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Telecom XT Network Q&A - Questions & Answers

Telecom XT Network Q&A - Questions & Answers

The following questions and answers were submitted to Telecom via a ffunnell advertising network web form over the past 6 days.

The answers were sent back to questioners via email. Below the questions and answers have been categorized into broad categories for ease of scanning.

Starting this morning XT Network staff have made themselves available to answer questions about the new network on Russell Brown's Public Address System.

Handset Questions And Answers
Data Questions And Answers
iphone Questions And Answers
Price Plan Questions And Answers
Roaming Questions And Answers
Coverage Questions And Answers
Other Questions And Answers
Performance Questions And Answers
Phone Numbering Questions And Answers
Random Remarks And Answers

Handset Questions and Answers

Q: When will the handset prices be made public?
A: Check out

Q: Hi, will a sonim xp1 or a siemens m75 phone work on xt, there arent any "tuff"phones offered, thanks
A: The Sonim XP1 and Siemens M75 are GSM only devices and will not work on the XT Network. Check out as new phones will be comming out soon.

Q: I want to replace my palm tungstan and aging simple cell phone with a smart phone what will b e available with wireless, bluetooth and cellphone connectivity?
A: You can check out the range that will be available at launch at You will find a number of Smartphones in the new lineup.

Q: Will the Palm Pre be available on the XT network at any time soon?
Q: Will the new Palm Pre mobile phone be available to work on the network.
A: You can check out the range that will be available at launch at The Palm Treo Pre is not there although the Pro is currently in the range. More phones will be added in due course.

Q: Do you need a phone upgrade to use the network?
A: You'll need a 3G phone compatible with 850mhz.

Q: Can I use my existing Motorola 3G phone with XT?
A: Depending on what your handset specifications says. If your handset supports WCDMA 850 then yes you will be able to use your phone on the XT Network

Q: The pricing and plans for data access. Also what support/plans for blackberries ?
A: Telecom will be announcing it's pricing plans including roaming closer to launch. Blackberry will be available on XT network.

Q: Does Telecom have any plans to introduce Google Android based handsets?
A: At this time telecom cannot comment on devices it has not publicly announced. Check out

Q: Will I be able to get a simcard for my current vodafone phone and use the XT network, or will I have to use the phones you supply?
A: As long as you current Vodafine phone supports WCDMA850 then it will work on the new XT Network. Very soon we will have a web tool for you to check your device compatibility.

Q: We have several N95s - will these work on XT Network?
A: Sadly I do not think the Nokia N95 is compatible with the XT Network. Very soon we will have a web tool for you to check your device compatibility.

Q: What are the new handsets for the xt network and what are their list of functions?
Q: What are the pricing plans for the new phones?
Q: Will Blackberries work on it?
A: The XT Network will have BlackBerry services. Check out to see the BlackBerry Bold

Q: Is the iphone going to become a reality on the XT network? What about google's HTC magic? Nokia's N97?
A: At this time telecom cannot comment on devices it has not publically announced. Check out

Q: Will my Nokia N85 work on the XT network for voice and data (assume it's not network-locked or country-locked)?
A: As long as you current Vodafone phone supports WCDMA850 then it will work on the new XT Network. Very soon we will have a web tool for you to check your device compatibility.

Q: Will it also accept GSM phones on the same frequency?
A: The XT Network is a 3G only network and does not support older technologies such as GSM

Q: What's the minimum "buy-in" (i.e. cheapest available handset on pre-pay)
A: Check out for a full list of XT Network phones and prices

Data Questions and Answers

Q: What are the options for laptops connecting to XT
A: We have two USB modems available for sale on the XT Network. Also, a number of the new devices can be used by laptops to connect to the XT Network using either USB cables or Bluetooth.

Q: When looking to purchase a new laptop, what internal device(s) and technical specs should I be looking for or asking about?
A: Key technical specifications are; WCDMA 850MHz or UMTS 850MHz. The XT network can support HSDPA Category10 as well as HSUPA Category8.

Q: Hi, I have a Qualcomm Merlin XU870 3G data card that I use on the Vodafone network at the moment. If I get a Telecom sim card, will I be able to use it on the XT network?
A: According to the Merlin XU870 is compatible with the XT Network as it has UMTS/WCDMA850.

Q: Hi, I have a Telecom Data Plan with Sierra USB Modem with 6 months left on my contract. When the new data plans come out will I be able to upgrade to the XT Network? (ie replace my existing plan with a new XT plan and get a new usb modem)
A: This is something you will need to discuss with either your account manager or in store.

iphone Questions and Answers

Q: ipod?
A:I assume you mean iPhone. At this time telecom cannot comment on devices it has not publically announced.

Telecom official answer regarding unlisted devices: "A number of WCDMA 850 MHz capable mobiles will work on the XT network as long as they have been unlocked by their original provider. Telecom will not restrict which phones can be used on the XT Mobile Network so if you purchase a Telecom SIM you can do with it what you like, but Telecom cannot guarantee the customer experience of a phone that is not sourced from and supported by Telecom."

Q: Will my 3g iphone work on yr network and can I do so on pre-pay inc web usage ?

Q: Will the apple i phone be able to go on the network and what about the go one bill, will this be available?

Q: Will I be able to use my iPhone 3G I bought from Vodafone New Zealand on the XT Mobile Network? (there are no contractual barriers)

Q: Will I be able to get and use an iPhone (fully functional) on the XT network or will I have to switch to Vodafone to do this?

Q: When will you have iPhone?
Q: What sort of data plans do you offer? I have a iphone. If I cancel my vodafone contract and come back to you, can I just insert a new sim card and go? Is it worth changing or are your data plans only designed for people who check email?

Q: When will the high speed mobile data service be available in Nelson? Both the WCDMA and HSDPA versions.
Q: Can I use an iPhone on the XT network?
Q: Can I connect my IPhone to the XT network?

Q: Is it true that you are having negotiations with Apple to include the iPhone handset in the mobile range? If so, when do you expect to have the iPhone available for customers?
Q: Will you be getting the iPhone?
Q: Will iPhones work on the XT network

Price Plan Questions and Answers

Q: Will the My Favourites offering be offered on XT, and if so will this be extended to include TXT between mobiles given this is currently a clear point of difference Vodafone have that is attractive to many users?
Q: Hey there!!! when will the plans, you know, the monthly fees for phone and data be known by as we need to know b4 friday - thanx
Q: What plans will there be for wireless broadband, and will you be offering home phone wireless?
A: There will be a number of new and exciting Mobile Broadband plans announced later this week. Telecom do not currently offer a Wireless Home phone service.

Q: Prices? What prices do you have which will separate you from other competitors? That will decide if i jump ship or not.
A: Pricing for plans will be announced closer to launch date. Pricing of handsets are available on

Q: How much are the data plans? $ per Gb?
Q: Will there be shared business pre-paid minute plans. And shared data plans with a cap shared over multiple phones. Both would be great.
Q: Phones/contracts on offer?
Q: When will You release prepaid and post paid plans?
Q: Regarding children's bulk texting plans. Is there an intention to allow free texting to vodafone customers from the new network.
A: We will have a range of text plans for light texters through to heavy users.

Q: We are currently on a talkzone plan at Vodafone. Members of the team can call each other for a flat fee per connection. Is their an equivalent on XT? We are not overly happy about how much our current plan is costing ($1200 a month). If we were to move providers would there be any assistance with dealing with vodafone contract break fees?
A: Telecom have a number of exciting plans that will be available on the XT Network. These will be announced closer to launch day.

Q: Hi, We have two flexi time plans on the $30 per month plan and two mobiles on our home telephone account. I would like some more detail on Call Sharing and pricing? Also what is an equivalent plan on the XT network to our current plan and monthly cost? What discount will be offered as both phones on post paid are outside contract now.
A: Telecom have a number of exciting plans that will be available on the XT Network. These will be announced closer to launch day.

Q: I currently have a Telecom mobile broadband card 1G open plan, and a open plan 10MB PDA data connection for a mobile phone(Palm Treo). Is there any advantage to me in switching to the XT network, and if so what options are open to me and what will it cost?
A: We hope you will like our new Data plans when we announce them closer to launch day.

Q: Just one question, what are your rates for prepay?
Q: Will you have $10TXT?
Q: how much are the data plans?
Q: When will plan pricing be released, and what sort of cost will be involved if I use the new network, say, to check news sites three or four times a day? In other words, is there a daily charge to surf the net, or will a charge be incurred each time a search is made?
Q: Will there be a ten dollar txt alternative for XT Network?

Roaming Questions and Answers

Q: what will the roaming plans be like? how much Like if i go to OZ what network and how much will it cost? Will it be cheaper to just buy a sim card over there?
A: Pricing plans will be announced closer to launch. What we can say is that coverage will be 97% of where most people work and live in both NZ and Oz.

Q: When I roam to Australia on my Vodafone mobile, it costs me $0.79/min to make a call but $1/min to receive one. I burned through $50 last Monday in Sydney just by answering a few phone calls, which didn't amuse me. Will the XT network be cheaper on roaming? How about using data while overseas (currently $10/MB on Vodafone)? Thanks!
A: Telecom will be announcing it's pricing plans including roaming closer to launch.

Coverage Questions and Answers

Q: I don't currently have coverage on the existing telecom network will i be able to get coverage on the XT network. My location is The Key TE ANAU SOUTHLAND?
A: Whilst the XT Network may have slight improvements in coverage over the existing Telecom network, unfortunately The Key and Blackmount Redcliff Road is still in a limited coverage area.

Q: Will the new network available in Hawera, Taranaki?
A: Hawera, Taranaki has great XT Network coverage

Q: Hi there, do you have a coverage map for the XT Network? Specifically the Auckland area including Whangaparaoa peninsula.
A: Full coverage maps will be available from the Telecom website closer to launch. However, Whangaparoa peninsula has great XT network coverage.

Q: When will the high speed mobile data service be available in Nelson? Both the WCDMA and HSDPA versions.
A: Right now

Q: Instead of spending all this money on a new network when will you cover the other 3% of places New Zealanders live, like Maheno (which is on State Highway 1)?
A: Telecom will be continually increasing the coverage of XT Network. We look forward to feedback from all customers on areas where we can improve coverage.

Q: Will the XT network work at Arthurs Pass?
A: We have good coverage in Arthurs Pass village but there remains limited coverage between Springfield and Arthurs Pass as well as limited coverage through to Kumara Junction.

Q: If i go out side xt network coverage can i use vodafone gsm network coverage for emergence calls if my life is in danger?
A: XT Network customers are not able to connect to the Vodafone network

Q: What speed will I get at Omaha Beach?
A: Omaha Beach has good coverage which means that good data speeds can be expected

Other Questions and Answers

Q: What time on friday will the network launch? What does XT stand for? XTra? tXT? eXTraordinary? Xtra Telecom?
A: The official XT Launch time is 07:30 29 May 2009.

Q: How long will it take to get my current telecom number onto a SIM card, and will I be able to use $10 text on the new network?
A: Depending on the number of customers transfering to XT we expect it will take a matter of minutes to transfer your existing Telecom mobile number onto the XT Network.

Q: Does XT mobile allow access to Gmail?
A: The XT Mobile network does not have any restrictions on where customers can connect to on the Internet. However, some email providers do restrict where their customers can get their email from. The good news is that Gmail is not one of these.

Q: Will xt phone come under like $10 text and boost text on the old network? eg can someone on the old network text me when i get an xt phone and it still counts under thier $10 text as a telecom phone, and not cost them 20 cents like texting to other networks. Thanks.
A: You and others will be able to text between the CDMA and XT Network. As both networks are 'Telecom' networks there will be no differential pricing for texting from a device on the CDMA network to a device on the CDMA network or a device on the XT network. It will still count under the persons CDMA $10 text deal.

Q: Hello ; ) How far do the signals emit from the panels on the towers and rooftops, rfs and the kathrein antennaes
A: Each cell site is engineered for a specific coverage area. This area can be from a few 100metres up to more than 50Km.

Q: I want to know if the incredible engineers who designed the network will get a big bonus for working 60+ hours a week, every week for the last two years?
A: Yes, these guys and girls are going to get a huge financial bonus as well as an executive dinner and TV appearances.

Q: iPhone - Coming to the XT network ? Number portability - Possible as I need to keep my existing Vodafone (021) number if I transfer Data costs - Will Telecom match Vodafone's 200Mb/Month for $10 ?? For our family, two of us is on Vodafone network, two on Telecom's 027 network. Hear something about some sort of minutes sharing - are you able to provide more details ??
A: Full mobile number portablility is available on the XT Network. The 3G iphone is compatable with the XT Network. Full mobile number portablility is available on the XT Network.

Q: What is the XT Network?
A: New Zealands world class 3G mobile network

Q: What makes it better than Vodafone?
A: 97% 3G coverage, roaming on ALL phones to over 190 countries, voicemail that works overseas just like it does at home, a share plan that enables you to share minutes all under one simple contract. I could go on...but you'll need to make up your own mind about which company offers you what you need.

Q: 1) will there be sufficient handset stocks at all the Telecom outlets?
2) will there be enough staff to activate accounts on a Friday before a long weekend?
3) will there be staff working through the long weekendWill I be able to get a simcar... - Google Docs in the event Friday is a roaring success?
(I have many more questions! But lets start with these)
A: We are confident that we will have plenty of stock to meet the demands of customers eagerly waiting to start experiencing the XT Network. Many of our stores and dealers will be open over the long weekend and we have teams of people ready and waiting to start processing all the connections coming our way!

Performance Questions and Answers

Q: How can you say it is the fastest when 1) Vodafone has HSPA in Auckland and some of Chch which can achieve speeds of 22mbit and 2) Real world speedtests show 3mbit avg speed, under no load... When there's load what will this drop to?
A: I need to correct you as Vodafone do not have 22Mbps capability. Telecom expect that the average user download speed will be at least 3Mbps. All testing is done under simulated load conditions as per international cellular network testing standards therefore the average customer experience will be higher than 3Mbps until the network reaches capacity. NOte: This person is from a Vodafone reseller, therefore we may wish to ignore them and refer them to Vodafone.

Q: What is the comparison of the speed between HSPA and vodafone's network?
A: The XT Network is expected to have average download speeds of 3Mbps with average upload speeds of 1Mbps. We cannot comment on claims by Vodafone on their data speeds.

Q: How fast will it actually be? A conversation will always be the same speed. Presume you are trying to sell data plans for web use. And more importantly what will the data charges be. I prefer wireless connections as I have 25GB to burn each month. Telephones are exciting. Not! big yawn here. Get over it and just launch the thing. personally I'm waiting for 2degrees.
A: Estimates are that by next year more than 30% of phones sold globally will be 'smartphones' with more people wanting constant access to their emails, the internet, social networking sites etc. So yes, speed will be vital. Pricing will be released closer to launch so for now it's all about the phones! ...

Phone Numbering Questions and Answers

Q: When we purchase a sim card, can we request a particular phone number sequence?
Also, how much will sim cards cost to buy?
A: If the phone number you are after is not currently allocated to another customer and has been opened up for use then ,yes, you can use it on the XT Network. This is the same as the CDMA network today. Plans and connection costs will be announced later this week.

Q: will you be porting numbers from 021? for my prepay phone?
A: Yes you'll be able to port your 021 number to the XT Network.

Q: can I get an XT handset and transfer my existing (021) number across to the Telecom network?
A: Yes you can keep your 021 number when you join the XT Network.

Random Remarks and Answers

Q: " i want to feel being an American"

Q: Is it cool to have a web page
A: and an email address

Q: How much was Hammond paid?
A: Enough.


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