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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 10 December 2007



Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Herald censors criticism

Green Party

The New Zealand Herald has censored parts of a 200 word article that the Greens were asked to submit on campaign finance reform for yesterday's edition. They deleted the opening paragraph that was critical of the Herald's coverage of the issue, and ...

2: Hospital Crutches Shortage Reaching Crisis Point

Southland District Health Board

Hospital staff are becoming increasingly concerned about the dwindling pool of crutches available for people with broken bones and sprains, saying the hospital is nearing a crisis point in the lead up to Christmas.

3: 2007 TransTasman Roll Call - how our MPs performed

Trans Tasman

Another year is drawing to and end it’s time to take a long hard look at just how well our Members of Parliament have done during the past 12 months. Attached with this email is the 2007 TransTasman Roll Call, which measures how our MPs performed ...

4: Four Shot Near New Life Church, Colorado Springs

Early afternoon saw a shooting in the church parking lot of New Life Church, an Evangelical Megachurch, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. According to a report quoting the church's pastor four people were shot by a gunman in the car park.

5: Bill Berkowitz: Wolfowitz on the rebound

Bill Berkowitz

Despite being forced to resign in disgrace as president of the World Bank and helping lead America into the biggest foreign policy disaster in history, Wolfie is still useful to the Bush administration

6: US$605 Million Pledged For H5N1 Bird Flu Fight

US Information Service

Eight nations and the EU pledged $605 million December 6 in the continuing fight against the spread of H5N1 avian influenza in birds and people for efforts focusing on halting the virus at its avian source.

7: Substantial Progress In Global Bird Flu Response

US Information Service

The third global progress report, Responses to Avian Influenza and State of Pandemic Readiness indicates progress in the initial -- emergency -- phase of the global response to H5N1 and threats to public health.

8: Fanuary Put on Hold


Due to the threat of legal action this promotion has been put on hold until we find a suitable charity that is willing to accept donations. The previous charity has withdrawn their permission to accept our donations.

9: Labour Select Candidate For Safe Rimutaka Seat

Kevin List

Labour have selected Beehive political advisor Chris Hipkiss as the candidate for the safe Rimutaka seat in 2008. The current MP for Rimutaka, Paul Swain, is retiring from politics.

10: Every town in NZ is for sale on

Every town in New Zealand is for sale on the online travel guide

11: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 9 December 2007

Scoop Daily Ratings

Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

12: Rudy's Numbers Don't Add Up

Michael Winship

Back in the days when I was a publicist, one of the people whose work I promoted was a filmmaker who frequently appeared on television talk shows. From time to time, the host or another guest would challenge his facts and figures, at which point he ...

13: Racism In Israel Reached New Heights In 2007


Racism is on the rise among Israeli Jews, and residents of the most marginalized areas of Israel and the Occupied Territories suffer from severe infringements of their basic rights, including the right to dignity, freedom of movement, social services.

14: New Site for GE Cows Ignores Biosecurity Questions

GE Free NZ

There is concern that a new application by AgResearch to move transgenic cows to a new site will be approved by ERMA, despite the lack of data on impacts on soil environments.

15: Bush Respose to NIE Reveals No. 1 World Warmonger

Sherwood Ross

So, just how much are the American people supposed to take? Here we've got a president who lied us into making war on Iraq and who, despite a new National Intelligence Estimate(NIE), is stubbornly trying to lie us into another war against Iran.

16: Bill and Ben take out celebrity volleyball

Procter and Gamble

Hundreds of spectators gathered in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour today to watch teams of young women serve up a great start to summer at the inaugural Venus Breeze Volleyball Challenge.

17: Philips Proposes Call to Action on Climate Change


The company’s climate change expert outlines a set of policy initiatives to accelerate the switch to greater energy efficiency

18: Stateside Travel: From DC To CA Via The Southeast

Rosalea Barker

I left DC on a Sunday evening just as the front edge of a winter storm hit the District, bringing cold rain that by the next day would be tinged with sleet. In sunny weather, you normally wait just a few minutes before one or a half-dozen taxis cruise by looking ...

19: ROCK2WGTN – Another New Zealand Band Announced!

Capital C Concerts

Wellington based promoter of Capital C: Concerts, Phil Sprey has been bombarded with scores of requests, DVD’s, CD’s and information from bands across Australasia who want to be part of this huge Easter event. ‘We picked The Valves largely as ...

20: Housing Afforability: Open Letter to Minister

Hugh Pavletich

The letter sets out the three key areas –including seven performance indicators – that need to be focused on in starting to address the housing affordability issue. These policy suggestions are applicable to most jurisdictions.

21: Transit to Work With ARTA On Airport Rail

Campaign For Better Transport

Transit New Zealand is to work closely with the Auckland Regional Transport Authority and other agencies to facilitate a rail link to Auckland Airport from Onehunga.

22: Agreement to Acquire Pacific Brands’ NZ Businesses

Vita New Zealand

A technology-focused New Zealand manufacturer, with a growing appetite for export, is poised to acquire the New Zealand based manufacturing businesses of a listed Australasian consumer giant, when a deal announced today completes.

23: Russia: RS-12M Ballistic Missile Test A Success

VOA News

The media quote Colonel Alexander Vovk, a spokesman for the missile forces, as saying the RS-12M Topol ballistic missile was launched Saturday evening from Kapustin Yar firing range in southern Russia.

24: Need to address trade and climate change linkages

New Zealand Government

Trade ministers meeting on the margins of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Meeting in Bali agreed that it was critical to address the linkages between trade and climate change policies, Trade Minister Phil Goff said today.

25: MPs misuse research on smoking – Study

University of Otago

A new study has found that denial by New Zealand MPs of the risks of second-hand smoke (SHS) was common during 2000-2005. Almost half of the 21 MPs who spoke about health research on SHS denied or were sceptical that it was harmful, according to ...

26: Jackson talks to Rickards on Radio Waatea

Radio Waatea 603 AM

Following his settlement with the New Zealand Police, former Assistant Commissioner of Police Clint Rickards, spoke to Willie Jackson. The interview will feature on Radio Waatea’s current affairs show ‘Paakiwaha’ Monday morning at 10am.

27: Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Strikes South Of Fiji

US Geological Survey

A 7.6 earthquake struck in the vicinity of the Fijian Islands, 1395 km (130 miles) NE of Auckland, New Zealand at at 07:28:24 GMT, the U.S. Geological Survey has reported. The quake was reported at a depth of 187.6 km (116 miles).

28: Hipkins wins Labour nomination for Rimutaka

chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins is thrilled to have been selected as Labour's candidate for Rimutaka at next year's general election.

29: PIC Mangere Church Book Launch, 35 Yr Anniversary

New Zealand Government

We are here today to celebrate the important and vital contribution of Mangere Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church in creating strong communities - which are an essential part of the future of New Zealand.

30: Sean Penn on the Constitution and the Election

It’s been an odd week. For me, a particularly odd week. But that’s another story. So, wait a minute. Iran DOESN’T have nuclear weapon capability??? So, who are we gonna bomb? I want to bomb somebody! Didn’t Senator Clinton just vote in essence ...


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