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Tara Hack Rocks New York City for Schapelle Corby

Tara Hack Rocks New York City for Schapelle Corby

Not content with a highly acclaimed support song, and a ground breaking global protest video to accompany it, indie-pop artist Tara Hack has today released a YouTube video tracking her "Free Schapelle Corby" tour around New York City.

The tour takes in a range of landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Tara is filmed performing in various locations, including Penn Station, with cuts to images of Schapelle in her prison cell, and dozens of 'Free Schapelle' human rights protesters from across the world.

Music review analyst, Jan Fielding, of Margin House Records, commented: "Creatively, what Tara Hack and Cloud9 are doing is extremely exciting. They are breaking boundaries and innovating in an area of music which has been stagnant for years. It isn´t surprising that they are catching worldwide attention"


That worldwide attention, however, seems to exclude Australia. Rachel James, of 'Artists for Schapelle' told us: "It is true that the song and the video is being hidden in Australia. Here we have an incredibly talented artist, a truly beautiful song, an historical landmark video presenting a unique global protest, about an Australian, yet the Australian mainstream media ignore it, pretending that it doesn't exist and printing trivia instead." She continued: "Some time ago a film was produced which analyzed the media agenda and operation behind this type of censorship: 'Burying the Truth, Burying Schapelle Corby'. The mainstream's reaction therefore comes as no surprise, as they strive to help the government maintain its strategic relationship with Indonesia, which trumps Schapelle's human rights. It seems that Schapelle Corby is dispensable. Having said that, ethical journalism does seem to be alive and kicking by virtue of some of the alternative media, who have reported fairly and accurately throughout."

Tara herself is unperturbed. When asked recently why a New Yorker should care about an Australian, she responded "I am a human before I am an American".


The 'Free Schapelle Corby' New York City video can be viewed at YouTube:

The 'Burying The Truth, Burying Schapelle Corby' video can be viewed on the following webpage: Unique Worldwide Video Protest For Schapelle Corby

A groundbreaking music video has today been released in support of imprisoned Australian, Schapelle Corby. Tara Hack's highly acclaimed song "Saya Tidak Bersalah, I'm Not Guilty", tells the horrific story, with the landmark video illustrating the increasingly global scale of concern.

The 'one planet' video features people in different locations across the world, each demonstrating their opposition to her continued incarceration. It illustrates how concern for Schapelle Corby is now truly international, and includes representation from the United States, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Europe and Canada, amongst others.

In 2005, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to an unprecedented 20 years in an Indonesian prison cell, for importation of marijuana, following one of the most contentious cases of modern times. To this day she maintains her innocence, with observers and human rights support groups urging her release. A recent film ( cites many of the disturbing aspects of the case, including the refusal of the court to test the drugs for country of origin, the subsequent burning of the untested drugs, and the much lesser value of the drugs in Indonesia than in the country of alleged export, Australia.

The video pictorial begins in New York (home of the Statue of Liberty) and ends in Canberra (home of the Australian government), Zigzagging between continents on the way. The artist, Tara Hack, who is the First to appear, said: "I hope it is a tiny step to give Schapelle back the voice that was so cruelly and unjustly stripped from her"


Jan Fielding of Margin House Records described it as a landmark video: "This is leading edge social electro-innovation. I've not seen anything like it before. It is genuine innovation on a global scale, and a landmark video."

Rachel James, of 'Artists for Schapelle' stated: "These are real

People in real places, with a very powerful message. The world is watching the Australian government doing nothing to help, with their media Covering their tracks. The world is watching the appalling injustice and cruelty of this case. When the world hears her cries for help and learns of her story, national boundaries become absolutely irrelevant".

She continues: "The song is beautiful, and demanded a special video to accompany it. It was therefore most fitting that it was made inclusive of global contributors, albeit within the limited production window we had available. The incredible reaction we received illustrates just how much people feel for her.".

Artists for Schapelle was created to enable musicians and others to contribute to the support campaign to free her. It is open to all artists, of every genre.

VIEW THE VIDEO The video can be viewed directly on


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