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Ex-CNN Reporter Ordered to Manipulate News on Syria and Iran

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31 Mar 2013

Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran [Apparently, MSNBC and Faux got the same orders.] 30 Mar 2013 Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria. Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion's support for a military invasion against it. She revealed that the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant 'demonization'.

Obama picks oh-but-another Bush-era war criminal to hold high office while the compliant Penta-Post keeps secrets for its CIA overlords: Washington Post Agreed to Withhold Acting Clandestine Service Chief's Name at CIA's Request 27 Mar 2013 The Washington Post revealed Wednesday in a front-page story that a woman currently running the clandestine service had signed off on a controversial 2005 decision to "destroy videotapes of prisoners being subjected to treatment critics have called torture." The woman, the first to hold the position in the agency's history, replaced John Bennett last month on an acting basis. Bennett's name wasn't kept secret when he was promoted to chief in July 2010. But the Washington Post didn't identify the woman, noting that the high-ranking official "remains undercover and cannot be named." While the acting clandestine service chief has not been named, her chances of being appointed on a permanent basis under new CIA director John Brennan could be in jeopardy, given the Washington Post report of her role in the tapes' destruction.

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Officer who oversaw destruction of CIA torture evidence might get major promotion 27 Mar 2013 The woman who signed off on the destruction of evidence proving the CIA's implementation of torture has been promoted within the agency. The undercover officer is now in charge of the CIA's clandestine service -- at least, temporarily. After former National Clandestine Service Director John Bennett retired on Feb. 28, the new official took over as the acting director and is widely viewed as a frontrunner for the position. The officer's past makes her a controversial choice. In 2005, she oversaw the destruction of more than 90 videotapes showing the harsh interrogation methods the CIA used against suspected terrorists.

The Total Iraq and Afghanistan Price Tag: Over $4 Trillion --The wars are over, but the spending is just beginning, says a new study 28 Mar 2013 The U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared officially over, but America has barely begun to pay the bill, says a new study. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will together cost $4 to $6 trillion, according a new study from Harvard University's Kennedy School. A large share of those bills has yet to be paid: the study finds that the U.S. has spent around $2 trillion thus far on the two controversial wars, and that growing commitments to spending on military personnel and veterans will drive much of the spending in the decades to come.

Iraqi oil: Once seen as U.S. boon, now it's mostly China's 27 Mar 2013 Ten years after the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, the country's oil industry is poised to boom and make the troubled nation the No. 2 oil exporter in the world. But the nation that's moving to take advantage of Iraq's riches isn't the United States. It's China. The International Energy Agency expects China to become the main customer for Iraq’s vast oil reserves.

'US Army veteran fighting Syrian government worked for CIA' 31 Mar 2013 The father of a US Army veteran recently arrested by the FBI for joining foreign-backed militants in Syria says his son was serving the CIA and reporting back to the Agency from the country. Darryl Harroun says his son Eric, who was arrested and charged with conspiracy on Wednesday for fighting with 'al-Qaeda'-linked militants, is extremely patriotic and would not join militants. "I know he was doing some work for the CIA over there," Darryl said. "I know for a fact that he was passing information onto the CIA."

Well, knock me over with a medium-sized feather! 'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA --Bomber involved in plot to attack US-bound jet was working as an informer with Saudi intelligence and the CIA, it has emerged 08 May 2012 A would-be "underwear bomber" involved in a plot to attack a US-based jet was in fact working as an undercover informer with Saudi intelligence and the CIA, it has emerged. The revelation is the latest twist in an increasingly bizarre story about the disruption of an apparent attempt by al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] to strike at a high-profile American target using a sophisticated device hidden in the clothing of an attacker. The news that the individual at the heart of the bomb plot was in fact an informer for US intelligence is likely to raise just as many questions as it answers.

South Korea declare 'full military readiness' in response to new North threat 30 Mar 2013 South Korea's Defence Ministry react after North Korea said it had entered "a state of war" with Seoul. North Korea issued its threat on Saturday, saying it has entered "a state of war" with South Korea, a day after its young leader Kim Jong-un threatened the US because two American B-2 bombers flew a training mission in South Korea. Speaking at a news conference in Seoul, South Korean Defence Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-seok said that the latest threats from Pyongyang were "unacceptable, harming the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula."

Mass rally in Pyongyang in support of Kim Jong Un 29 Mar 2013 Thousands of North Koreans have turned out for a mass rally at the main square in Pyongyang in support of their leader's call to arms. Chanting "Death to the U.S. imperialists" and "Sweep away the U.S. aggressors," soldiers and students marched through Kim Il Sung Square in downtown Pyongyang on Friday during a 90-minute rally. State media reported early Friday that leader Kim Jong Un called an emergency military meeting to order the army's rocket unit to prepare to strike the U.S. and South Korea in case of a "reckless provocation" by Washington or Seoul.

North Korea plan to attack US mainland revealed in photographs 29 Mar 2013 North Korea has revealed its plans to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental United States in photos taken in Kim Jong-un's military command centre. The photos appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and were apparently taken at an "emergency meeting" early on Friday morning. They show Kim signing the order for North Korea's strategic rocket forces to be on standby to fire at US targets, the paper said, with large-scale maps and diagrams in the background.

NATO strike kills at least one child in Afghanistan 30 Mar 2013 A NATO helicopter killed at least one child and nine 'suspected Taliban fighters' in Afghanistan's east on Saturday, officials and local residents said. Last month Afghan President Hamid Karzai forbade Afghan forces from calling for NATO air support and forbade international forces from using air strikes "in Afghan homes or villages" after Afghan forces called in a strike that killed 10 civilians. There were conflicting reports on the death toll from the air strike. A Reuters reporter saw the bodies of two children. One was in school uniform. Local elder Jan Mohammad and other residents said he was killed in the air strike. The reporter also saw the hand and foot of a toddler at the site of the air strike, but the circumstances of the death were not immediately clear. [Always blame the US. Even when you're wrong, you're right. --LRP]

1,400 people evacuated from Eiffel Tower after anonymous bomb threat 30 Mar 2013 The Eiffel Tower was evacuated Saturday night after an anonymous caller phoned in a bomb threat, police said. Nearly 1,400 people were sent away from the tourist attraction following a request from tower operators after the warning, a Paris police official said. Police then searched the monument with sniffer dogs, and set up a security perimeter. No explosives were found and the site was to be reopened, the official said on condition of anonymity because she wasn't authorized to speak publicly.

Top Swedish prosecutor leaves Assange case 29 Mary 2013 The top Swedish prosecutor pursuing sexual assault charges against Julian Assange has abruptly left the case and one of Mr Assange's accusers [CIA troll Anna Ardin] has sacked her lawyer. The turmoil in the Swedish Prosecution Authority's effort to extradite Mr Assange comes as another leading Swedish judge prepares to deliver an unprecedented public lecture in Australia next week on the WikiLeaks publisher's case. The Swedish Prosecution Authority wants to extradite Mr Assange to have him questioned in Stockholm in relation to sexual assault allegations by two women.

Fusion center director: We don't spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans [That *is* all Americans.] 29 Mar 2013 Law enforcement intelligence-processing fusion centers have long come under attack for spying on Americans. The Arkansas director wanted to clarify the truth: centers only spies on some Americans -- those who appear to be a threat to the government. In trying to clear up the 'misconceptions' about the conduct of fusion centers, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis simply confirmed Americans' fears: the center does in fact spy on Americans – but only on those who are suspected to be 'anti-government'.

One dead, three injured in Arkansas nuclear plant accident --KTHV: Residents heard 'large boom' at the time of incident 31 Mar 2013 An accident at an Arkansas nuclear power plant at 7:45 a.m. local time resulted in the death of one worker and left three injured, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. The accident took place in Russellville, a city with 28,000 residents, about 81 miles from Little Rock. "There is no danger to the public," said Entergy Operations, Inc, owner of the plant, Arkansas Nuclear One, in a statement.

1st known deaths from H7N9 bird flu strain 31 Mar 2013 Two Shanghai men have died from a lesser-known type of bird flu in the first known human deaths from the strain, and Chinese authorities said Sunday that it wasn't clear how they were infected, but that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. A third person, a woman in the nearby province of Anhui, also contracted the H7N9 strain of bird flu and was in critical condition, China's National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a report on its website.

'More dangerous than SARS': Scientists warn of deadly new coronavirus --Microbiologist: If virus mutates further, it could cause deadly pandemic 29 Mar 2013 Chinese scientists have said that a new coronavirus, which has already killed 11, appears to be deadlier than SARS. The new virus, originating in the Middle East, can affect many different organs and kill cells more rapidly than SARS. The infectious disease strongly resembles Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which killed 800 people in 2002 and 2003 in a global epidemic. "The SARS coronavirus infects very few human cell lines. But this new virus can infect many types of human cell lines, and kill cells rapidly," Yuen Kwok-yung, a microbiologist at University of Hong Kong researching the new virus, told South China Morning Post.

Navy SEAL killed in Ariz. training accident --2nd SEAL injured in parachute-training accident 29 Mar 2013 A Navy SEAL was killed and another injured Thursday in a parachute-training accident in Arizona, according to a defense department official. The SEAL who was killed, a senior enlisted officer, was taken to the University of Arizona Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The other SEAL is in stable condition at the hospital, said the official who released the information on condition of anonymity. The Defense Department did not say precisely where the accident occurred.

Family Whose Children Survived Sandy Hook Lose Home to Fire 30 Mar 2013 A fire on Wednesday destroyed the home of a family whose children lived through the shootings on Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The fire at 254 Berkshire Road began in the basement and burned into the first floor, heavily damaging the home of Hans and Audra Barth and their three children, said Bill Halstead, Newtown's fire marshal and the chief of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Co. Two of the children, Shanice, 8, and Peter, 6, attended Sandy Hook Elementary, the chief said Friday.

Motive remains unclear in Newtown school shooting 29 Mar 2013 Newly released search warrants in the Newtown school shooting have revealed that gunman Adam Lanza's home was packed with weapons and ammunition, but the documents do not shed any new light on what could have driven him to massacre 20 children and six educators inside an elementary school. Lanza left behind journals [but, QUIZZICALLY, 'left no online footprint'], which state police turned over to the FBI for analysis, but if investigators have any ideas about his motive, they aren't saying.

Armed Guards OK'd in Enfield Schools --Will be assigned to every building 27 Mar 2013 (CT) As long as the town dedicates money for the safety initiative, security officers armed with handguns will be stationed at each of the town's schools next year. The mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Dec. 14 have prompted towns across Connecticut to evaluate school security. The town council on Monday approved a memorandum of understanding with the school system that would place armed officers in schools beginning next school year. The initiative is estimated to cost $650,000 for the first year. It also approved a job description for the officers that specifies that the people hired must have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military or a related field. [Possible motives for the Sandy Hook shootings include exploding the security industry and acclimating people to the erosion and eventual elimination of Posse Comitatus. --LRP]

Colorado prosecutors shun James Holmes's guilty plea offer 28 Mar 2013 Prosecutors said Thursday they are not ready to accept an offer from Colorado theater shooting suspect James E. Holmes to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. In a court filing, prosecutors criticized defense attorneys for publicizing Holmes's offer to plead guilty, calling it a ploy meant to draw the public and the judge into what should be private plea negotiations. They say the defense has "steadfastly and repeatedly" refused to provide key details they need to consider a plea.

Texas district attorney, wife found dead after prosecutor killed 31 Mar 2013 A Texas district attorney and his wife were shot dead in the same county where an assistant prosecutor was gunned down outside a courthouse in January, the sheriff of Kaufman County, said on Sunday. Security has been tightened for other officials after the shooting deaths of Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, Sheriff David Byrnes said. Byrnes said it was not clear if there was a link between the shootings and the January slaying of Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. Hasse was shot and killed as he walked from his car to the county courthouse.

Texas district attorney and wife found slain 30 Mar 2013 A North Texas district attorney was found slain with his wife this weekend, months after an assistant district attorney who worked for him was killed outside the local courthouse. Kaufman County Dist. Atty. Mike McLelland, 63, and his wife, Cynthia, 65, were found dead Saturday in Forney, about 25 miles east of Dallas, Kaufman County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Justin Lewis told the Los Angeles Times. He could not say how the two were killed, where they were found or whether investigators had linked their deaths to the Jan. 31 killing of Kaufman County Assistant Dist. Atty. Mark Hasse. Hasse was shot the same day U.S. Department of Justice officials publicly thanked him for his help in prosecuting members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Ex-CIA employees who garden indoors claim their Kansas home was illegally searched for pot 29 Mar 2013 Two former CIA employees whose Kansas home was fruitlessly searched for marijuana during a two-state drug sweep claim they were illegally targeted, possibly because they had bought indoor growing supplies to raise vegetables. Adlynn and Robert Harte sued this week to get more information about why sheriff's deputies searched their home in the upscale Kansas City suburb of Leawood last April 20 as part of Operation Constant Gardener -- a [fascist] sweep conducted by agencies in Kansas and Missouri that netted marijuana plants, processed marijuana, guns, growing paraphernalia and cash from several other locations.

Memphis police chief ramps up security for KKK rally 29 Mar 2013 The police chief says security will be heavy at a weekend Ku Klux Klan Rally in Memphis, where the white supremacists plan to protest the renaming of three Confederate parks. Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said Klan members will be fenced off from the anticipated crowd of anti-Klan protesters and will be bused to and from the rally site in front of the Shelby County courthouse in downtown Memphis on Saturday. A North Carolina-based faction of the Klan received a protest permit after the City Council voted to change the names of Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, Jefferson Davis Park and Confederate Park.

French Jewish students take legal action against Twitter 21 Mar 2013 A Jewish student group has announced it was taking further legal action against Twitter over the global networking site's failure to respond to a French court order to hand over data to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets. "Twitter is playing the indifference card in not respecting the decision of January 24," when a Paris civil court gave the company two weeks to hand over the requested information, said Jonathan Hayoun, president of France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF), on Wednesday.

Crude oil leaks in Arkansas suburb after ExxonMobil pipeline ruptures 31 Mar 2013 An ExxonMobil pipeline rupture near Little Rock, Ark., Friday evening has resulted in a "major oil spill," according to the Environmental Protection Agency -- and ignited further debate over the [insane] transportation of crude oil in the U.S. Up to 10,000 barrels sprang from the pipeline, according to an incident report filed to the National Response Center by ExxonMobil early Saturday morning. Twenty-two residents were evacuated from their homes, according to a statement on the ExxonMobil website. Mayflower, Ark., Chief of Police Bob Satkowski told Channel 7 News in Little Rock that those residents had to leave their homes because of health risks from the crude oil fumes and possible fires. KARK, an NBC affiliate station in Little Rock, reported that part of the pipeline runs through a water source that provides drinking water to nearly 400,000 residents in central Arkansas.

Exxon pipeline ruptures, leaks thousands of barrels of oil in Arkansas --EPA categorized rupture as 'major spill' --22 homes evacuated 30 Mar 2013 An Exxon Mobil crude oil pipeline ruptured near Mayflower, Arkansas, spilling thousands of barrels of oil, the company said. Exxon shut the 20-inch Pegasus pipeline, which carries crude oil from Pakota, Illinois, to the Gulf Coast, after the leak was discovered on Friday afternoon. Federal, state and local officials were on site and the company said it was staging a response for a spill of more than 10,000 barrels "to be conservative."

Big depositors in Cyprus to lose far more than feared 29 Mar 2013 Big depositors in Cyprus's largest bank stand to lose far more than initially feared under a European Union rescue package to save the island from bankruptcy, a source with direct knowledge of the terms said on Friday. Under conditions expected to be announced on Saturday, depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37.5 percent of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the source told Reuters, while the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.

Sacked French workers hold bosses hostage 29 Mar 2013 Workers at a French greetings card firm on Friday sequestered [LOL!] the head of their company and the chief of the Dutch firm which owns it after sacked employees were told they would not get their dues. The protest at the office of French firm Edit66 and the Dutch owner Mercurius, targeted their two chiefs Paul Denis and Merthus Bezemer. The trouble began Friday when the management told those laid off that they would not be given their severance dues agreed earlier "as there is no money," Danielle Casanovas, from the company's works council said.

Wisconsin falls to 44th in private-sector job creation 28 Mar 2013 As the national employment recovery slowly has begun to brighten, Wisconsin struggles to keep pace, according to the latest available government jobs data deemed credible by economists. Wisconsin ranked 44th out of the 50 states in private-sector job creation in the 12 months from September 2011 to September 2012. The state's position has deteriorated progressively from a revised rank of 41st in the previous 12-month period through June 2012; and from a rank of 37th in the 12 months through March 2012. Its publication Thursday coincided with other sobering economic news for Wisconsin, including estimates that the state's unemployment rate rose for a second consecutive month in February. [Gee, looks like Scott Walker's 'Job Creators' *aren't.*]

Incredible North Atlantic storm spans Atlantic Ocean, coast to coast 28 Mar 2013 I'm not sure I’ve ever seen a storm this big before. The storm shown here stretches west to east from Newfoundland to Portugal. Its southern tail (cold front) extends into the Caribbean and the north side of its comma head touches southern Greenland. Not only is it big, but it's also super intense -- comparable to many category 3 hurricanes. The storm's central pressure, as analyzed by the Ocean Prediction Center, is 953 mb. Estimated peak wave heights are around 25-30 feet.

Seal pup stranded in Mass. finds help in Conn. 29 Mar 2013 A harbor seal pup is charming visitors at Mystic Aquarium, eight months after she was found stranded on the beach in Plymouth, Mass., suffering from deep, infected wounds inflicted by an older seal. The seal was between one- and two-months-old when rescuers from Boston's New England Aquarium found her. She was suffering from a respiratory infection and had lost a lot of weight when she was taken to Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium.

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