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Daily Voting News For ELECTION DAY Nov. 7, 2006

Daily Voting News For ELECTION DAY Nov. 7, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

David Tom, elections manager, county of San Mateo: "I feel very secure in the machines and how they work. We do a lot of testing on these machines and we're absolutely 100 percent sure these machines will work the way they do." Huh?? / “We can expect that things will go smoother this November,” said Michelle Shafer, spokeswoman for Sequoia. In other words, more problems will be blamed on 'human error' than in previous elections. / Tonights DVN is more heavily weighted toward reports of problems and less to the editorials and opinions. Some of the news services and local media outlets are talking about the 'minor glitches' and ignoring the major failures across the country. Today's election proved Ms. Shafer wrong but the blame will go on the 'human error' just the same....

  • National: Concern grows over ballot fraud LINK
  • National: Candidates Advised To 'Citizen Audit' Race Before Conceding LINK
  • National: Protecting The Democratic Vote
    A Formula for Catching Election Fraud. LINK
  • National: Justice department dispatches election monitors LINK
  • National: Voting machine companies to deploy thousands of techs LINK
  • National: Polling places turn to paper ballots after glitches LINK
  • National: Lawmakers among those snagged by voting problems LINK
  • National: New voting machines and dirty tricks confound voters LINK
  • National: Watchdog groups report e-voting problems
    Coast-to-coast snafus involve flipped votes, machine failures LINK
  • Arkansas: Garland County: More Voting Problems LINK
  • Arizona: Photo finish in Arizona LINK
  • California: Bay Area - Minor malfunctions at East Bay polls LINK
  • California: Butte County - Voting machine stolen from Chico area; Recovered LINK
  • California: Contra Costa County - Minor malfunctions at Contra Costa polls LINK
  • California: Riverside County - Locks demanded for vote machines; critics say 'sleepovers,' though legal and common, are an unnecessary risk LINK
  • California: San Diego County - Judge tosses paper-ballot lawsuit calling for 1.3 million paper ballots LINK
  • California: San Mateo Rolls Out New Voting Machines LINK
  • Colorado: A thing or 2 amiss at sites LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Computer logjams plague Denver voting LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - CHAOS: Problems worsen, Dems seek voting extension LINK
  • Florida: Broward County - No chads, but plenty of doubts LINK
  • Florida: Broward County - Deerfield Beach voters frustrated by bad electronic ballots LINK
  • Florida: Broward County - Ballot problem delays voting 90 minutes in Deerfield Beach LINK
  • Florida: Lee County - Minor glitch reported as polls open LINK
  • Florida: Lehigh County - Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown LINK
  • Florida: Miami-Dade County - Dade Votes Were Possibly Lost In 2004 Election LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Voting officials putting out fires LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Voting machine frustrations at Jeaga Middle School LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Supervisor answers voter complaints on polling place, posters LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County voters may mandate paper ballots LINK
  • Iowa: Pocahontas County - Scattered voting machine snags reported LINK
  • Illinois: Chicago - NBC5 Viewers Report Voting Problems LINK
  • Illinois: Cook County - Voters face low-tech problem: Not enough pens LINK
  • Illinois: Kane County - State's Atty. wants voting extended to 9:30 p.m. in Kane County LINK
  • Indiana: Delaware County - Voting Troubles Plague Delaware County LINK
  • Indiana: Delaware County - Voting Computer Error at 75 Delaware County Precincts LINK
  • Indiana: Problems Reported With Voting Machines by Microvote LINK
  • Indiana: Marion and Delaware Counties - Voting off to rocky start in Marion, Delaware Counties LINK
  • Kentucky: Poll worker charged with assault LINK
  • Maryland: Polling Places Report Some Problems LINK
  • Missouri: Missouri Sec. of State Forced to Show Photo ID at Poll When Voting! LINK
  • Mississippi: Officials say elections going smoothly, despite minor problems LINK
  • Mississippi: Hancock County - Computer Problems Force Some Hancock County Voters To Use Paper Ballots LINK
  • Mississippi: Harrison County - Poll Workers Struggle With New Voting Machines LINK
  • New Jersey: Voting problems reported in NJ LINK
  • New Jersey: Election observers concerned about e-vote tampering LINK
  • New Jersey: NJ voting machine woes reported, but no major problems LINK
  • New Mexico: Phone Calls Directing Voters to the Wrong Polling Place Continue LINK
  • New Mexico: GOP calls ballot shortage malicious LINK
  • New York: How to vote is the next major issue ahead LINK
  • Ohio: Long lines, problems with voting machines reported across Ohio LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Cuyahoga encounters voting problems LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - 16 Cleveland polls stay open longer LINK
  • Ohio: Franklin County: Delay in counting could leave close races up in air LINK
  • Ohio: Stark County - Lines and problems reported at scattered polling sites LINK
  • Ohio: Summit County - Election officials report voting problems; turnout heavy LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Allegheny County - Several Reports Say New Voting Machines Not Working LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Centre County - Commissioners: Voting machines result in minor glitches LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lancaster County - Electronic voting machine problems reported early LINK
  • South Carolina: Judge: Computer glitch means 4 polling sites to stay open longer LINK
  • Tennessee: Reported election problems LINK
  • Tennessee: Dems will go to court this afternoon to ask for polls to stay open LINK
  • Texas: Problems await some local voters at the polls LINK
  • Texas: Fort Bend County - Voting problems reported in Fort Bend this morning LINK
  • Utah: A few glitches mar early voting in Salt Lake City LINK
  • Utah: Problems for voters in Utah County; some delays in Salt Lake LINK
  • Utah: Voting machine encoders fail in Utah County LINK
  • Utah: Utah County - UPDATE: Voting machine glitch causes big delays, county says problem fixed LINK
  • Utah: Daggett County - Election Fixing Charges Fly in Utah Town LINK

**"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


John Gideon
Executive Director and

© Scoop Media

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