

Speech notes The way forward on climate change Address to the Climate Change Policy Symposium 8.55am, Wellington Convention Centre

4: Steve's memory lives on
Australia Zoo

Plans have been announced at Australia Zoo for the release of a special edition DVD featuring the Steve Irwin memorial tribute service "He Changed Our World". This DVD will be released through EMI Music New Zealand on October 23rd.

5: Brash: Opening of ICANZ Tax Conference
New Zealand National Party

I’d like to talk about three areas of tax this morning - first about the recent Business Tax Review; then about the taxation of overseas share investments; and finally about National’s position on tax more generally.

6: Our commitment to action on climate change
New Zealand Government

Climate Change minister David Parker today reinforced the need for New Zealand-wide action on climate change during a keynote speech in Wellington outlining the government's strategic direction on the issue.

7: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing October 5, 2006
US State Department

NORTH KOREA Assistant Secretary Chris Hill's Message to North Koreans Through New York Channel / U.S. Working Bilaterally and Multilaterally on Issue / U.S. Open to Consider a Full Range of Diplomatic Actions Possible Presidential Statement / Issue ...

8: The Arrogant, the Misguided, and the Cowards
Guest Opinion

The arrogant, the misguided, the cowards would argue that an immediate pull-out of our troops from Iraq would inspire lack of confidence and the lost credibility of the United States.

9: Cambodia: Time for Progress, Not Empty Promises
Human Rights Watch

(London) – Cambodia’s international donors must hold the country’s government to its commitments to protect human rights, fight corruption, and ensure the protection of land and natural resources, a group of five leading international organizations ...

10: Predator Cat Unwitting Wildlife Saviour
Department of Conservation

Over the past year they’ve collected more than 30 skinks that Trilly brought in to their apartment unharmed, “to show us how to hunt”. Some have been taken to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and the couple obtained permission from the Department ...

11: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing October 4, 2006
US State Department

NORTH KOREA Nuclear Test Threats Unacceptable / U.S. Working with Security Council Members, Others Strong Unified Signal from the International Community / Members of 6 Party Process Secretary Rice and Department Officials' Communication with South ...

12: National's environmental policy - hollow
Greenpeace New Zealand

Greenpeace says the National Party's goal of solving all of New Zealand's domestic environmental problems in a single generation is bold, but it unfortunately hasn't followed through with the policies to achieve it.

13: Johnson & Johnson applies to acquire Pfizer Inc
Commerce Commission

The Commission has received an application from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to acquire the stock, assets and business of the Consumer Healthcare division of Pfizer Inc. This is a global acquisition. In New Zealand both parties supply a broad range ...

14: National puts emphasis on environment with paper
New Zealand National Party

National is putting the environment at the forefront of its policy development with the release of its 30-page discussion paper, says National Party Leader Don Brash.

15: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing October 3, 2006
Alastair Thompson

NORTH KOREA Possible North Korea Missile Test / Would Be Provocative Act U.S. Working Closely with Partners in Security Council, Six Party Talks Process Strive for Implementation of September 19 Agreement / Resolution 1695 Real Consensus in International Community ...

16: Amer. Samoan call to remove ambiguities in US link
Radio New Zealand International

American Samoa’s member of the US Congress has urged that the commission reviewing the territory’s political status first resolve what he termed lingering ambiguities regarding its relationship with the US.

17: NZ Voted the Coolest Place on the Planet
House of Travel

New Zealand has been voted the world's coolest travel destination by British style project CoolBrands, beating out such hotspots as Morocco, Fiji and the Maldives.

18: Programmes under threat at University of Auckland
Association of University Staff

Senior members of the Association of University Staff (AUS) at the University of Auckland are outraged that the Dean of Arts and the Vice-Chancellor have proposed savage staffing cuts that could destroy prestigious academic programmes in the Faculty ...

19: Aust Beazley should be unequivocal against torture
Green Party

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley should be unequivocal in his defence of conventions and international rules banning torture, Greens Leader Bob Brown said tonight.

20: Bluegreen approach key to clean environment
New Zealand National Party

A clean environment and a strong economy can and must go together, National's Environment Spokesman Nick Smith said in releasing the discussion paper "A Bluegreen Vision for New Zealand" with National Leader Don Brash at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary today.

21: Alex Shea: Small Arms In The Wrong Hands
Alex Shea

In the time it will take you to read this article, five people will have been shot dead. It seems if nothing else, humans have perfected the efficiency of killing; one can now eradicate life with a slight movement of the finger. As Ronald Reagan's ...

22: Environment Ministry in the gun again over warming
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

Sharp criticism has been mounted on the Ministry for the Environment over the web page information that they are providing to New Zealand school pupils about climate change.

23: Government welcomes National's change of heart
New Zealand Government

National's change of heart on climate change is better late than never, climate change minister David Parker said today.

24: Appeal Filed in Bilbray Election Challenge
Michael Collins

Attorneys Paul Lehto and Kenneth Simpkins just entered an appeal to a California Superior Court decision that prematurely ended an election contest in California’s 50th Congressional District. Just seven days after the election, Speaker Dennis Hastert ...

25: Justice Delayed…

Mathematics was never my strong suit, but isn’t that only about five and a half weeks before I’m going to be getting out anyway?! (Does Terence Arnold set the fixtures dates?). Can I appeal the appeal date?

26: Cullen attempts to mislead on tax - again
New Zealand National Party

National Party Leader Don Brash says Michael Cullen needs to do his homework on National’s tax policy. “It’s the same tired, misleading nonsense that the Finance Minister peddled to the public before the last election. Frankly Dr Cullen, you need to change ...

27: Sherwood Ross: George Bush vs. Gospel of Matthew
Sherwood Ross

According to the gospel of Matthew, it came to pass that Pontius Pilate said to Jesus, “ Do you not hear all this evidence that is brought against you? ” for even in those days of rudimentary justice a man had the right to hear the charges of his ...

28: Jim Bolger joins Call for Arab-Israeli Action
Palestine Human Rights Campaign

The Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC) of Auckland welcomes the call by a large number of global leaders’ Call for Action on Arab Israeli Issues of October 4.

29: Brash slithers on tax
New Zealand Government

Don Brash's tax u-turn today proves that last year's big election tax cut bribe was nothing more than a hollow promise, designed to mislead voters, said Finance Minister Michael Cullen.

30: Deadly Heroin Overdoses Could Soar UN
United Nations

The world’s health authorities should prepare for a significant increase in the number of deaths from heroin overdoses following a dramatic surge in opium production in Afghanistan this year, the United Nations top narcotics fighter has warned .

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