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Siddhi B. Ranjitkar: Punishing The Culprits

Punishing The Culprits

Siddhi B. Ranjitkar

The Prime Minister is in the foreign trips, the House is in recess, and the President cannot do anything except for imposing a presidential rule if he wishes for. So, the whole business of strengthening the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has been in limbo. Who are responsible for these undesirable things happenings in Nepal? Most of the politicians have no love for the country and have no feelings for doing something for the country in other word they are not patriots at all.

All these things have been happening as the man rejected by the people at the polls has been the Prime Minister, and he has not shown an iota of love for the country but has been stealing the wealth of nation for his own purposes and for the circle of his men and colleagues. Nepalis need to punish not only the main culprit Madhav Nepal but also all the culprits that have been responsible for bringing Madhav Nepal to the Constituent Assembly-cum-parliament and make him the Prime Minister and ultimately supporting him to recommend the President to discontinue the House session and introduce the budget through the presidential order.

Chairman of UCPN-Maoist Prachanda has been responsible for bringing Madhav Nepal to the Constituent Assembly and making him the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee for preparing a final draft of a new constitution. If we believe in the Nepalese media, Prachanda has literally begged Chairman of CPN-UML Jhalanath Khanal to nominate him to the Constituent Assembly and made him the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee unanimously.

Then Jhalanath Khanal has forced one of the sincere members of the Constituent Assembly appointed by the CPN-UML using the votes the party has received in the election to the Constituent Assembly for making room for Madhav Nepal to get appointed to the member of the Constituent Assembly. Thus, Madhav Nepal despised by Nepalis at the polls has been the member of the Constituent Assembly and then the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee for preparing the draft for a new Constitution. As a result, Prachanda and Jhalanath Khanal have been responsible persons and the culprits for making Madhav Nepal the member of the Constituent Assembly going against the people’s aspirations for keeping Madhav Nepal away from the politics. Are these guys: Prachanda and Khanal not subject to punishment by the people when time comes? In fact, these two guys have been suffering from their bad deeds of bringing Madhav Nepal to the active politics, as both of them are claimants for the office of Prime Minister but kicked out of the possibility of getting the office of a new Prime Minister.

Then, comes the resignation of the then Prime Minister Prachanda protesting against the President directly writing a letter to the then Chief of Army Staff fired by the Prime Minister. The President has done so at the recommendation of the leaders of the 18 political parties represented in the parliament. The President is supposed to follow the advice of the recommendations of the Prime Minister not of anybody. Practically, the President has violated the Interim Constitution of Nepal of 2007 taking the actions on the recommendations of the party leaders rather than the Prime Minister. Thus, the President has been the third culprit in bringing the political mess in the country.

As if the NC and CPN-UML and the Madheshi political parties have not a single capable elected person to be a new Prime Minister, the legislators of these political parties have voted the backdoor member of the Constituent Assembly-cum-parliament Madhav Nepal for a new Prime Minister certainly going against the people’s aspirations for rejecting him from any elected position. No matter for what purposes, they have voted for Madhav Nepal but these poor and unwise legislators have committed a grave crime voting for Madhav Nepal. Their single criminal act of voting for Madhav Nepal has brought the current political mess in the country.

The irony is that Madhav Nepal has claimed that the people have elected him a Prime Minister. He is certainly elected by the idiotic legislators but not by the people. He cannot claim that the people have elected him. If Madhav Nepal has even an iota of disgrace of getting defeated by the people at the polls he will certainly not accept the highest elected office in the country. Such a responsible position is not for the man despised by the people. However, Madhav Nepal is a shameless person that can do anything to serve his interest. So, he is a greatest political criminal in the history of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Madhav Nepal as a new Prime Minister has appointed the most insane persons such as Bidhya Bhandari, Bhim Rawal, Shanker Pokharel and Rabindra Shrestha to name a few to the office of Defense Minister, Home Minister, Information and communication Minister and General Administration Minister respectively. They are insane because they have done nothing sensible things during the thirteen-month period of their full-fledged administration.

Bidhya Bhandari as a Defense Minister has promoted Toran Jung Bahadur Singh to the office of the second-in-command of the Nepal Army against the protest of the international and local human rights organizations and the world body UN, as Mr. Singh has been involved in the enforced disappearance of 49 people from the battalion he has commanded in 2003 and 2004. Ms. Bhandari has got another credit for the criminal act of covering up Major Niranjan Basnet indicted for killing a minor and wanted by the Kavre District Court.

She has repeatedly said that she is against the integration of the members of the People’s Liberation Army with the Nepal Army, and she has opposed every step of integrating the two armies. She has treated the UNMIN as the foe and has spoken against extending the term of the UNMIN. However, her expression has been nothing more than of the person losing the sanity.

Home Minister Bhim Rawal has the credit for patting the armed policemen for killing the innocent people in the western Nepal in the name of removing the people encroaching on the forestland. Mr. Rawal can use the force to remove the people encroaching on the forestland but not kill them. In fact, he has shared the criminal act of killing so many innocent people with the policemen that have killed the innocent people. Naturally, Mr. Rawal has increased the insecurity of the people killing more people by the policemen.

Mr. Rawal needs to be congratulated for hiring 16,000 additional policemen but not for the increased security of the people but for making money. With a little knowledge of arithmetic, anybody can calculate how much money he has made from the purchase of uniforms and other gears required for the 16,000 policemen at the cost of billions of rupees to the national treasury. Is this not a criminal act?

Shanker Pokharel has the portfolio of the Spokesman for the Government of Madhav Nepal in addition to the office of Minister for Communication and Information. However, Pokharel has been acting as the spokesman for Madhav Nepal for chiding the Maoists. Nepalis have seen the daylight killing of Jamin Shah: owner of the space-time network at the heart of Kathmandu, and another media owner in Janakpur. Mr. Pokharel has blamed the relations between India and Pakistan for the killing of Jamin Shah but the Indian embassy in Kathmandu has promptly rejected the claim of the Nepalese Minister for that matter. Thus, neither Mr. Pokharel nor Mr. Rawal has been able to save the precious lives of those media owners.

Rabindra Shrestha is the Minister for General Administration. We don’t know what he has done for improving the civil administration but we know that he has another name with the last name called Pradhananga. He goes with his two names. Anybody not familiar with his two names will surely believe that we have two ministers for one office of the civil administration. Is it not the insanity of the Madhav’s ministers? Rabindra is a runaway Maoist and has been the favorite of Madhav Nepal rather than the civil administration minister. He has loved to chide his former bosses for nothing.

Madhav Nepal is also a grossly insane Prime Minster. He would not have left the country for St. Petersburg, Russia for attending the conference on Save the Tiger in the last week of November and then for Cambodia and Brussels for more than two weeks in 2010 leaving the most important tasks of calling the House session and integrating the two armies, completing the peace process and certainly completing the writing of a new constitution if he has a little bit of sense of duty for the country.

House Speaker, leaders of UCPN-Maoist and NC and the members of his own party CPN-UML have asked Madhav Nepal for not going abroad when he has so many things to do as a Prime Minister but the has not only not listen to them but also has said that his presence is not necessary for resolving the political impasse in the country. So, Nepalis don’t need a Prime Minister that does not work for the country but goes for a foreign tour.

The most pressing thing for Madhav Nepal as a Prime Minster to do is to make a recommendation to the so-called ceremonial President to call a House session. House Speaker has said publicly that the government needs to call a House session to resolve so many political issues concerning the writing of a new constitution, completing the peace process and electing a new Prime Minster but Madhav Nepal has just waved his hand to the call of the House Speaker and set off for Cambodia. Is Madhav Nepal really a sane man?

We have not only an insane Prime Minster but also politicians, too. We have already mentioned the insanity of Chairman of UCPN-Maoist Prachanda for begging Chairman of CPN-UML Jhalanath Khanal to bring Madhav Nepal to the Constituent Assembly and then making him the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee and the insanity of Jhalanath Khanal for following the request of Prachanda for nominating Madhav Nepal to the member of the Constituent Assembly.

We have other insane politicians such as President of NC Sushil Koirala and NC so-called leader Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat. These two guys have called for discontinuing the House session and then introducing the budget for the fiscal year 2010 through the presidential orders after the Maoist legislators have obstructed the Minister for Finance from presenting the budget to the parliament. If they have a little bit of political sanity they would have never done so. Madhav Nepal as another insane politician has done what these two guys have asked for recommending the President to discontinue the House session and then introduce the budget for the fiscal year 2010 by the presidential order. Now these two poor guys as Prachanda and Jhalanath Khanal must have been lamenting for supporting insane politician Madhav Nepal because he has simply wave the call of Sushil for calling the House session immediately.

All of these insane politicians have got what they deserve. Prachanda, Jhalanath Khanal, Sushil Koirala and Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat have got the kicks on their backs from Madhav Nepal, and Madhav Nepal has got the foreign trips that he could never dream of in the past and in the future either. Now, Nepalis need to punish all these politically insane people for the wrong things they have been doing going against the people’s aspirations for completing the peace process, writing a new constitution and promulgating it and holding elections for a new parliament

December 1, 2010.


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