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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings October 29 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Campaign Rhetoric As An Invitation To Violence

Paul G. Buchanan - A Word From Afar

Paul G. Buchanan writes: Heading into the homestretch of the 2008 US presidential elections, there's an elephant in the room few want to speak about... The possibility of political assassination of Barack Obama. Let us discuss it here.

2: Lyndon Hood: Manifesto Of The Sarcasm Party
Lyndon Hood

At the Sarcasm Party, we understand that you've been hard done by after nine long years of economic prosperity and are looking for a fresh breath of common sense change or whatever. So voting for us would be an awesome idea, because we'd fix everything ...

3: Apple, Blu-ray, the Future of Digital Downloads
The Diffusion Group

When it comes to Blu-ray, few know for certain of Apple's direction (a fact which fuels the number of Blu-ray-related insider leaks and ambiguous public statements). I recall one such disclosure in Q4 2007, a time when the HD-DVD/Blu-ray war in full ...

4: Owen Glenn still expecting job in May
New Zealand National Party

National Party Shadow Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee says Owen Glenn was still expecting a job as the honorary consul to Monaco as recently as May.

5: The 20 Most & Least Popular NZ Suburbs has drawn down data detailing the most popular and least popular areas that buyers have been looking at property in across the country for the last 3 months.

6: TV3 Statement On Toni Marsh's Brother's Death

Yesterday afternoon Glenn Marsh, brother of 3 News weather presenter Toni Marsh, passed away as a result of injuries received in an accident several weeks ago.

7: Sustainable Biofuel Test Flight Update
Air New Zealand

The world’s first commercial aviation flight powered by a sustainable second-generation biofuel moved a step closer this week.

8: Greenpeace halts forest conversion to dairy
Greenpeace New Zealand

Greenpeace has halted a major land conversion in the central North Island, locking on to forest logging equipment and using rotary hoes to plough 4m-high letters reading CLIMATE CRIME into fresh pasture.

9: Coca-Cola Omits Issues In Sustainability Review
India Resource Centre

San Francisco (October 28, 2008): The Coca-Cola company released its 2007/2008 Sustainability Review yesterday, and surprisingly, critical issues facing the company's operations in India do not find mention in the review.

10: Failed OECD target reheated as Labour policy
New Zealand National Party

"Nearly ten years after promising to get New Zealand back to the top half of the OECD, the failed promise is again formal Labour Party policy," says National Party Finance spokesman Bill English.

11: NZers right to work on UK OE extended
New Zealand Government

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced that from next month young New Zealanders heading to the United Kingdom for their OE have had the amount of time they can work extended from one to two years.

12: National announces Foreign Affairs, Trade policies
New Zealand National Party

Enhancing ties and promoting free-trade agreements with Pacific and Asian nations are features of National’s Foreign Affairs and Trade policies announced today.

13: Creeping privatisation on the agenda?
New Zealand Labour Party

The Minister of Health, David Cunliffe has accused National of a secret agenda to privatise health if it was ever elected.

14: Clark argues both sides of Peters' saga
New Zealand National Party

"Helen Clark is now asking the public to believe that she both accepted and rejected Winston Peters' story about Owen Glenn's donations and his appointment as honorary consul to Monaco," says National Party Shadow Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee.

15: ALT TV: Peters On USA's Invasions + Beat-Ups
Alt TV

Video: Oliver Driver IVs Winston Peters. The topics include: the USA's invasion of Vietnam and Iraq; the Pacific; John Key ruling out Peters from a Nat-Led Govt; allegations; beat-ups; Owen Glenn and how a Consul of Monaco title would open doors.

16: NZ's 1st Private Radiation Treatment Centre Opens
Auckland Radiation Oncology

New Zealand’s first private radiation therapy centre, Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO), opens for business in Auckland today.

17: Field does not have the monopoly on moral issues
New Zealand Labour Party

The Labour Party's Pacific Sector Council says Taito Phillip Field's decision to attack Labour on moral issues is condemning and hypocritical.

18: Polls Show Obama Victory Beyond Margin of Error

2008 Presidential Election Analysis, November 4, 2008

19: Dirty dairy conversions an environmental problem
Green Party

Greenpeace's direct actions to highlight environmental problems caused by industrial farming in the central north island draws attention to results of the Government's failure to include agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme along with other ...

20: National is objectively pro-crime
Progressive Party

National's proposal to privatise prisons shows it has its priorities wrong in preventing crime, Progressive deputy leader and former corrections minister Matt Robson said today.

21: Free Speech Coalition Attack Winston Via Billboard
Free Speech Coalition

The Free Speech Coalition wants to remind the public that the justification for inflicting the Electoral Finance Act on the country was greater transparency around donations, and the billboard aims to highlight the hypocrisy of supporters of the Act in relation ...

22: King: speech to Police Association
New Zealand Government

The first thing I want to say today is that the three years I have been Police Minister have been among the most satisfying years I have spent in politics. I have been proud to be your minister over that time. It is not always easy for you or me, but I appreciate ...

23: Winston Peters At Tauranga Debate Tonight
Maxim Institute

At the last of Maxim Institute’s NZ Votes political debates, in Tauranga tonight, Winston Peters will be fighting to win an electorate seat. Losing Tauranga last election was a huge blow for NZ First, and the survival of both Mr Peters and his party may ...

24: Statement From Labour Candidate For Tauranga
New Zealand Labour Party

Anne Pankhurst would like to just confirm that there has never been nor will there be any question of any tactical voting or question of withdrawing from the campaign in Tauranga.

25: Activists forcibly removed from logging equipment
Greenpeace New Zealand

Police have removed the four Greenpeace activists who'd halted a major land conversion in the Central North Island by locking on to forest logging equipment.

26: Canterbury Resource Management Award Winners 2008
Environment Canterbury

The Opuha Dam Water Management Project is the supreme winner of the Resource Management Awards, which were announced today by Environment Canterbury (ECan) at a ceremony in Christchurch.

27: WWE Tricks & Treats For The Whole Family
Sky Television

The WWE Superstars and Divas of SmackDown will put on a show full of intense thrills and some unique costumes in this family Halloween Fun event. The famous Masked Magician will make a special appearance and will surely have a trick up his sleeve. As for ...

28: Desperation Makes for Dangerous Politics
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

As America moves into the final days of the 2008 presidential campaign Senator McCain and his surrogates are desperately seeking any message that will resonate with the American people. The problem is that their desperate actions are resulting in dangerous ...

29: New Zealanders have world’s 6th largest footprint

New Zealand’s ecological footprint per capita is now ranked sixth largest in the world according WWF’s Living Planet Report released today, 29 October 2008.

30: Panel aims at improving urban design
Christchurch City Council

An Urban Design Panel set up by the Christchurch City Council is aiming to improve the quality and connectivity of city developments by offering free independent design reviews.

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Dunne Speaks: 25 Years Of MMP - And The Government Wants To Make It Harder For Small Parties
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Eric Zuesse: China Says U.S.-China War Is Imminent

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Our Man In Washington: Morrison’s Tour Of Deception

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