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Today's Scoop Just Politics News Summary

Today's Scoop Just Politics News Summary

Treasury: Government Surplus Hits $2875 Per Person
Maori: Harawira's Column Tackles Dr Brash's Smoking Comments -
Welfare: Opposition On Trail Of Benefit, Child Support Debt




  • Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 11 October 2006 [1]
  • Questions And Answers - Tuesday, 10 October 2006 [2]

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    Treasury: Government Surplus Hits $2875 Per Person

    The National Party's delivered an angry response to the Government's $11.5 billion surplus. It says the greedy Labour-led Government should apologise for gouging New Zealand taxpayers following the announcement of an enormous $11.5 billion surplus. National Party finance spokesman John Key says: "New Zealand is now running the second biggest surplus in the developed world." See... Huge surplus shows Labour has gouged taxpayers [1]

  • NZ Govt - Financial statements consistent with fiscal plan [2]
  • ACT New Zealand - How Big Does The Surplus Have To Be? [3]
  • PSA - Surplus: Union call for accord on public services [4]
  • Business New Zealand - Surplus - cut business tax sooner [5]
  • Association of Salaried Medical Specialists - Massive Surpluses Should Rescue Public Hospitals [6]
  • Alliance Party - Surplus should be spent on social goods [7]
  • Employers And Manufacturers Association - Call for business tax rate cuts from next year [8]
  • Wellington Chamber of Commerce - Tax Cuts Must Go on Agenda [9]

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    Maori: Harawira's Column Tackles Dr Brash's Smoking Comments

    Don Brash said recently that Maori who smoke, deserve to get lung cancer. Which is a bit like saying Pakeha's who get bashed up deserve to go to hospital. Neither comment makes sense; but I made the second one, knowing it to be foolish. See... Ae Marika! A column by Hone Harawira 10 Oct 2006 [1]

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    Welfare: Opposition On Trail Of Benefit, Child Support Debt

    A quarter of a billion dollars of unpaid debt is owed by welfare beneficiaries, according to new answers to parliamentary questions released by ACT Social Services spokesman, Heather Roy. "This $261 million dollars is made up of money owed by recipients of the Invalid's Benefit, Sickness Benefit, Unemployment Benefit and Domestic Purposes Benefit", Mrs Roy said. See... The Quarter-Billion Dollar Welfare Debt [1]

  • NZ Govt - Benefit debt reducing, recovery climbing [2]
  • National - 94% of Aussie-based liable parents in debt [3]

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  • NZ Govt - International climate change experts welcomed [1]
  • NZ Govt - 760,000 benefit from low doctors fees initiative [2]
  • NZ Govt - U-turns aplenty in National Party health policy [3]
  • United Future - Copeland applauds Govt climate change initiatives [4]
  • NZ First - Trees A Treasure [5]
  • Greens - Homeownership need not be unattainable dream [6]

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  • Pansy Wong - Pansy Speak: A logical debate about smacking [1]
  • Hone Harawira - Ae Marika! 10 Oct 2006 [2]

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