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Daily Voting News November 22, 2010

Daily Voting News November 22, 2010

New York Dems mull recount in 60th. CA GOP challenges provisional ballot signatures

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 06:00 PM PST

California GOP challenges signatures on provisional ballots...Update on 2 "lost" voting machines in NY..Dems mull recount in New York's 60th District: “Make no mistake, this is really bad. The state put into law that there has to be a paper trail precisely so that when there are irregularities of exactly the type we’re seeing in this race we can ensure that the votes are counted properly.” ~ Downstate Senator-Elect Mike Gianaris & attorney overseeing count..My Florida Recount Memory... CT voters says no patchwork solutions please... Wisconsin: Better way than photo ID?..

All this and more in today's voting news below...

AK: Abstention in Alaska ...there seems little likelihood that either a state or federal court would end up nullfying the outcome of this election

AK: Federal Judge Rules for Miller, Temporarily Halts Certification of Murkowski in AK Senate Race
Question of misspelled write-in ballots belongs in state court, says judge...
Miller would be performing a service to the voters of Alaska and the rest of the country if he used his standing to insist on a full, public hand-count...

CA: GOP challenges signatures on provisional ballots
Contra Costa County Registrar Steve Weir: "We cannot allow a 'casual' observer to challenge a voter's right to participate when he or she is not present."

CA: Harris' lead over Cooley grows in attorney general race
The Democrat is ahead by about 40,000, with about 300,000 ballots left to count.,0,4410535.story
Most of the remaining votes statewide are provisional ballots, given to voters when polling places do not have a record of their registration, often because a voter has moved.
About 80% to 85% of provisional ballots are usually deemed valid, said Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean C. Logan.

CA: Bay Area races increase scrutiny of ranked-choice voting,0,6759361.story
The method avoids runoffs by having voters pick candidates in order of preference. Some question its fairness, but all agree it will transform the nature of campaigning.

CO: Boyd brings election complaint to BOCC* (asks for recount)
Boyd also brought an affidavit from Sheila Saudevs Casias, who worked as an Elections Assistant, that reported “at the main Elections Polling Precinct, there were several mechanical problems that occurred while the Rio Grande County Elections Officials were tallying the ballot votes using the scanner machines” and that “due to inconsistencies… the ballots had to be rescanned numerous times, because the numbers kept changing.”

CT: Bysiewicz: Secretary of the State powerless to enforce election laws, count ballots We caution agains patchwork solutions. The problem goes well beyond the number of ballots printed; voting integrity and confidence call for a much broader study and action than proposed by the current Secretary

FL: My Florida Recount Memory
Ten years ago this month, all eyes were on Florida ..The Op-Ed editors asked some of the people at the center of the recount to share their reminiscences.

MN: New voting not as simple as 1-2-3
Minneapolis' 2009 foray into the ranked-voting system showed promise for statewide use but pitfalls, too.

MN: County officials blast GOP request for vote match
Counties say Tom Emmer's call for signature count is unwarranted.

MN: Ritchie responds to Emmer petition

MO: Warned about potential conflict, Election Board refuses to release security contract

NJ: Why vote-by-mail can lead to fraud
Under the current law, agents of political campaigns are permitted to handle as many Vote by Mail ballots as they can get their hands on.

NY: Dems mull recount in 60th

NY: Lost Voting Machine In 60th Senate Race? (Erie)
"Well there certainly aren't any new voting machines," Ralph Mohr, Republican elections commissioner, said. "Those voting machines were present on Election Day, and they were returned to the warehouse with the other voting machines that were utilized in the election."

Mohr's Democratic counterpart Dennis Ward agreed that there are no new machines.

They explained that on Election Day, two voting machines in two separate districts malfunctioned. As a result, replacement machines were delivered.

NY: State finds no flaws with voting machines (Erie County) Gianaris' laundry list of mistakes range from two newly discovered voting machines to machines with memory sticks that are not readable to machines with paper records that do not match comparable computer records.
Ward and Mohr confirmed that two voting machines not previously included in the final count were discovered Thursday. When they were, Grisanti gained an additional 136 votes over Thompson.

Mohr said the two machines were dispatched on Election Day to polling places in Buffalo when two other machines broke down. He said the practice of replacing a broken machine with a new one is state approved.

NY: BREAKING: Hudson County prosecutor will forward 4th Ward case to Attorney General
The campaign of former Councilman Michael Lenz has alleged voter fraud.

Wednesday night, at a meeting, the Hudson County Board of Elections said they were forwarding 190 "suspicious" ballots to the county prosecutor's office. Then, on Friday, Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said the matter would be referred to the state Attorney General's Office

TX: Turmoil still swirling over Cameron County election* election & recount errors)
Before the recount, Cascos was told he had won the election by 77 votes. Immediately after the recount, on Nov. 13, he was told his margin of victory had narrowed to 50 but he was still the winner.

But hours later, on Nov. 14, Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz reportedly called in the candidates and told them that an error had been made in totaling the tally sheets, and that Wood was the winner by five votes.

A tally sheet from Precinct 54 had been left out of the totals, Ortiz said. When it was included, it resulted in a shift of 55 votes, giving the victory to Wood.

WI: A better way than voter ID
Every system is capable of manipulation. Fake IDs are available as are courses in forging handwriting. But if the real object of Wisconsin Republicans is to lower the odds of voter fraud, then a sign-in system would accomplish the goal just as well as would requiring a photo ID. And it would not give the Democrats a reason to object that the GOP was creating an unreasonable block to the ballot.


United States Government Files Brief in U.S. Supreme Court in Lawsuit over Size of U.S. House


One in 10 victorious Afghan candidates banned for fraud
Hamid Karzai may overturn election body's ruling over ballot in which polling station closures hit Pashtun votes


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