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Daily Voting News For November 9, 2008

Daily Voting News For November 9, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

In this space in the Nov. 07 DVN I mentioned that ES&S software was responsible for flipping votes in Crawford Co Kansas. That statement was incorrect. The county did their own ballot programming for the first time. They made a mistake in ballot rotation which caused the votes for candidates to be counted for different candidates in one race. The county also did a poor job of pre-election testing which should have found their programming error.

Meanwhile responsibility for Kenton Co Kentucky’s Hart Intercivic eSlate machines and their failure to record straight-party votes in two legislative races is being revealed. The machines are purchased from and maintained by Harp Industries. Harp also does the ballot programming. Harp has admitted that they failed to properly program Kenton Co’s machines. The county has admitted that they failed to properly do pre-election testing which would have found the problem.

There is a common theme here. Ballot programming can fail and counties must do proper pre-election testing to ensure none of those failures go forward to the election. Even if a contractor or the vendor of the voting system does the programming, counties should always build their own test decks and thoroughly test the machines. ...

  • National: Please Look Before Leaping Into Vote-by-Mail... LINK
  • Arizona: Scores in Valley had to submit provisional vote LINK
  • Arizona: Opinion - Waiting so long at polls harmful to voting process LINK
  • Colorado: Boulder County - Improving the count
    Oklahoma, others pose solutions for a better election system in Boulder County LINK
  • Connecticut: Republican Chair Concerned With Election Integrity LINK
  • Florida: Provisional ballots counted in St. Lucie County LINK
  • Florida: Wakulla County - Vote recount stokes county's suspicions LINK
  • Georgia: Handel seeks probe of Fulton elections office
    County was slow in counting of absentee ballots LINK
  • Georgia: Fulton Co. Elections Officials Say Ballot Counting Finally Done LINK
  • Kansas: Crawford County - County officials fix old glitch, find possible new one LINK
  • Kentucky: Company: Access codes do not identify voters [Hart Intercivic] LINK
  • Kentucky: Blame game: It's on
    Kenton Co. tries to pin down all that went wrong LINK
  • Maryland: Electronic voting on its way out in Maryland LINK
  • New York: Record number of voters file long list of complaints about 'Stone Age' trip to polls LINK
  • Ohio: Franklin County - Fewer paper votes count
    Voters more likely to mess up when they don't use machines LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio Elections Chief Calls For Voting Summit LINK
  • Ohio: Marion County - Follow through if you cast a provisional ballot LINK
  • South Carolina: Election problems; early voting LINK
  • Virginia: On-demand voting
    It's time to join all the states that have moved beyond Election (Tues)Day LINK

  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


    John Gideon
    Co-Executive Director

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory
    democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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