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Daily Voting News For November 4: Evening Edition

Daily Voting News For November 4, 2008
Evening Edition

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Provisional ballot usage has become a big issue this election. Many voters don’t want to use them and who can blame them? Many voters need to use them as the only way they can vote. Part of the problem is that they are misused by election officials.

Voter suppression schemes are being used around the country. Someone hacked into the George Mason University intranet and sent an email to staff and students, via the Provost’s email, that election day had been moved to Wed. The Provost, on discovering this, sent an email to tell recipients this was a hoax. Robocalls have been placed to voters telling them the same thing. However, with all of these schemes, and more, the turnout will probably set a record at the polls.

A judge has ordered a restraining order at the request of the McCain campaign to require the state to extend the date for adding votes from military voters to the totals to Nov 14 from close of polls today. This means the election may not be certified until after Nov 14.

Also going to court is a group representing the voters of Philadelphia who are asking a judge to tell the county to follow a previous ruling and to count emergency paper ballots tonight and not later in the week as they want.

And the Ohio GOP has filed asked a federal court to rule that provisional ballots be verified and counted the same way statewide....

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  • Arkansas: Technical Glitch Affects Machines in Clay County LINK
  • Arizona: AZ election results to start at 8 p.m. - except Pima LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - County challenged over vote-counting for disabled LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - SoCal Voting Problems LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - Four L.A. polling places struggle with power outages LINK
  • Colorado: Colorado Voters Cast Ballots LINK
  • Connecticut: Memory card problem will not affect Torrington polls LINK
  • Florida: In Florida, Glitches Leave Thousands of Unscanned Ballots Piling Up, Warns Watchdog LINK
  • Florida: Voting Rights Watch: Pollsite sabatoge foiled in Florida LINK
  • Florida: Voting Rights Watch: Across Florida optical scanner failures are a widespread issue LINK
  • Florida: Florida Ballots Go Into Duffle Bags LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Palm Beach County precinct problems LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Elections officials: Glitches abound, but election is going smoothly LINK
  • Georgia: Clayton sends up helicopter to check lines LINK
  • Iowa: Grinnell College students' ballots challenged LINK
  • Kentucky: Kenton County - Malfunctioning machines pulled in N. Ky. LINK
  • Maryland: Montgomery County - Broken poll book doubles the wait in Takoma Park LINK
  • Michigan: Machine malfunctions, voter intimidation reported LINK
  • Michigan: Voting machine incorrectly counts votes, Oakland Co. clerk says LINK
  • Michigan: Electronic Voting Machine Maker Responds LINK
  • Minnesota: Voters Report Broken Machines in Buffalo, Brooklyn Center Overall, few voting problems on Election Day in Minnesota LINK
  • Missouri: Hundreds wait in line to vote in Cape Girardeau LINK
  • Mississippi: Voting machine complaints reported LINK
  • Mississippi: Voting snafus addressed in South Mississippi LINK
  • New Jersey: High turnout, voter problems reported around NJ LINK
  • New Jersey: Thousands of new N.J. voters forced to use paper ballots LINK
  • New Jersey: Morris County - Registration mix-ups send Morris voters to court LINK
  • New York: One Sequoia machine faulty; no other major hiccups in Tompkins County LINK
  • New York: Tim Robbins Faces Mix-Up at Polling Place LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio GOP files complaint over provisional ballots LINK
  • Ohio: Fairfield County - Fairfield corrects provisional ballot snafu LINK
  • Ohio: Franklin County - Concerns about provisional ballots surfacing LINK
  • Ohio: Stark County voters bemoan machine troubles LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Officials: Potential problem in voting straight party LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Centre County - PSU students reportedly facing voting hurdles LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia County - Philadelphia County Election Officials Fail To Meet Secretary of State’s Orders to Count Emergency Paper Ballots on Election Night - County Claims It Will Count Such Ballots on Friday LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia County - NAACP files suit over emergency ballots LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Wayne County - Tunkhannock poll worker dismissed after allegations of impropriety LINK
  • Tennessee: Shelby County - Dozens in Bartlett unable to vote in city's election LINK
  • Virginia: Voting Rights Watch: More details emerge on widespread Va. voting problems LINK
  • Virginia: Judge Issues Restraining Order in Virginia Vote LINK
  • Virginia: Voting Rights Watch: Many of Va.'s election day problems could have been avoided by honoring request for paper ballots LINK
  • Virginia: Voting Rights Watch: Improperly distributed provisional ballots jeopardize Virginians' voting rights LINK
  • Virginia: Election Watchers Report Problems Across Virginia LINK
  • Virginia: Virginia: The New Florida? LINK
  • Virginia: Hacker sends bogus e-mail from George Mason University official’s account LINK
  • Virginia: Voting Machine Problems in Hampton LINK
  • Virginia: Hampton Roads Voting Problems LINK
  • Virginia: Voting Rights Watch: Voting problems continue to plague Virginia LINK
  • Virginia: Pittsylvania County - Voters Asked to Return to Polls LINK
  • West Virginia: Ohio County - Voters Have Trouble At the Polls LINK
  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**

    -- John Gideon Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy."
    The Creekside Declaration
    March 22, 2008

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