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Daily Voting News, DAY AFTER ELECTION Nov. 8 '06

Daily Voting News For DAY AFTER ELECTION Nov. 8, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

'Hey! Let's take all of our polling sites and consolidate them into a few large, super poll sites. Then we have thousands of voters vote in the same location on the same machines. We will save all kinds of money.' That's Denver Colorado and everything worked great until the machines began to fail and the process to get voters in and out slowed to a crawl. Result: Lines 4 blocks long. Day After Result: "Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher today asked that Denver's two elected voting commissioners resign and that the mayor fire Clerk and Recorder Wayne Vaden as well as the entire senior staff of the election commission." / Over 18,000 under votes were recorded in the FL-13 CD. In a race that has less than 500 votes difference. Unfortunately most of the votes were cast on paperless ES&S voting machines. The software needs to be removed from the machines and closely inspected by experts. This race will not be decided for awhile....

  • National: FBI probing reports of dirty tricks as poll workers struggle with machine problems LINK
  • National: Lawmakers among those snagged by voting problems LINK
  • National: Blogs Take Lead in Reporting Polling Problems, With Supporting Evidence on YouTube LINK
  • National: Glitches made voting tough for some LINK
  • National: Problems Lead 8 States to Extend Some Voting Hours LINK
  • National: 'Vote flipping' emerges as continuing problem in e-voting LINK
  • National: FBI probing complaints in 2 states
    Intimidating calls, misleading ballots among 'dirty tricks' reported. LINK
  • Arkansas: Benton County - Printers Jam Some Voting Machines in Benton County LINK
  • Arkansas: Clark County - Wieman: software 'not functioning as it should' LINK
  • California: Polling Glitches Plague Voters Throughout California LINK
  • California: Absentee ballots flood offices LINK
  • California: Bay Area - Snafus, irregularities at Bay Area polling stations LINK
  • California: Contra Costa County - Some East Bay voters might have used wrong ballots LINK
  • California: San Bernardino County - Broken machines frustrate Barstow area voters LINK
  • California: San Diego County - Polls Close; Voting Problems Reported LINK
    CA: San Diego County - Balky machines frustrated some county voters LINK
  • California: San Mateo County - Ballot scanners jam at Bay Area polling places LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Voting computers overwhelmed early, late LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Voters face long wait as polls close LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Voters wait in the dark for a chance to vote in Denver, suburbs LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Common Cause reports e-voting snafus nationwide
    Coast-to-coast problems involve flipped votes, machine failures LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Inquiry into vote glitches LINK
  • Colorado: Douglas County - Shortage of voting machines blamed for Douglas County delays LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Dozens of voters complain about glitch LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Democrat disputes Republican win of Harris' seat; recount likely LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Jennings lawyer expects 'unprecedented' challenges in recount LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Dent planning for recount; Jennings exploring legal avenues LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Sarasota congressional race heads to recount LINK
  • Iowa: Voting snags are resolved quickly, Iowans report LINK
  • Illinois: Cook County has another rocky day at polls LINK
  • Illinois: Cook County - Stroger leads in Cook board president race LINK
  • Illinois: Kane County - Voting problems plague Kane LINK
  • Indiana: Machine problems, ballot probe mar voting in Indiana counties LINK
  • Indiana: Delaware County - County Leaders Must Decide on Provisional Ballots LINK
  • Indiana: Marion County - County searches for misplaced voting machine memory cards LINK
  • Maryland: TrueVoteMD Reports Problems on Election Day LINK
  • Michigan: Michigan GOP Sues Democrats Over Poll Watchers LINK
  • Missouri: Some voting problems reported in Missouri LINK
  • Missouri: St. Louis County fails to avoid ballot, voting machine problems LINK
  • Montana: Software flub leads to county recount
    Problems delay results elsewhere in the state LINK
  • New Jersey: New Jersey Voters Have Trouble At The Polls LINK
  • New Mexico: County results await hand count LINK
  • Ohio: Blackwell orders election results under wraps until 9 p.m. LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Ohio embarrassed by Cuyahoga again LINK
  • Ohio: Delaware County ballots mistakenly include campaign slogan LINK
  • Pennsylvania: GOP official reports glitches LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lancaster and Lebanon Counties - 2 Pa. counties extend voting due to machine glitches LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lancaster County - Human error blamed for eScan problems LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Montgomery County - Some electronic voting machines not 'up to date' LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Westmoreland County - E-voting not easy in Westmoreland County LINK
  • Tennessee: Knox County - Technical glitch stalls count on more than 2,500 votes LINK
  • Texas: Glitch forces manual tabulation for U.S. House race LINK
  • Texas: Human error to blame for wrong vote tally in south Texas LINK
  • Texas: Programming error miscounts votes in south Texas LINK
  • Texas: East Texas county uses blank paper after ballots run out LINK
  • Virginia: ELECTION TROUBLES AND TURNOUT: Voter fraud complaints escalate
    In Maymont area, confusion the result of mistake by Democrats LINK
  • Virginia: Virginia Senate Recount -- Frequently Asked Questions LINK

**"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


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Executive Director and

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