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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 30 December 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Scoop News: Saddam Hussein Executed In Iraq

Scoop News

Scoop Link: Saddam Hussein has been executed amid growing concern that a civil war in Iraq will flare. Amnesty International's call for a fair trial and for the execution order to be cancelled fell on deaf ears.

2: NetGuard Service Extended to Business Customers
Bank of New Zealand

Bank of New Zealand announced today a new security measure for Internet business banking customers as an added precaution against online fraud.

3: Amnesty Condemns Saddam Appeal Court Death Verdict
Amnesty International

Amnesty International has condemned the Iraqi Appeal Court's decision on 26 December 2006 to confirm the death sentences on Saddam Hussein and two of his co-accused in the al-Dujail trial and said the court should have ordered a re-trial. The organization ...

4: Ronaldinho Kicks-Off Institute To Help Poor Youth
United Nations

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, one of the world’s best known sports figures and a United Nations goodwill ambassador, has launched an institute in Porte Alegre, Brazil, to help disadvantaged children through sport and education, an initiative ...

5: Condoleezza Rice On NewsHour With Jim Lehrer 21/12
US State Department

QUESTION: President Bush and the new Defense Secretary Bob Gates have made it quite clear in the last couple of days that they're giving very serious thought to increasing the number of troops in Iraq. Do you support that as Secretary of State?

6: Robert Parry: The GOP's $3 Bn Propaganda Organ
Robert Parry

The American Right achieved its political dominance in Washington over the past quarter century with the help of more than $3 billion spent by Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon on a daily propaganda organ, the Washington Times, according to a 21-year veteran ...

7: Weiner: Don't Let Dems Drink Bush's Iraq Kool-Aid
Bernard Weiner

I couldn't believe it. Shallow Throat actually was smiling when we met on the hiking trail along the old C&0 Canal near Bethesda.

8: President Bush's Statement on Execution of Saddam
The White House

Today, Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial -- the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime.

9: Safety Net Will Be in Place for Cricket World Cup
2007 Cricket World Cup

Cricket fans travelling to the Caribbean for Cricket World Cup 2007 can rest assured that they will feel secure as the host countries for the event will implement security measures of an unprecedented level.

10: Final Status Of UN-Run Kosovo To Be Determined
United Nations

The top United Nations envoy in Kosovo today voiced confidence on reaching a decision on the final status of the Albanian-majority Serbian province that the world body has run since Western forces drove out Yugoslav troops in 1999 amid ethnic fighting.

11: Blanket Bay named one of best hotels in the world
Blanket Bay

New Zealand’s multi-award-winning Blanket Bay has been named one of the world’s best hotels for food in the prestigious 2007 Conde Nast Traveller Gold List.

12: William Rivers Pitt: A Sentinel in Time
William Rivers Pitt

The calendar pages of our collective history are dotted with a gloomy constellation of days marked in blood, in woe, and in regret. The assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy; that last, hurried helicopter flight from that last rooftop on that last ...

13: Interview: Italy's Antiquities Prosecutor Fiorilli
Suzan Mazur

Italy's antiquities prosecutor, Maurizio Fiorilli, has become the darling of the media in the past year helping to persuade the American public, and particularly the art world, to rethink the ethics of holding onto Italy's cultural patrimony with ...

14: New Republican Movement President
New Zealand Republican Movement

The Republican Movement has elected a new President, Lewis Holden, effective from today. He replaces Dave Guerin, who was first elected president in 1996.

15: Saddam Hussein 'May' Be Dead or Severely Injured
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON – "Some evidence" suggests Saddam Hussein may have died in air strikes that opened Operation Iraqi Freedom, President Bush said April 24.

16: Siddhi B. Ranjitkar: The Interim Constitution
Siddhi B. Ranjitkar

After the 16-hour-marathon discussion on the draft interim constitution, early in the Saturday morning of Dec. 16, 2006, the leaders of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) and the Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-Maoist) signed on it ...

17: Sudoku Instant Kiwi Stocking Filler Wins $50,000
New Zealand Lotteries Commission

A Taranaki family's numbers have really come up after winning $50,000 on a Sudoku Instant Kiwi ticket they were given as part of a Christmas stocking, says NZ Lotteries Chief Executive, Todd McLeay.

18: Important Big Day Out Ticket Information
Big Day Out

With a Christmas sales rush complete and a sell-out looming for the Big Day Out, promoters have issued the following information about where you can still buy tickets to the event in Auckland on 19 January.

19: Kiwis promise to be fitter, thinner
Neilsen Research

Auckland, December 29, 2006: Nearly four in 10 (37%) Kiwi consumers are geared up and ready to head into 2007 with New Year’s resolutions aimed at improving their quality of life through more exercise, better work and life balance, dieting, spending ...

20: Hussein’s death ends a troubled chapter
New Zealand Government

Duty Minister Trevor Mallard today said that Saddam Hussein’s death ends a chapter in Iraq’s troubled history.

21: Daily Voting News For December 28, 2006
John Gideon

The past two days news has been about change and lack of change. Kentucky is talking about change and entry into the voter verified world of elections. Meanwhile New York counties are talking about a lack of change. They have voting machines that ...

22: Uday & Qusay And Udai & Qusai Dead Or At Large

Mosul, Iraq--Conflicting news reports have cast doubt on the number, whereabouts, and correct spelling of Saddam Hussein's oldest sons.

23: Anarchists Against the Wall block Central Tel Aviv
International Solidarity Movement

Israeli activists have blocked central Tel Aviv with razor wire from the Apartheid Wall. The activists stretched the razor wire across Basel Street with a sign from the Wall that reads in Arabic, Hebrew and English: "Anyone who touches the fence ...

24: Papua Human rights defenders Fear Attacks Loom
Institute for Papuan Advocacy

Human rights defenders fear that today or tommorrow TNI Battalion 756 from Wamena will carry out operations in Bolakme (West of Wamena near Mulia) . Grave concerns are held for civilian population.

25: Not enough CYF Social Workers registered
New Zealand National Party

Not enough social workers working for Child Youth and Family are registered, says National’s Associate Welfare spokeswoman, Anne Tolley.

26: Tens Of Thousands Of Somalis Fleeing Fighting
United Nations

The United Nations refugee agency is mobilizing staff and resources in preparation for a possible exodus of tens of thousands of people fleeing fighting in Somalia.

27: Disappointments & Tragi-Comedy Of SPAM Governance
M.R. Josse

If ever proof were required to demonstrate how sloppily the brave new world of SPAM governance is operating merely recall the tragi-comedy of the developments of the past week. I refer to the mayhem triggered by the SPA government's belated announcement ...

28: Make a New Year Resolution to Get Ready
New Zealand Government

Civil Defence Minister Rick Barker today urged New Zealanders to add two things to their list of New Year resolutions.

29: Martin Lefevre: The Art of Meditation
Martin LeFevre - Meditations

It’s the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. The sun shines brightly, if briefly on this, the shortest day of the year. When one draws near to the earth, the world grows further away. How necessary that has become each day.

30: Georgia & Abkhaz Separatists Urged To Cease Attack
United Nations

The United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) today called on the Government and Abkhaz separatists to cooperate “to prevent any escalation” after attacks killed three Abkhaz militia members in a region where fighting forced nearly 300,000 ...

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