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Reach To The World Of Companionship

Reach To The World Of Companionship

By Kamala Sarup

I felt no least pleasant experience trekking at midnight . 'we must make two hours more continuous trekking' , Navina , a friend in my company told me. ' Isn't it pleasant to walk out of crowd in distinct way ? ' It seemed that she was not interested to answer my question. We are walking alone on the way. It is showering now after a heavy rainfall. We could see cars' headlight far away. In a lonely and calm road, we were walking silently. I tried to draw the attention of Navin with words, 'you seemed to be talkative but right now you are silent. Perhaps, you are tired. ' But she didn't listen to me and invoked me to march in speed .

'Nights are generally fearful and dangerous. If possible, no one should walk during nights.' I didn't care the above version of my father but now I realized the importance.

In order to lead a disciplined life, sometimes the suggestions of elders play vital role.' You have a letter from home ' ,Navina handed over a damped letter and went to bathroom to have bath. I opened the letter. It was from my sister. She loves me as the moonlight night. It is raining outside and slow breeze is entering the windows.

Every thing is invisible due to dark. I could see no light in people's houses. I opened the letter and read, 'I can give you love by heart with the help of which we can survive. It is compulsory need to accept someone's help to lead a life without pain.' The first paragraph of the letter overcastted toys in me 'from an opposite corner of the earth, it provides quite different pleasure to read your received letter and to write you a letter to send I am eager to inform you. I am really happy to see the day to day growing relationship between you and me.' I started to write her a reply.

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'I have a repeated opinion on you. You are trying to cross the dark nights and reach to the world of love and light. Your letter suggests that you are very near to that light.' I started to write reply letter in this way .

'I remember what you had told - I am happy and satisfied with my second marriage. Once you had explained me about your view on love, sentiment and tears. Marriage does not mean for biological need only. Marriage means to unite the minds of two, a matter which is wider than the sky and attractive as the rhododendron flower which blooms in front of our houses. As I am far from you, I remember the morning that we wept by keeping hand on hand. People were walking through your houses. I thought, how could the people be so happy ? I could see them laughing in louder sound. 'It is better to live laughingly than to be serious all the time' - you told me .

Everything is o.k. we are living but our country is in peril. People are killing the people of same nationality. I think , there is no meaning of sympathy on man. My mind ordered to stop in the second paragraph of the letter. It is raining heavily outside. The night is matured, I kept the letter under the pillow and managed to go to bed.

'It is already morning. won't you get up ?' Navin's harsh sound woke me up. The sun has already crossed a long way of the day. The flowers blooming into earthen pots gave me a kind of pleasure and mental peace but the peace inside in the mind and outside in the environment gets quite different situation.

The naked sun is producing heat outside. We can't exist here without hard labor like own county. So, work is must here. In leisure time, I compose the lines of poem. It is worthless to laugh and weep alone. I wonder to think, what would be the degree of business for a man ? Rest is most essential. 'We are in sorrow '. You wrote it . I began to consult e-mail hurriedly .To live in positive way is your ideology. Like you, I have planted flowers around the house, the scenery of the house is completely changed '. went on hearing you.' Struggle and satisfaction / happiness are synonyms , it is my ideology. My daughter is in London, my son is leaving for India to study. I am happy with my children.' I began to consult with your e-mails.' I expect peace in the country. Every citizen must get chance to live in peace and harmony.' Your lines in email provide content and I too intend to enlighten the light of peace and harmony. I have composed some poems and written short stories , 'I realize , I must increase their number. I thank you for such inspiration.' Your email has shown me right path of life. Now sitting on the top of house, I am counting the stars in the sky , the age I passed and am trying to compose a poem for the successful betterment of forthcoming new year. The road is vacant. Children are not making merry in front of house .

'Sister ! the fire of revolution has burnt down the villages, towns, hill and Terai ( plain land) at a time. Everything seems as if they are weeping for peace and security. I can't remember the moment where mothers wait their young sons to return from laboring places. The wives who are bound to think their own widowhood at any time. How are they weeping beating their hearts ?' Bimala sister 's e-mail has made me serious and sympathetic . I have decided to make them the principles of life without any comment .

I had met Bimala sister before 10 years but the color of nearness is thickening now only. Our friendship might be one of the part of history- a never forgettable story . Indira by nature is serious and takes anybody in confidence without delay. Perhaps, she is trying to grow a plant into the environment of love. Words seem incomplete to explain our relation and love , I think so . 'It is not necessary to be one's own blood to thicken the relation.' My brother told, 'in the absence of blood kinship too the bond of relation preservers permanent color- love and goodwill being the prime factors.' My brother uttered in a breath ' when there comes the picture of own country, the mind flies to birthplace in no time , living in overseas is a kind of burden.'

' See , one has to compromise with some problems to build or shine the future' , my sister tried to put something in my mind. I couldn't remain silent and answered 'no one can compromise to cease life, can it ?' we talked in telephone in the style of face to face chatting. The telephone interview injected pleasure in my mind.

'I was born and brought up in a middle class family in Ghopacamp, Dharan. As my mother says, 'due to bad economic condition, she couldn't provide playthings ( dolls ) and fruits to her kids. Being a policeman, my father had to feed grandparents, brothers, my mother, sister and me with his limited income(salary). We had to wait festivals to get sweets and meat .We made marry to see sweets and meat in special occasions.' My mind concentrated in such things and remembered the sayings of Bimala sister ,' past happenings play guide role for future. I agree with her. Our friendship is blooming the flower of joys and happy.'

'We have right to live freely as the rhododendron flowers live in the forest - the rhododendron which adds beauty in bride, I spoke in symbolic way to Indira sister .

I am nearing shrine, on home way from Bimala. People are in rush. They seem eager to meet their family members after a day long tiresome duty in their offices. Every man needs another human to lead life. At present I am not thinking about life and death. I long to think about life and love. Life is a long journey, a never ending journey- I intend to compose a poem.

'Sister Bimala! We will complete our journey soon, no one can keep constant one's mind By tomorrow , I am flying for overseas- parting from nation, nears and dears and the lovers . What a worrying moment ! My mind has started to feel loneliness. I think the moment one parts from family and kin and kith is painful. Such moment upgrades the importance of family and well wishers. While buying the bunch of white roses, I thought, ' I would handover it to you with a earnest request to compose a poem on motherland. I would request you to compose a poem of peace. Oh ! My country of white roses - I wish to keep it embracing around my neck , my country is as lovely as my life, it is as sweet as my poem.'

I am leaving it(country) now. I have an optimistic wish that the people of my country will fly white pigeon. We won't slaughter each other, we will stitch our hearts and minds to start a good journey of cordiality. I am marching forward by averting the crowd of people.

'Dear sister , at the moment I reach home, I will not miss to write you a letter. I wish, our relation should continue but no one can judge the resolution of time , it may change, our feeling and the way of thinking may change .' I spoke it from the telephone booth, which I could not continue as my mind was filled with a kind of pain. My mind concentrated in the going on struggle that may engulf my family members , nears and dears and well wishers.' It is the time of curfew- one Nepali is fearing with another Nepali , this is the situation now'- the shopkeeper spoke in Newari like language, which I could understand half of it.

The shopkeeper was sad and distressed. It became long that his business didn't run well. So , he hesitated to speak frankly. I paid the money and came out the shop. At present, I am taking a vow, 'my journey must take a new turn.' I am in a hurry to fly white pigeon .


Nepali Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor of She is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development. Some of her publications are: Women's Empowerment (Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women through media,(Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism (Media research). Two Stories collections. Her interests include international conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. Her current plans are to move on to humanitarian work in conflict areas in the near future. She also is experienced in organizational and community development.

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