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Imagery of Ram Rajya and Gujarat

Imagery of Ram Rajya and Gujarat

By Tanveer Jafri

The fire incidence in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra Railway station in Gujarat state on February 27 2002, and as its after effect, the communal riots in various parts of the state has given a rude shock to the communal harmony in India. The home state of the Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, well known for peace, non violence and secularism, became infamous in the world because of these communal riots. The organizations that nurtured the Hindutva thought expressed these communal riots in Gujarat as a reaction of the fire incident in train at Godhra in which 58 innocent Hindu Karsewaks died. But the group that doesn't agree with the active Hindutva thought organization is of the view that these communal riots in Gujarat were not a reaction of the Godhra Sabarmati train fire incident but these were planned riots. They are of the view that the persons who were involved in these riots- the rioters, the killers & the ravishers were under the protection of the Narendra Modi government in Gujarat.

Usually these charges against Modi government were leveled by the political parties so the common people took these blames as political But the well known Tehelka News Agency by showing its strong example of revealable journalism has unveiled through its 'Operation Kalank', the communal face of Chief Minister Narendra Modi as being telecast on the 'Aaj Tak TV Channel'. The journalists of Tehelka have recorded the statements of the Member of the Legislative Assembly & responsible leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal & Shiv Sena. For it, it used the secret cameras. If one is able to see the complete footings of it, the faces of the communal powers are easily unveiled. In fact the disclosures made are shameful for the humanity.

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The persons with imagery or Ram Rajya (A model rule) have admitted themselves of their shameful activities. They did the carnage. How a person who is a member of the legislative assembly of BJP & owner of a weapon manufacturing factory got manufactured weapons for the carnage in his own factory? How the weapons were brought in trucks from outside of Gujarat state? And the most shameful of all the disclosures is how all this was having complete protection from the Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Not only this, this operation also proved that the person who talked of the Ram Rajya, how he helped the persons who were behind these wrong deeds.

In India, many a time, it has been seen that whenever media tried to unfold the black deeds of the rulers the persons in power opposed that media that tried to bring the true picture in forefront. It may be about the checks implemented upon press during the emergency or as in last days, a case against the editor & its associates of a Hindi daily in Himachal Pradesh. All such incidents show that the men in power don't like their criticism. They don't want somebody to disclose their deeds & their true faces to come before the public. After the 'Operation Kalank' in Gujarat so was done & there was an effort to bring this sting operation under control by legal activities. Just after the next day of the telecast of 'Operation Kalank', the telecast of Aaj Tak TV Channel was banned in Gujarat state. A Gujarat journalist of this TV Channel who was not concerned with this Sting Operation of Tehelka Agency was blamed & a case was registered against him under many criminal articles. Even these so said founders of Ram Rajya, instead of feeling ashamed tried to blame the media for disclosure of their real face.

It is not the fist incident of hiding their deeds from the secular media, by the communal powers. The secular face of Indian media has always tried to unveil the face of the fundamentalists & the fundamentalists always found themselves non-plussed. Last days, Narendra Modi himself left a TV interview incomplete. That recording was being done about Gujarat riots by a famous TV journalist Karan Thapar. Instead of answering a question, he left the studio. Recently, during 'Operation Kalank' so said many great leaders of Ram Rajya were answerless & were seen avoiding interviews. Not only Chief Minister Narendra Modi, but all the members of these communal powers have been avoiding the enquiry about the government protection in these Gujarat riots. They say that instead of talking about the riots, we should talk about the Gujarat development These so said patriots are trying to forget that disaster happened just five years ago, who never tire to tell the talks of cruelties of the cruel Mughal emperors just for the communal polarization of the Indian society. The persons, who talk about the Kashmiri terrorism or Sikh riots of 1984, talk about the communal administrative behaviour during these riots. About it, they are always seen from roads to the parliament in this concern.

Nanavati Commission enquiring into the Gujarat riots has asked for the CD of the fresh sting operation & there is a possibility of it being considered. But will these operations be able to discourage these powers, it is also doubtful. The powers favouring humanism, secularism & all religion equality are hard hit on seeing the disclosure through this operation but some people are of the view that it will encourage communal polarization. If it is so, as a result of it, the communal powers will be benefited. In my views, the disclosure of the facts of misuse of administrative powers by the communal powers will have adverse effect on the common citizens.

Now it is the need of the hour that powers which are against communalism should unite in the country specially in Gujarat & face the fundamental powers bravely. These fundamental powers may be active from any religion or community. The Indian voters should use their powers to suppress them. Otherwise the effort of poisoning of society with the poison of communalism will make India face the misfortunate circumstances every coming day as incidents that happen in Godhra, Gujarat, 1984 & 1992.


(About the Author)
Author Tanveer Jafri is a columnist based in India.He is related with hundreds of most popular daily news papers/portals in India and abroad. Jafri, Almost writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & global brotherhood. Tanveer Jafri is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (state govt. bodies in India). Thousands articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a receipent of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities.
(Email : tanveerjafriamb@gmail.com )

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