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George Bush I Cabinet Member Endorses Scoop's Crowd Funding

George Bush I Cabinet Member Endorses Scoop's Crowd Funding
"Operation Chrysalis" Crowd Funding Update #2

A message from Scoop's Publisher

Dear Scoop Reader,

As I write Scoop's "Operation Chrysalis" crowd funding campaign has reached 41% of its funding goal of $30,000. We now have 162 pledges and an average pledge size of $75.

This edition of our update focuses on an endorsement we received this week from a very special US based long time Scoop supporter and contributor Catherine Fitts.


Scoop columnist Catherine Austin-Fitts has an illustrious career at the summit of American Finance including a period as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the administration of George Bush the 1st, and as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc..

Her stratospheric financial career came to an end abruptly in very strange circumstances when she upset an old boys network of mortgage related security profiteering and quickly saved the US Government $2.2 Billion by optimising the sale of the securities with state of the art competitive tender software.

Shortly later Catherine's merchant bank Hamilton Securities was raided by the FBI acting on a secret warrant issued by a secret court (by a spooky Judge who happened to be a former General Counsel of the CIA) on the basis of secret evidence from an alleged whistleblower. Over night Catherine became an Enemy of the State . You can her story on Scoop here >> ( "Enemy of the State the Story of Catherine Fitts" by Uri Dowbenko Part 1, Part 2 & the story as told by Catherine herself "Myth of the Rule of Law" ) . came Catherine's her attention in the early noughties as she was recovering from what had happened and beginning to put her life back together. She contacted us by email and became a columnist for us publishing a popular column about economic matters called "Mapping the Real Deal" (with 241 columns published to date). Scoop helped her recover by helping her tell her story and sharing what she had learned through adversity with others.

She is a woman of great strength, great hope and great spirit. And she is also one of Scoop's most loyal and ardent supporters.

She has been a financial adviser to Scoop and a shareholder and her advice has been instrumental in encouraging us to continue to pursue the truth through publication of "Scoops" which make the powerful uncomfortable. In the blog post below she is encouraging her networks in the US to support Scoop's fundraiser in NZ. I thank her for her kind words which we have republished below.

Kind Regards

Alastair Thompson
Scoop Editor & Publisher
Saturday, February 28, 2015


Catherine’s Latest Crowdfund: to Fly In 2015

Note From Catherine Austin Fitts
To readers of her Solari Blog

Scoop’s contribution to free press globally is a modern day David and Goliath story. Great reporting requires great publishers and enlightened owners to back them up – and Scoop has been there for scores of reporters and truth-tellers around the world for many years.

When the courts were not there, Scoop’s leadership on outing Enron and the people behind them played a critical role in making sure the court of popular opinion did work.

Ditto on early transparency about the US mortgage bubble and fraud and corruption in the US federal finances – thousands of people knew how to protect themselves before the bubble burst.

Scoop changed the course of history with their support of 911 disclosure, and Paul Thompson’s timeline, well ahead of the US press.

All of this while sticking to the nuts and bolts of supporting literate citizens and democratic process in one of the most active, entrepreneurial, engaged countries in the world.

You would do me a great honor by joining me in supporting the Scoop crowdfunding effort. No amount is too little. Every contribution is appreciated and counts!

- Catherine Austin-Fitts, Wednesday 25 February 2015

Help To Fly In 2015

By Alastair Thompson

At Scoop we believe that access to independent news and investigative journalism is a public right that is essential for democracy to thrive. But it is a public right that is eroding. Digital technology now enables a business model to be developed that makes news freely accessible to all citizens, and in which the news apparatus itself can be transparent. Creating this new kind of news organisation is what “Operation Chrysalis” is all about. We are taking a bold step to preserve the public right to access news.

We plan to transform into a not-for-profit media organisation held for the benefit of all NZers, accountable to the community of news communicators and consumers it serves.


Background To Operation Chrysalis

As announced on December 19th Scoop is seeking to transform itself into a sustainable community focussed platform to enable New Zealanders to build a news service which ensures they can participate in society on an informed basis during a period of serious disruption to traditional news models.

As part of this process we have put out a call for expressions of interest in from individuals and organisations in assisting Scoop in the following ways:

We would be very keen to hear from anyone who is keen to assist us in any other way also and the Operation Chrysalis team can be reached via


© Scoop Media

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