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Republican Party: Destroying and Terrorizing

Republican Party: Destroying America and Terrorizing the World

Nothing could be more destructive to the United States than to obstruct its government from within and to create a parallel government by means of the Congress. That’s the formula, strategy and the only thing the Republican Party has to show for themselves. This would-be boycott of any nominee to the Supreme Court, therefore, will be a boycott to the full functioning of the Supreme Court. And would be an insult to the voice of the American people who elected Obama, negating any election of a replacement Supreme Court member is just the most recent, but not the last, of the Republican Party’s stubborn execution of crippling U.S. government from within and making the congress a parallel government.

Democracy teaches us that when we lose an election we support the government elected to strengthen the authority of the nation with unity, the only successful way to confront its enemies.

The Republican Party ignores this principal of democracy for the collective well-being and instead weakens the United States making Congress a weapon of disunity and further weakening the country by making themselves, in Congress and through governorships, into a parallel government.

What have the Republicans won with their anti-democratic stance? Nothing.

Who had been badly weakened and deeply affected? The U.S. government and the American people.

Not electing, as soon as possible, a needed member for the Supreme Court demonstrates that the Republican Party, totally united, is not interested at all in the integrity of the institutions that serve the nation.

The Republican Party from 2001 has been interested in one and only one thing: Its way or no way.

Is that a democratic principle? No. Of course, not. “My way or no way” is the chief anti-democracy principle and that’s the one and only that the united Republican Party has followed no matter what.

The Republican Party has not just fallen so low in their presidential candidates, but its courtesy and good manners are practically inexistent. What unspeakable damage has Judge Merrick Garland done to the Republican Party for Republican Senators to lose their courtesy of receiving and listening to him?

People who are not in the Republican cult must be rejected. What are they going to do with the millions and millions of Americans who are not Republicans and twice elected President Obama to nominate the Supreme Court judges, as it was one of the main motives they had to reelect him?

Bye bye democracy. It’s what the Republican Party has shown and will continue doing.

It’s nothing “accidental”, it’s the Republican Party pattern to not deal with its responsibilities to the nation and to the American people.

A large and strong government is proper of strong nations, but Republicans want the government to be minuscule and insignificant, something they have been trying to do for the last eight years.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz are the virtual leaders of the Republican Party.

They voice out what the Republican base had been taught to think since 2001. This is the same base from which came first the radical Christian conservatives and then the Tea Party. That’s what rules the Republican Party and nothing else.

The leadership disagreements with Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz boils down to personality not to policy.

If the dislike of Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz were not base on personalities, but on policies, then, both of them would have been expelled from the Party on day one. Because they don’t represent the party. But, all Republicans know that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz represent their party better than no one else, and that’s why they are their leading candidates state by state vote. The problem is that they are too sour and too big mouth and that is an inconvenience in the general election. That’s all.

The only concern of the Republican Party is to maintain the power that they hold now and to increase it, adding the presidency to do what they got in the habit of doing, their way or no way.

Al-Qaeda intelligently used the neocons politics of fear, the art of terrorism, to bring U.S. to its knees economically. Making the cost of foreign wars and never-to-happen “reconstruction” the most expensive bills in the history of the country. Paying these costs caused all economic hardships to Americans, which explain their current anger and uncontrollable frustration.

Now, Daesh (Islamic State) gets the gift from the Republican Party to sink U.S. in Daesh’s global strategy of confronting U.S. to all Islam in a quagmire global war. Dash increases its leadership in direct proportion to the military defense of the global Muslim community from U.S. attacks.

A weak U.S. government mined from the inside by the Republican Party cannot be anything but most helpful to Daesh logistic ambitions. Not to mention how good had been for the Khorasan cells.

Republican foreign policy is the going back to its origins in the hawkish neocons, the best bread of terrorism, who undisputedly feeds best on more violence and war as the own existence of Daesh demonstrate it. The violent Shia dominance in Iraq and the unnecessary breaking of Syria’s government were the catalyst of Daesh emergence. The geopolitical needs of Sunnis are overlooked over Daesh caliphate ambitions. That’s one of the worst, bold and costly mistakes of the Republican Middle East policy.

Republican Party has no valid argument internationally nor domestically. As with the ecosystem the Republican Party simply lacks knowledge.

Refusing to elect a Supreme Court member is an insult to democracy and to the American people, who democratically reelected president Obama to continue deciding for the country to the last minute of his term.

It’s sad to suffer what the Republican Party turned out to be. Not a U.S. partner, but a divisive and obstructive force that destroys America and terrorizes the world.

José María Rodríguez González

Political Scientist, U.S. Foreign Policy Analyst

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