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Syed Akbar Kamal: Interview With Adnan Oktar

Syed Akbar Kamal: Interview With Adnan Oktar

‘Darwinism is not a proven fact, but rather a materialist worldview they are trying to impose on society under a scientific mask’ – Adnan Oktar

In the absence of a fossil in transitional form, Darwinism is rapidly getting obliterated from across world continents especially Europe its home front. The basic contention that everythihg came into being by chance is scientific is flawed. It is an evolution deceit perpetrated by Darwinists and in recent times no less an authority than Pope over alleged Vatican claims regarding belief in creation in Christianity and biological evolution being complementary to each other and that Vatican has a moderate outlook on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? Adnan Oktar better known by his pen-name Harun Yahya argues & contends in the interview with Syed Akbar Kamal the portrayal of this miserable logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.

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Adnan Oktar

1. Could you please talk briefly about your childhood and the influence of family, religion, school and the environment as a whole must have had on your personality?

I was born in Ankara in 2nd February 1956. My family migrated from the Caucasus. I am a sayyid on my father’s side. I am descended from Hazrat Hassan. My father’s side came to Bâlâ from the Caucasus, and from Bâlâ to Ankara. I have an older brother, a doctor. I attended primary, middle and high school in Ankara. I won the interior design department of the Academy of Fine Arts as the 3rd and moved to Istanbul in 1979. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1979 to 1983. In 1983 I transferred to the Istanbul University Philosophy Department. But the anarchy and terror were really dreadful in those years. It was therefore impossible for me to continue studying. I had already begun working on my books at that time, and when I left school I devoted all my energy to my books. Today I have written more than 300 books. More than 70 of my books have been translated into many foreign languages. Thanks be to Allah, my books sell in large numbers all over the world. Anyone who wishes can also download my books free of charge. This year alone, 80 million of my works have been downloaded from Internet. I was very well behaved as a child. I enjoyed being dignified. I always aimed at being noble and dignified. Unbelief made me very unhappy even as a child. I am someone who delights in love; I delight in affection, friendship and compassion. But I really began seeing the true face of events during the end years of high school. I saw a very strange system in the world. Muslims were living under terrible difficulties, beset on all sides. Thinking about the situation confronting Muslims further strengthen my feelings of zeal. I decided that things should not continue in that way. I saw war and conflict everywhere. Bloodshed. People do not decide to wage war for no reason, they do not just wake up one morning and start slaughtering their neighbors, ruthlessly waging war on them or eliminating them in concentration camps. I investigated the origins of this terrible system. As a resut of my investigations, I came to realize it all stemmed from Darwinism. I saw that it was Darwinism that had made people like this and that it was Darwinist leaders who had drowned the world in blood. I saw that Darwinism was supported by Freemasonry. And I decided to mobilize all my resources to revealing the invalidity of Darwinism and eliminating materialist thinking on the intellectual plane.

2. Because of your anti-Darwinist, anti-communist and anti-Masonic intellectual struggle, for many years you have been subjected to conspiracies and slanders by certain individuals and organizations. However, the courts have always acquitted you of these accusations terming them baseless, and they have all been exposed as plots and slander.

Yes, the communist deep state organization can’t tolerate my intellectual struggle against materialism and Darwinism and is most uneasy at my exposure of the truth, and has been waging a psychological war against me for years. Under the influence and direction of this group, I have been subjected to many conspiracies and slanders. There have been numerous campaigns for my defamation. In 1986, on no legal grounds I was held for 10 months in a mental hospital, and then for 9 months in prison, a total of 19 months’ detention. The aim of this plot, which coincided with the time I published my book Judaism and Freemasonry, was to hinder my campaign against materialism and atheism. Masons sent word to me at the time; they said if I quit writing my book they would give me around 300 billion Turkish Liras in those days’ money. When I said I found the offer repulsive and that I certainly would not halt the publication of my book, they put me in the mental hospital. The ward they placed me in was made up of paranoid schizophrenics. It was somewhere no normal person could spend more than 5 minutes in. Most patients wandered around naked. They were unaware of their own natural needs. They’ve been screaming and shouting, rolling around on the floor and smashed their heads against the walls. These were generally people who committed murder. During the time I was there they murdered 7 of their own number, by breaking their necks or hitting one another with trays… Although they were seriously ill, they were all allowed out into the garden. I was the only one not allowed into the garden, and I was also forbidden to use the phone. I was not allowed to talk to anyone apart from my mother. Soon after that the head doctor forbade me to speak to the doctors. But that report was later overturned by the Military Hospital, and it was documented that I was sound in mind and body. But I knew, of course, that Allah had created all these things. It was an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate my love of and devotion to Allah. In conclusion, no matter what they did they were unable to stop my activities spreading. For example, the number of people around me, those supporting my ideas and me rose enormously during that time. Thanks be to Allah, my books have had a huge global impact. There is ease with each difficulty. Pain, trouble and suffering are the nourishment of the soul. The soul is deepened and perfected by them. Difficulties are things that must be regarded as normal in the lives of Muslims. All the prophets, Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and Muslims with fear of Allah have encountered many troubles and much suffering on Allah’s path. Suffering means fruitfulness, beauty and mercy. Allah helps those who suffer. I take great pleasure from suffering, from striving on the path of Allah. Suffering is the Sunna of the prophets. Alhamdulillah, thanks be to Allah, I have encountered various difficulties in my struggle on Allah’s path, and am still doing so, but my soul delights in them. Every day goes by under attack and pressure from atheists, Masons and communists. But Allah has thwarted all their plots to date. I have been acquitted of all their false accusations. But the public is perfectly well aware what is true and what is not. For years I have been receiving hundreds of e-mails expressing support everyday, both from inside Turkey and outside, thanks be to Allah.

3. What is the theory of evolution and its origins?

Darwinism is a pagan religion devoid of any scientific foundation that maintains life on earth came into being by chance, spontaneously and under natural conditions. Darwinism is not a proven fact, but rather a materialist worldview they are trying to impose on society under a scientific mask. It is refuted in every sphere by modern science. They theory of evolution dates back 3,000 or even 4,000 years. It can be seen among the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Akkadians and all ancient myths; the lie that human beings emerged from muddy water, by chance, that various animals were formed out of mud and then gradually developed into human beings or other life forms. In short, evolution is a pagan religion, a pagan philosophy that no rational person can believe in. It has nothing to do with science. Paleontology, for instance, or biology or geology are sciences, but Darwinism is just nonsense, a superstitious faith, a pagan religion. It is utterly repellent to try to impose a pagan religion derived from 5,000-year-old superstitious myths on society at a time when technology and science have advanced so rapidly in the 21st century. And it is especially repellent to try to impose it using hoaxes, distortions, deceptions and sleight of hand. Even Darwin himself admitted that his theory would be repudiated by science. What does Darwin say? “Why, if species have descended from other species by fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion, instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined? But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?” There aren’t any, that is why you can’t find. They have been digging the earth up for 150 years, and more than 100 million fossils have been unearthed. But there is not one single transitional form. Every single one of those 100 million fossils says that evolution does not exist. That alone puts an end to Darwinism. They can fill books and encyclopedias with evolutionary tales if they so wish. But if they are unable to produce a single fossil to show how that evolution might have happened, then what they say is worthless. They are merely deceiving themselves. But it is scientifically impossible for a protein to form by chance. Evolution is unable to explain how the first living cell emerged from stone, earth and a quantity of mud. These two proofs alone are enough to prove that evolution is a lie.

4. What is the primary motivation, the long & short-term gains, for evolutionists?

Darwinism is an ideology protected by and imposed by just about every state in the world. No idea has ever enjoyed such protection before. Darwinists have literally established a global dictatorship, and they deny non-Darwinists right to life, because Darwinism is the basic foundation of all atheist and materialist ideologies. Darwinists want to make people deny the existence of Allah. That is why they want to portray the theory of evolution, which lacks any scientific validity, as a “universal” process that “encompasses all things,” at least in their own eyes. They use the most extreme propaganda techniques in order to impose it on people. But all these techniques simply demonstrate the hopeless position in which Darwinism finds itself.
It must not be forgotten that the idea of evolution is the basic foundation of communism, fascism and Freemasonry. Darwinism also underlies savage capitalism. Anyone who looks into it will see that Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Stalin were all Darwinists. Wherever there is terror and violence there are Darwinist Masons and atheist-Zionists. These are people who want anarchy, chaos and conflict to rule the world. Because they are the followers of satan, he constantly demands blood from them. And they constantly offer him blood. That is why they plant bombs in one place and provoke war somewhere else. The sooner Darwinism is eliminated, the sooner war, slaughter and bloodshed will come to an end.

5. Under what circumstances did it surface?

Darwinism thrives in a climate of ignorance. But Darwinism vanishes in a climate of science and reason. It is a theory that was adopted, as a fictitious hypothesis, under the primitive scientific conditions of the 19th century. In the same way that it has never been confirmed by any scientific finding or experiment, so all the methods used to supposedly verify the theory’s claims, have actually proved it false. Recent history is packed with evolutionist frauds. They also managed to keep fossils hidden away until now. But, as you know, people have had the opportunity to look at fossils with the Atlas of Creation and have seen with their own eyes that the theory is now in a state of complete defeat, totally routed. Darwinism, developed under the primitive scientific environment of Darwin’s time and propped up by imagination, prejudice, speculation, sleight of hand and demagoguery, has totally collapsed in the face of modern scientific findings. Discoveries made in a great many fields of science, such as microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, medicine, physiology and biomathematics have revealed the extraordinary complexity in life and that this cannot be explained in terms of random, natural processes. The world is therefore undergoing an enormous change. Atheism is in rapid retreat. People are beginning to witness for themselves the glorious creation of Almighty Allah, their own Creator. The Sun has finally risen insha’Allah. Darwinists can try to close the drapes all they like, but people have finally seen the light. There can be no going back. Darwinism will be consigned to the waste bin in the period ahead. People will be amazed when they look back at how they ever believed in such an irrational and illogical theory.

6. What do you think has been the central cause of violence all around the globe?

Darwinism is the main source of terror and violence. Hitler, Stalin and Mao’s ideas all stemmed entirely from Darwinism. Indeed, these people all stated that they did what they did under the influence of Darwin’s ideas. For example, Mao says, “Chinese communism is based on Darwin and the theory of evolution.” Those are Mao’s own words. All terrorists are Darwinists. They have all received a Darwinist-materialist education. Even those people who appear to be Muslims. Because when we look at these people we always see socialist Darwinists under the Muslim surface. In short, we see that all those who shed blood are Darwinists. Karl Marx described Darwin’s Origin of Species as “the book that contained the natural history of our ideas.” Without Darwin’s ideas there would have been no Marxist ideology, no Stalinism, no fascism and no recent satanist philosophy. The adherents of these philosophies all believe they came into being by chance and that their ancestors were, supposedly, animals. They therefore feel no responsibility toward Allah. They thus forget all moral values and become human beings who think of their own self-interest alone. And people who think of their own self-interest alone lose all such feelings as love of country, nation, other people or family. As a result, we then see a rise in levels of murder, conflict and suicide.

7. What do you think is the root cause of problems afflicting the Muslim Ummah all over the world?

Freemasons and atheist Zionists are behind all the oppression of Muslims in the world. Fanatical, bloodthirsty atheist Zionists with links to Freemasonry have for years been attacking our Muslim brothers in Palestine, Kashmir, East Turkestan, Bosnia, Algeria, Chad, Tunisia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and many other countries. There is only one way to save our innocent Muslim brothers; that is for Muslims to unite at once. It is unlawful for Muslims not to be united and act as one. Unlawfulness is a command. It is obligatory, according to the Qur’an, for Muslims to act as one, as brothers, and to coalesce around a single leader. But Muslims do not do that. That means the door is open to all kinds of disasters. Muslims must discharge this obligation. That is why I insist on talking about the Turkish-Islamic Union. If Muslims are united, if there is one leader at the head of this union, this disorder and corruption can easily come to an end. In that event, if any harm befalls a hair on the head of Muslims anywhere in the world the matter will be stopped at once, because all Muslims will act together. But if they are fragmented, if they act in line with a policy of divide and rule, then it will of course be very easily to swallow up the small fragments. But it is impossible to swallow up the Muslim world as a single block. Muslims must discharge this obligation at once. But they cannot be in a rightful position without speaking of Muslim unity. Because unity is obligatory, while division is forbidden. Muslims are fragmented, and they have committed that unlawfulness. They must now stop committing it. They will unite together. People ask why the Arabs do not unite to help our Palestinian brothers. But you are a Muslim, Turks and Iranians are Muslims, Pakistanis and all of them are Muslims. Why the Arabs should unite to rescue the Palestinians? It is Muslims who must come together to save Palestine. It is Turkey that will bring that union about. It will be under Turkish leadership. Our Prophet (saas) has described the End Times. We need to be looking for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). All the portents of Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) coming have happened. If Muslims behave as if there were no such issue, that is unacceptable. It is unacceptable for them to ignore the words of our Prophet (saas) and our Lord’s promises in the Qur’an. We shall pray to Allah to find Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), for the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) to return at once. They need to say: “O Lord, show us the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), show us Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” And let them pray to Allah when they do find them. Let them bind themselves to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Let them adopt him as their leader so that this corruption and strife can come to an end. We must instill the love of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in our hearts and keep making that request.

8. Isn’t it an irony that some countries who claim to hold the so-called moral high ground are themselves guilty of ridding nations of their wealth and have been their primary destabilizing factor?

We must not forget that people want only love, respect, affection, friendship and brotherhood. Nobody has any other expectation. Human beings are shadow entities; they live out the destiny appointed for them by Allah. Nobody has any power over anyone. Nobody is superior to anyone else. Superiority lies solely in fear of Allah. Whoever is superior in fear of Allah and moral virtue is regarded as superior. A virtuous person who fears Allah brings peace to any environment he enters, and love, beauty and prosperity. For example, the highly virtuous Ottoman Empire brought love, peace and justice to all the places it had conquered. That must be the aim, moral virtue, love, peace and brotherhood. There can be no love, altruism or compassion where there is conflict, exploitation, occupation or strife. There will be the ruthlessness suggested by Darwinism, selfishness and the idea that the strong is right. Yet the right ones are always strong. That should be the essential thing. That is why Muslims must look at the essence of the matter. They must see what lies at the root of this corruption. Muslims have been stabbed in the back, but they only see what is in front of them. What lies behind these things? What lies behind such strife and corruption? They do not look to see that. Why are the laws of a human faith, Islam, being attacked? They never look into that. They just say it stems from irreligiousness, lack of faith, and leave it at that, but they never ask what makes people like that. But when we look, we see just one thing; Darwinism. The people responsible for this oppression believe in the idol that is Darwin. So long as that religion survives, they will remain loyal to it. The first thing is to prove its falsity. What I am doing is to tell people that that this great corruption, this great lie, is all a ruse. Darwinism’s cunning power and cunning influence has been far greater than Muslims have ever imagined. Nobody realized this in the Islamic world. For example, no Islamic scholar has ever struggled against Darwinism in the way that I have, that we have. Maybe they wrote a few lines about it. Some have never spoken about it at all. They have never made any statements about it. But, I regard that as a blessing, too, thanks be to Allah. I regard it as a blessing the way that Allah has charged my friends and I on this matter. The best way of opposing injustices is to eliminate the faith involved. In the same way that the power opposing us is trying to eliminate our faith, so we as Muslims must do away with its religion. That is why it is so vital to expose Darwinism, to tell people about it and describe it to them and to leave nothing hidden.

9. You identified fascism with Darwinism; the inherent danger it poses to the stability of the world peace and its incompatibility with the Quran. Could you please expand on that in detail?

Fascists regard life as "a purposeless field of struggle in which only the strong have the right to life, while the weak are condemned to elimination.” That is why the savagery and destruction wreaked by this ideology, which regards communities as herds of animals, which regards human and moral values as worthless, and which maintains that all means used to obtain strength and power are justified, have been so terrible. World War II, for instance, initiated by fascism, was one of the worst disasters in human history, leaving around 55 million people dead. Fascism’s intellectual foundation is Darwinism, as it is of communism’s, Nazism’s, savage capitalism’s, Marxism’s and other atheistic ideologies’. It is totally wrong and pointless to attempt to reconcile Darwinism with Islam. Allah has sent down many verses in the Qur’an about the creation of life and the universe. But these verses contain no information about or references to life forms being descended from or having evolutionary links to one another. Of course Allah could have created life forms through evolution had He so willed. But there is no such indication in the Qur’an, and no verses to support the kind of gradual development proposed by theory of evolution. Certainly, had Allah desired, He could have created the living things through evolution. If there had been such a form of creation, then there should be detailed references to it in the Qur’an. But the reverse applies, and it is revealed in the Qur’an that life and the universe came into existence by Allah commanding them to “Be!” If, as is maintained, semi-ape, semi-human life forms really had existed before the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), if mutations and natural selection really did play a role in the creation of living things, then Allah would have told us in a crystal clear and accessible manner in the Qur’an. But there is no such information in the Qur’an. Nor is there any scientific evidence of it. On the contrary, a great many verses reveal that human beings were created from nothing, in the finest possible form. Allah is He who is unfettered by any flaws or imperfections and who has no need of anything. He therefore has no need of any natural causes, instruments or stages in order to create. We must not be misled by the fact that everything in the world is dependent on natural causes and laws. As the Creator of all these, Allah is unfettered by them. Some people who are unable to properly appreciate Allah's sublime creative power and the perfection in His creative artistry make extraordinary comments regarding “Islamic evolution.” When asked how the angels and djinn were created, these people, who maintain that human beings developed through evolution, will still reply “Allah created them from nothing.” The way that the Prophet Musa’s (peace be upon him) staff turned into a living snake, with a digestive system and capable of reproducing, when he cast it onto the ground cannot be explained in terms of evolution. Neither can the way that when the Prophet Jesus (peae be upon him) breathed onto a lump of clay in the shape of a bird it also turned into a genuine, living bird. Resurrection on the Day of Judgment cannot be explained in terms of evolution. The existence of the gardens and mansions of Paradise cannot be explained by the existence of evolution.

10. You have, without doubt, been the single most influencing factor in the collapse of Darwinism across the world and are duly acknowledged in a nationwide survey in Britain, regarded as the bastion of Darwinism. Now that Darwinism has been refuted and its deceit laid bare, what do you see the consequences as being?

Atlas of Creation has demolished Darwinism, which has deceived the whole world for around a century and a half and has attempted to dominate people’s minds through lies and hoaxes. People across the world have witnessed the truth of creation with great joy and fervor. The people of Europe, pressurized for years by materialist and Darwinist indoctrination, have been able to see the facts for themselves. The Atlas of Creation becoming known to all of Europe, the declaration that living things have remained unchanged for millions of years and that evolution is of no scientific value, has led to a serious change of belief in the European public. Mutually independent surveys conducted by well-known publishing organs in various European countries have shown a major reduction in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism. There has been a huge impact in Britain. There is an intense rate of turning to Allah among British people. A report in the British daily The Guardian referred to the global impact of my works. Britain used to be known as the bastion of Darwinism. But the level of belief in Britain is only 25%. Insha’Allah, they will also eventually come to see the truth, realize that evolution is a vast hoax and believe in Allah, their Creator.
People will be able to breathe easy once Darwinism has been totally lifted. All wars, conflict and fighting will come to an end. There will be a glorious age of social justice, peace and freedom. This is the Golden Age awaited for hundreds or even thousands of years. People will bind to one another in love and brotherhood. The Earth will regain the climate of peace and security it has lost.

11. We live in a visible world, while science says that there could be an invisible world as well. Paul Davies, physicist and cosmologist, says that our universe may be a fragment of a vast and heterogeneous system called the multiverse – an infinite number of universes. What is the purpose of their creation, along with that of all known living things?

Allah is the Lord of the worlds. There may be worlds outside those we know and understand. The Qur’an speaks of the world of the djinn and the world of the angels, and martyrs also live in another dimension. The Prophet Jesus is in the presence of Allah and will return to earth when the time ordained by Allah comes, but he is also in a different dimension. Allah has a sublime and immaculate creative artistry, one that manifests itself in all the worlds created by Him. The universe looks utterly vast to us, but this is one universe, and it may be no more than an electron in an atom in a leaf on a flower in the gardens of Paradise. The people, animals, plants, oceans, rivers, mountains, plants, stars and galaxies we see around us may all be inside that electron and Allah may be making us watch such a detailed and magnificent universe within such a tiny space. There may be thousands of universes inside a single thread of this cloth we are sitting on. Allah is mighty to create countless universes in this way. There are a great many worlds. This universe of ours seems enormous to us, but it is actually really very small. It seems no larger than the head of a pin compared with other places. Looked at from far away the head of a pin seems really minute, and is tiny even under a magnifying glass, and that is how small the universe really is.
Research by physicists show that there are worlds beyond those we know and witness. But some materialist physicists try to interpret these findings, in their own eyes at least, from a material and evolutionary perspective. They make such irrational and illogical comments as “There may be an infinite number of universes, and one of those, our universe, became suited to life by chance.” That is a fantasy, and no rational person can attach any credence to it.

12. Is there any conflict within such a vast multitude of creations in such amazing harmony with each other?

Allah has created a flawless harmony among living things. There is an enormous equilibrium on the Earth we inhabit and the universe that contains it. We can even see evidence of that harmony when we look briefly out of the window. There is a flawless order and symmetry in the clouds in the sky, trees, flowers, animals and all other similar examples. When we look at nature we see that every plant or animal has colors and patterns unique to its own species. In addition, these colors and patterns have very different meanings for living things. Allah reveals in one verse that (I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed satan)“You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful.” There is no discord anywhere in the universe. There is a flawless harmony, order and planning everywhere.

The theory of evolution maintains that everything emerged spontaneously and by chance. No rational person can believe that claim. They are quite unable to account for the artistry and variety of color in nature and the harmony in the universe. They are at a total dead-end. Charles Darwin openly confessed in his books that the flawlessness and harmony in the universe conflicted with his own theory. Even Darwin had no hesitation about speaking of the dilemmas facing his theory, but present-day evolutionists pretend there is no difficulty.

13. What is the primary purpose of the creation of mankind?

Some people spend their lives in a complete rush. Of course they have to work and look after themselves and their families when they reach a certain age. But some people make this the sole purpose in their lives. They call this the “struggle for survival” and run around all the time, complaining they have no time for anything else. They go where their daily lives lead them. That kind of lifestyle means they become insensitive to what is going on around them. But running around using up one’s time here is not the main purpose behind people’s existence. In one verse Allah reveals (I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed satan) He creates human beings in order to serve Him. Our real aim in life is to serve Allah. It is Allah Who bestows life in this world. Living a life forgetting Allah and living a life distant from Allah is not appropriate for the pleasure of Allah. People must see the true nature of this world and shape their lives accordingly. It is clear that this world is only temporary. Everyone lives here for a time and then dies. This is not somewhere to attach oneself to. Our true home is the Hereafter. The Hereafter is where we will live forever. It is here that people prepare their places in the Hereafter. Whatever they do here, that is what they receive in the Hereafter. That is why we must not forget that of course we must earn money, go to work and study at university. But in doing all that, one must also bear in mind that our purpose here is solely to serve Allah and to strive to attain His approval, mercy and Paradise. Everything we do outside that or that divert us from our true purpose are empty.

14. What are the laws governing the conduct of mankind, and what prevents man from complying with those norms?

There will naturally be laws that regulate social order, and every individual will abide by them. A true believer is also someone who respects the law, is loyal to the state, protects and observes the rights of others and contributes to social order. But legal or judicial measures against social degeneration are not always sufficient. Laws and sanction alone cannot prevent people who have no fear and love of Allah from doing wrong. Such people have no qualms about revealing a tendency to commit evil if they think they can escape the law or deceive the courts when a situation arises that conflicts with their own interests or that offers them the possibility of personal advantage. They have no qualms about committing crimes. But people who love Allah are very careful to avoid any behavior or moral values, or even speaking any words that Allah will disapprove of, no matter what the circumstances are. They are always just and honest, even when that conflicts with their own interests. In other words, it is not only laws that establish social order and happiness, but also love and fear of Allah and human love stemming from those feelings.

15. Recently you have called on devout Christians from around the world and urged them to pose a set of questions to the Pope over alleged Vatican claims regarding belief in creation in Christianity and biological evolution being complementary to each other and that Vatican has a moderate outlook on Darwin’s theory of evolution. You have described these statements as extremely disturbing. Could you please elaborate on the implications stemming from these statements and list those questions?

The Vatican said in one recent statement that it looked favorably on the theory of evolution and claimed that belief in creation in Christianity and biological evolution was mutually complementary. This is most astonishing, of course. The fact is that evolution is completely incompatible with belief in Allah and Christianity. Therefore, if the Vatican really did issue such a statement, genuine, sincere Christians need to ask the Pope whether the Vatican will be able to look at Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the eye when he returns and ask “Did you come into being through evolution?” Will they be able to explain his second coming in terms of evolution? Does Christianity say that Gabriel, Michael and all the other angels and the djinn came into being through evolution? Does the Vatican say that the angels and djinn came into being through evolution? Or did satan come into being through evolution? Did the living, feeding, reproducing and fierce snake that appeared when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) cast his staff onto the ground form by way of evolution? Did the flying bird that appeared when the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) breathed on a piece of clay he had shaped, came into being through evolution? It is impossible to account for these questions in terms of evolution. But these developments are very serious in as much as they show how Darwinism has established a global dictatorship. They have reached out as far as the Vatican and are putting intellectual pressure on it. This is a terribly serious development. They are forcing the Pope to support evolution. This is very dreadful and something calling for lengthy and serious reflection.

16. You have not discounted the possibility of atheist Zionists having influence over the Vatican – what advantage and benefits would they derive from this?

Events show that atheist Zionists and Darwinists are pressurizing the Vatican. Pro-evolutionary statements from the Vatican, the holding of a conference on Darwinism in the Vatican and the refusal to permit any discussion at that conference of the scientific evidence proving the invalidity of evolution are all highly significant developments. Of course Darwinists can hold conferences where they like and discuss their ideas, but a refusal to permit a single question to be raised, their inability to bear any mention of fossils proving the fact of creation, and the way that the microphone was taken away from someone raising such points and that he was forcibly silenced are clear indications of the repressive and totalitarian Darwinist mindset. But these things are all proof of the panic confronting Darwinists. The death blow suffered by Darwinism caused terrible panic among European Darwinists, because they saw that Darwinism was in its death throes and desparately began wondering what to do to. These latest developments show that the influence of Freemasons and atheist Zionists stretches as far as the Vatican, and this is a very grim state of affairs. It means there is no limit to the Darwinist dictatorship.
As to what evolutionists gain, they may imagine that my even taking over the Vatican they can direct a huge number of Christians as they please. But they are striving in vain. For one thing, the mass of Christians are highly devout and very well aware of the invalidity of evolution. In addition, they can make whoever they want issue statements in favor of evolution, and persist in propagandizing evolution morning, noon and night in such newspapers and journals as they wish, they will still be unable to turn the situation in their favor. Because with the arrival of the Atlas of Creation in Europe and America people have finally seen the truth and realized that there is no scientific foundation to Darwinism. They have seen the lethal blow that fossils have dealt to Darwinism. There is no way back now. Darwinism is dead and it would be better for them to arrange the funeral than to try to resurrect the cadaver.

17. You have dubbed zoologist Richard Dawkins one of the priests of pagan religion in our century…

Darwinism is not in fact a theory proposed by Charles Darwin in the 19th century. Its origins go back much further, to ancient pagans and materialist philosophers. One can first see the errors that form the basis of the theory of evolution in the pagan and materialist religions of Sumeria, Egypt and ancient Greece of thousands of years ago. One can also find the fundamental unscientific beliefs of the theory of evolution in various superstitious myths (Hinduism, Jainism etc.). For example, one can find superstitious beliefs such as life emerging spontaneously from water as the result of blind chance, plants, animals and human beings being descended from a common ancestor, fish being the supposed forebears of human beings, and everything developing gradually and as the result of blind chance in superstitious Sumerian and pagan Egyptian beliefs. That is why Charles Darwin was not the first person to come up with the idea of evolution. Darwin was merely the person who brought up all superstitious pagan beliefs that had been around for hundreds of years, but under the heading of the theory of evolution. Pagan Sumerian inscriptions that deny Allah and say that all living things emerged through a supposedly random process of evolution (surely Allah is beyond that) from a watery disorder represent the backbone of Darwinism. Examination of these inscriptions reveals they first refer to disorder in water, from which the idols Lahau and Lahamu suddenly emerged. According to the same superstitious belief, the idols in question first supposedly brought themselves into being and then evolved into other substances and life forms. In other words, according to this invalid belief, life appeared suddenly from a watery disorder. This belief is the result of terrible ignorance and pagan thinking is in considerable agreement with Darwinism, which espouses the view that “matter and the universe first appeared spontaneously in water and life emerged by chance from inanimate matter.” As we have seen, a primitive pagan belief dating back 5,000 years reappeared in the 19th century in the form of Darwinism. Dawkins is the strongest proponent adherent of Darwinism today, meaning that he is a fervent pagan priest.

18. You have repeatedly challenged Dawkins to a one-on-one debate – has your offer been accepted by him?

I invited Dawkins to a face-to-face discussion, an intellectual debate, but he did not come. He justified himself by saying he had sworn not to engage in debates. But he certainly debates with middle school children and evangelical priests. If Dawkins had a rational, scientific evidence explanation to give in the face of fossils all proving Creation, then he would have no hesitation about meeting me. The reason he is so keen to avoid a debate, despite all my invitations, stems from the fact he knows he has no answer to give.

19. Websites belonging to Dawkins and Wordpress have been blocked and restricted in Turkey for alleged slander against you; can you elaborate on that?

I am someone who is opposed to all prohibitions, who favors freedom of thought and expression. But nobody lets himself to be defamed. All countries’ laws protect their citizens against defamation. I used my legal rights against defamation on these sites, and everyone must respect the court ruling. It is me who wants a face-to-face debate with Dawkins. I have invited him to Turkey. Or I said we could go to Britain if he liked. But I asked for us to set our ideas out face to face. If I were uncertain of my ideas and opinions, would I want to enter a debate with Dawkins? I want there to be a debate and for everyone to hear his ideas, and to hear my ideas, and for him to produce his own evidence, if he has any, and for us to produce our own, and for people to decide between them. But there must be no defamation. I am only opposed to defamation.

20. Your vision of Turkey as a potential Turkish Islamic Union reminiscent of the Ottoman era… do you foresee this happening in the immediate future?

We will see the Turkish-Islamic Union become a reality on the next 10-15 years, insha’Allah. It will be a spiritual and social union, a union of love. A very powerful friendship and solidarity will be built. It will be a union that embraces not just Muslims, but people of all beliefs and ideas, with understanding, compassion and tolerance. It will be a union in which justice is fully applied, in which democracy rules, a glorious union in which art and beauty reach the highest levels. Problems such as terror and economic crises will be totally eradicated. When there is an act of terror somewhere it will come to an end immediately when we all unanimously say, “this must stop.” For example, if one country is collapsing economically, everyone will meet and agree to help, and that country will be put back on its feet. Just like a family. In the same way a family is strong and healthy when everyone helps everyone else, the Turkish-Islamic Union will be a family like that. Muslims must concentrate on our Prophet’s (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) descriptions of the End Times. Because Allah has described the End Times in the Qur’an and tells Muslims how they should behave. And our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has also described the End Times in detail in the hadith. For one thing, Muslims must be united, to coalesce under a single roof. The Turkish-Islamic Union is essential for that. Allah wants Muslims to be together. He says they must be united in their hearts and they must be united by love physically and spiritually. This is the age of the Mahdi (pbuh), the age of the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Those who attach no importance to the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), who evaluate events according to their own lights, inevitably end up at an impasse. They confront difficulties. The answer is for all Muslims to learn all the details of the End Times. Our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) did not describe these for no reason. In other words, people who attach no importance to our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) attach none to the religion, either. If we look closely at the End Times, we see that our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has described the solutions very clearly. If we act in the light of those solutions, then we can obtain very good results, insha’Allah.

21. Billions of people across the world have witnessed the catastrophe of the Palestinians for over 60 years. Do you see any viable solution to the Palestinian problem?

The only solution on this issue is the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. In inflicting this oppression, atheist Zionists and Freemasons rely on the fragmentation of Muslims. Muslims being divided and fragmented is the greatest weapon in the hands of atheist Zionists. For them, it is more powerful than the atom bomb. The leaders of some Islamic countries, and surely some are beyond that, are under the control of atheist Zionists by way of the Freemasons. The president is a Mason, for example, the prime minister is a Mason, and the ministers are Masons. Several Islamic countries excluding Turkey are like that. And these people are very careful to ensure the continuation of division and that there should be no unity. The leaders of several Islamic countries are very much on their guard that there should be no Turkish-Islamic Union. The Masons tell them this is the subject to be avoided most of all. And they strongly avoid it. When Islamic countries are divided, atheist Zionists look on Muslims literally like ants, easily drive their tanks over them. They imagine they can easily crush Muslims as they have no leader or protector. And in this state of division things are working out just as atheist Zionists expected. This slaughter and misery will persist so long as this fragmentation continues. In other words, hasty outbursts, shouting, protests, meetings and street demos are no solution alone. These people have gone straight for the jugular. They have laid their hands on the most important weapon, and all the protests in the world will not change that. “When we strike an Islamic country,” they say, “that country will be left on its own and no-one will support it.” They test that out. They spill rivers of blood in Palestine and nobody says a word in the majority of Muslim countries. But if Muslims are unified, if they have a spiritual leader, that will not be possible. Those people would never even think of oppressing Muslims. In addition, the Turkish-Islamic Union will be the protector of devout Christians and Jews and of all humanity. They will also be at ease under the union. It will be a system that affectionately embraces Christians and Jews. All Muslims must seek refuge in Allah, and must adopt and express a determined attitude in favor of the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Let nobody hang back. Allah protects the brave. When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, the atheist Zionist bloodshed will end. The suffering of the Palestinians will end, devout Jews will be at ease, Christians and everyone will be at ease. Any delay means these sufferings being prolonged. Anyone who does not want to see the Turkish-Islamic Union founded will bear a spiritual responsibility for the ensuing suffering. Let us strive for this with all our might and main and ensure that the Turkish-Islamic Union is founded right away, insha’Allah.

22. The End Times and The Hour – Hazrat Mahdi and the second coming of Jesus – are they closely related to Jerusalem? The city is perceived as the Holy Land that is mentioned in The Qur’an.

Our Muslim brothers can rest easy; Jerusalem will be under Muslim leadership, insha’Allah. I say this on the basis of the hadith of our Prophet (saas). When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) appear, Jerusalem will be filled with devout Muslims, Christians and Jews. But the spiritual leadership will belong to Muslims, insha’Allah. Jews, Christians and Muslims will all live together as friends and brothers. Jerusalem is the land of the prophets. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will go to Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be the center of the Islamic world. Jerusalem is a very important place. The pain and suffering of the Palestinian people will come to an end, the fear and distress of devout Jews will come to an end, and all Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities will live together side by side in joy and security in these holy lands, insha’Allah.

23. You have spoken about the impending appearance of Imam Mahdi and subsequently the second coming of Jesus, which you expect may happen in a decade or two. Could you explain this in detail?

The coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is evident from the hadith of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and from statements by Imam Rabbani and Said Nursi. They clearly describe the present age. As you know, Imam Suyuti is a great Sunni scholar and an imam of hadith. It says in Imam al-Suyuti’s work that our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “The life of my Ummah will not exceed 1500 (Islamic calendar)” We are now in 1430 (the Hegira style, and this means it is all very imminent. There is the renovator of the faith (mujaddid) of the 11th century, Barzanji, and he says the same thing. He also says “The life of the Ummah will not exceed the year 1500.” Said Nursi says that Doomsday may take place in 1545 (the Hegira style). That means that Doomsday is also imminent. There are also the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) listed by our Prophet (saas), and these have almost all taken place. For example, the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) says that Afghanistan will be invaded in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), and that happened. He said Iraq would be occupied, and that has happened, too. He described the waters of the Euphrates will be stopped, and the waters were indeed stopped by a dam. It says in one hadith that in the year of Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) coming there will be eclipses of the Sun and Moon at 15-day intervals in the month of Ramadan. Those have also happened. He describes Halley’s comet, and that also happened. He described the comet Lulin, he described a double-tailed comet, and that also took place. He says there will be war between Iran and Iraq, and that happened. He says there will be a huge economic crisis, and there has been one. More than a hundred such portents have come about. We can infer the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) from these. My brothers who would like further information on the subject can visit the web site I think we will soon have the opportunity of becoming acquainted with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is close at hand, and we will enjoy happy times, insha’Allah.

24. Finally, to touch on the current unusual happenings - the financial crisis the world is mired in – in a world where 1 percent of the population owns 40 percent of the planet’s wealth, in a world where 34,000 children die from poverty and preventable diseases and where 50 percent of the world population lives on less than $2 a day, don’t you think there is something drastically and inherently wrong somewhere with the whole system itself?

The economic crisis, hunger and poverty are all portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The Turkish-Islamic Union will strengthen and grow still further as a result of the crisis. We will see that if we are patient for a little, insha’Allah. The reason for the economic crisis is the halting of goods and capital, productivity. People are holding back their money out of worldly fears and calculations and concern for the future. Manufacturers are halting production, saying, “What if I cannot sell what I make, or get credit, or get my money back?” Goods are being kept in storage in the expectation of higher prices. And the consumers wait for the lower prices. The way out of this is to eliminate the interest system. We need to adopt the system known as Islamic banking. Everyone has seen how this has been successful in Britain and America. That is the only banking system not affected by the crisis. Everyone is receiving credit from them. This is being examined in America, Britain and Europe. They are thinking of moving to the Islamic banking system. The second measure is the immediate lowering of taxes. They must be lowered, at least temporarily. Taxes are very high. A reduction in taxes will really spur production. The third is the need for a large money supply in the market. Wages must be raised, at least temporarily. Workers’ and public sector wages must be raised. And consumption must be encouraged. This is of course also a moral issue. We need to be freed of fears for the future, to stop being uneasy, and to start placing our submission and trust in Allah. Islam tells us to help the poor and protect the needy. There are many blessings in this world, insha’Allah, but when people are greedy and selfish Allah withdraws these blessings from them. Allah makes the prodigal unable to waste any more. That is the law of Allah, and He inevitably compels people to live by the moral values He finds pleasing. Through this crisis, people who are selfish, concerned for the future, wasteful and who do not help the poor and beginning to learn the importance of affection, loyalty, altruism, giving alms and living by human moral values. They are turning to Allah and the moral values of the religion.

25. The private entity Federal Reserve and its consortium of Western nation banks have founded a system where money is simply created out of thin air – do you see this as a fraudulent monetary system whereby the world’s resources are plundered with impunity in a massive legalized theft of the wealth of mankind and people are subjected to slavery?

All spiritual virtues disappear in a society that is not ruled by proper moral values, and spiritual virtues become valueless. Everyone tries to get one over everyone else through various intrigues and fraud and trickery. We see that in the papers every day; people resort to the most unusual vices in order to make money. Insha’Allah, all these problems will come to an end with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the Golden Age, and the world will enjoy a hitherto unseen abundance and prosperity. There will be so many goods that nobody will want any more. That is the kind of abundance there will be, insha’Allah.

26. What is the concept of money in Islam as opposed to worthless, non-intrinsic and non-redeemable paper money?

People have been worn out by living for money. People want to be rid of the inner turmoil, lovelessness and lack of trust that a materialist life style attaching value to matter alone has inflicted on them. Everyone has seen that if they get everything they want they will still not be happy in a materialist system. They have now begun thinking, “Enough! I want to live in peace and security, in a climate of love.” People used to say, “money first,” but now they are looking for love, peace and happiness. They have seen that no matter how much they strive to amass money, they can still lose everything in one day, and that it is not worth all the trouble. It must not be forgotten that it is Allah Who makes people wealthy. The important thing is the approval, mercy and Paradise of Allah. Honesty, altruism and suffering on the path of Allah are concepts that improve people. Money is only a valuable concept if spent on Allah’s path, is used to communicate the existence of Allah, the religion and proper moral values. Otherwise, it is no more than a bauble of this world, a transitory thing. Muslims use their money to tell the world of the existence of Allah. They use it to help the needy and feed the hungry. Otherwise, they will be unable to account in the Hereafter for the money they have not spent on Allah’s path, and will thus suffer a terrible regret. It is more auspicious, and also more enjoyable, for a Muslim to spend money, to spend it on the poor and needy, on meeting other people’s needs. Muslims take great pleasure from relieving their brothers. They prefer the comfort of others to their own ease. That is the moral virtue commanded by the Qur’an.


Syed Akbar Kamal is the producer/director for the current affairs program Darpan-The Mirror on the World Wide Web He has written extensively on a wide range of issues for numerous domestic and international publications. He can be reached at

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