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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 27 November 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Images: U2 & Kanye West Auckland 24 Nov. 2006

Karim Sahai

U2, Kanye West at Mt. Smart Stadium, Auckland, 24 November 2006 Photos by Karim Sahai -

2: New National Leadership Brash And Confident

Kevin List

At a press conference introducing the new National Party Leader (John Key) and Deputy Leader (Bill English) Mr Key was asked about attacks on his wealth ($40 million +) by Labour's Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen.

3: Uri Avnery: An Evening in Jounieh

Uri Avnery

DURING THE first Lebanon war, I visited Jounieh, a town some 20 km north of Beirut. At the time, it served as a port for the Christian forces. It was an exciting evening.

4: Litvinenko Victim of Weapons Grade Polonium?

Scoop Blogwatch

While it sounds like a plot for a not very good who-done-it, Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, an ex-pat in London, was poisoned with polonium 210 in a sushi restaurant, and dies three weeks later ( The radioactive spy ). Litvinenko accused Putin on his ...

5: Sludge Report #172: How Hollow The Hollow Men?

C.D. Sludge

"Good afternoon Don and John, Doug Watt and myself enjoyed your presentation this morning at the Millennium Hotel. However as backers of the recent "Wake Up NZ" campaign ($350,000) and as responsible for a very extensive election campaign ($1,000,000) ...

6: Harawira: No trashing the Brash

The Maori Party

A lot of people are expecting me to bash Don Brash because he has been forced to resign, but in fact I respect his decision to stand down.

7: Brash should apologise to Rod and the Greens

Green Party

The Green caucus is asking Don Brash to apologise for lying to Rod Donald and the Greens about his knowledge of the Exclusive Brethren's pamphlet attacking the Greens.

8: NZer Trapped In Oaxaca - Crackdown Underway

Julie Webb-Pullman

NZer Trapped In Oaxaca As Violent Crackdown Underway Trapped In Autonomous University Of Oaxaca Surrounded By Federal Forces From Julie Webb-Pullman

9: Video: Hated & Loathed Scoop IV's Clive Edwards

Scoop Video

Tonga's pro-democracy leader, Clive Edwards, is one of the nation's most controversial figures. He's hated by Nobles, loathed by many, his views banned by Tongan authorities. Scoop here publishes an extended interview with the Tongan people's representative.

10: Mexico: The Good, The Bad, And The Hopeful

Julie Webb-Pullman

Mexican Attorney General Daniel Cabeza de Vaca on Monday backed down from his refusal to accept the recommendations of the National Commission on Human Rights in relation to the torture of Jesús Zúniga Velázquez, following criticism from the Geneva ...

11: Yeux on France: Who Exactly is Ségolène Royal?

Yasmine Ryan

It has been decided. Ségolène Royal is to be the Socialist candidate for the 2007 presidential election; the first woman in a position to become France’s head of state. On Thursday 16 November, Royal won a landslide victory in the Socialist Party’s ...

12: Advice from the Greens for John and Bill

Green Party

Now that Don Brash has gone the National Party has the chance to show New Zealanders that it is prepared to clean up its act, the Green Party says. "If they ever want their party to be taken seriously again John Key and Bill English must be prepared ...

13: Dream Team Needs To Wake Up To MMP Reality

New Zealand First Party

National's so-called "dream team" will very quickly find itself in an electoral nightmare unless they ditch the secret radical agendas and come to terms with the realities of MMP, says New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

14: Rugrats, the Barnyard Animals on Singapore Air

Singapore Airlines

Closely followed from their birth in the United States to their escapades in Paris, the Rugrats toddlers are heading to the skies for their next mad-capped adventure. Joining them in this latest journey are the original, “udderly” hilarious, party ...

15: Manning On BBC: Fiji Coup Threats Intensify

Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Audio + Text Report: Selwyn Manning on BBC Radio reports how Fiji's military commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama has intensified threats to overthrow the Fijian government unless it meets his demands by December 5.

16: Bond And The Return Of The Evil Empire

Scoop Blogwatch

We are living in a prime-time Bond film: we have dashing spies, poisoning, espionage, allegations of undercover assassinations. Murdered journalists are involved, as are billionaire 'tycoons'. What is going on? A former KGB spy, Alexander Litvinenko, ...

17: Protest Against Deployment of Troops to Tonga

Peace Action Wellington

Peace Action Wellington opposes the deployment of the New Zealand military and police to Tonga and will protest outside the New Zealand Defence Headquarters in Stout Street, Wellington, today (Monday, 20th November) from 12:30pm.

18: Public Address 27/11/06 – Hollow Men Impressions

HARD NEWS from Russell Brown

I went to U2's last Auckland show, the Zoo TV performance at Western Springs in 1993. I spent a good deal of it sitting back giggling on the hill and proposing they played one with a tune next...

19: Statement from Bill English

New Zealand National Party

“My aim over the past three days has been to help put together an experienced and united National team to win the next election and provide New Zealand with good government,” says National Party MP Bill English.

20: Brash Responds – I Didn't Read The Email Either!

Alastair Thompson

After a weekend of silence on the subject of Nicky Hager's "The Hollow Men: A Study In The Politics Of Deception." outgoing National Party Leader Don Brash has been interviewed several times this morning on his reaction to the book. His ...

21: Don’t Impeach Bush - Impeach The President

W. David Jenkins III

The recently empowered Democrats have begun their sprint by running in the wrong direction. The above statement by Feingold coupled with the pre and post election statements by Nancy Pelosi show that the Democrats, whether they are in the minority ...

22: Bill Berkowitz: Neil Bush's Family Values

Bill Berkowitz

Two years ago, when Neil Bush and his mother, the former first lady Barbara Bush, were featured guests at a $1,000-a-table fundraiser for the Western Heights School District in Oklahoma City, proceeds from the event were specifically earmarked for ...

23: First NZ digital cash service launched


From today, Kiwis splitting restaurant bills, sharing petrol costs, paying the babysitter and buying low value goods online can do so using their mobile phone or the internet with a new digital cash service called ‘pago’.

24: Tongan Reconstruction a New Zealand Priority

The New Zealand Pacific Business Council

The Chairman of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council (NZPBC) has recommended that NZ manufacturers & exporters, as well as importers of Tongan products, offer their maximum co-operation in the rebuilding of the Nuku’alofa commercial area, ...

25: Safety gear theme of World AIDS Day

Bay Of Plenty DHB

World Aids Day is on Friday 1 December 2006. This is an international annual event to mark the issue of HIV and AIDS. The theme this year is safety gear, and promotes the use of condoms and safe sex practices.

26: Today's Top Scoop Stories - News Summary

Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Scoop Audio & Text Report: Selwyn Manning Reports on Fiji on BBC Radio - Politics News: English Makes Way For Key To Take National Leadership - SCOOP SPECIAL REPORT - Scoop Video: Interview With Tonga's Most Controversial Man - Hollow Men: National's ...

27: Newman Weekly: Climate Change - fact or fear?

Muriel Newman

It is an indisputable fact that the earth’s climate is constantly changing. Scientific data shows that the earth’s temperature has been several degrees warmer - and colder - than it is today. What the future holds is difficult to predict in detail, but ...

28: Stadium decision

New Zealand Government

Cabinet today has decided to support the redevelopment of Eden Park stadium, subject to resolution of design, funding and governance issues, following the inconsistent stadium preferences nominated by the Auckland Regional Council and Auckland City ...

29: Victory for Auckland, rugby - and democracy

Joint Media Statement

Green Party Sports Spokesperson Keith Locke and Act New Zealand leader Rodney Hide have both applauded the Cabinet decision to dump the waterfront stadium and proceed with Eden Park as the venue for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

30: How Multinational Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes

Peter Rost M.D.

Drug companies and other multinational companies based in the U.S. systematically avoid paying tax in the U.S. on their profits. The companies elect to realize profits in low-tax countries and because of this the rest of us have to pay billions of unnecessary ...


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