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How Fascism Won Control in The West

“The West” is the nations that are essentially controlled, basically dictated-to, by America’s approximately 600 billionaires, who control the U.S. Government, by coordinatedly funding (through their news-media and political donations, and also by their members-only private conferences) the careers of cooperative politicians, and who thereby defeat the politicians who act against increasing the percentage of the nation’s wealth that these few people hold, and against increasing their extractions from everybody else. (Those non-compliant politicians are derisively called “socialists” and equated with the communist Joseph Stalin instead of with the democratic socialist FDR and the leaders of the democratic socialist Scandinavian countries; and America’s dumbest voters, who always tip the ‘democratic’ balance favoring the billionaires’ propaganda, believe this propaganda from these billionaires’ organizations, which equate “socialism” with “communism,” and they think that they live in a democracy, which they don’t. Their beliefs are false both about history and about ideology.)

These billionaires cannot control the world and thereby extract from more and more of it, unless they control a global military that serves as their international enforcement arm in a world where ‘international law’ has no enforcement arm and so these approximately 600 individuals basically write and enforce (by their Government’s invasions and threats of invasions) the real “international law,” which is whatever the U.S. Government — their Government — does and dictates. Consequently, while there was enforcement against Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosevic, even though the International Court of Justice finally ruled that The West’s chief allegations against him were lies, and there is enforcement against Julian Assange, even though he did nothing that The Establishment’s own New York Times and others had not done, during the decades prior to the U.S. Government’s becoming the locked-down dictatorship that it is today (having the world’s highest percentage of its citizens in prison); yet there still is no actual enforcement, at all, against George W. Bush for actually invading and destroying Iraq on the basis only of lies, and Afghanistan mainly on the basis of lies, nor against Barack Obama for destroying Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela, and Yemen, also on the basis only of lies, nor against Donald Trump for continuing and worsening his predecessors’ invasions and intensifying especially against Iran. Trump intensifies against Iran because he is funded by different American billionaires than Obama was — billionaires who especially want to destroy and take over Iran. He intensifies against Venezuela for the same reason. But the basic agenda is the same.

How did this fascist America, the world’s most militarized and policed dictatorship, come to be?

Before this question can be sensibly addressed, a reader must first recognize and acknowledge that today’s U.S. is, indeed, that extraordinarily bad (at least internationally), because otherwise this question cannot even exist — it cannot be posed, much less considered. Almost in every instance during the past 20 years in which a country that had not invaded the country that was invading it was being invaded by the U.S., sometimes accompanied by UK or others of its international partners-in-crimes. Therefore, the billionaires’ ‘news’-media and scholars simply refuse to acknowledge that the democratic principles which are stated in America’s Constitution have become essentially null and void, empty platitudes, in today’s America — now only formally a democracy (since amending the Constitution is no longer even necessary, in an actual dictatorship).

But can such a collective dictatorship actually exist? Doesn’t a dictator have to be one person? Is a corporation one person? Of course not. A corporation is its controlling owners, which can be one person, but it also can be a collection of them, each being represented on its board. The number of dictators a nation has is irrelevant. Similarly, the number of parties a nation has is irrelevant to the question if whether or not it is a dictatorship.

Throughout history, most dictatorships have been collective, and were called “aristocracies.” Furthermore, most aristocracies have been led by a monarch. Not every monarch is “absolute” or the actual dictator; in most aristocracies, the collective — the aristocracy itself — is the dictator.

Wherever an aristocracy exists as a ruling collective, it normally is an aristocracy of wealth; but, when a predominant clergy rule the country, the dictatorship is called a “theocracy,” and this is not the type of aristocracy that rules the United States. America definitely has an aristocracy of wealth, and they definitely do rule, in this country. (Here is how they exercise their rule.)

The fact that this fact can be published in this country does not prove that this country isn’t a dictatorship, because all of the major news-media receive my articles for publication and none publish them any longer; my writings are blacklisted in America and throughout its empire. Anyone who is reading this anywhere in the empire is reading a blacklisted news-medium. It is blacklisted because it is too true. No billionaire is going to publish this. It is America’s type of samizdat.

Therefore: How did fascism win control in The West?

The process started on 26 July 1945, and it gradually expanded from there until 24 February 1990 when the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact mirror-image of America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO all were about to end and George Herbert Walker Bush started instructing his foreign vassals privately and in secret to continue the Cold War in their countries until Russia itself will be defeated and controlled from Washington.

This is a military dictatorship also, because though it is hidden, the reality is that America spends annually around half of the entire world’s military budget, and tens of trillions of dollars have been ‘lost’ (perhaps to firms such as Lockheed Martin) in the portion of America’s military expenditures that are made public (consequently, even that “half” might be an understatment of the true expense of America’s military, if those unaccountable-for funds are included). So, U.S. taxpayers fund this enormous global military, for the benefit of America’s billionaires and of their foreign allies or vassals. Details of this operation have been provided in books such as Whiteout and The Secret Team. Regarding the enforcement of this barbaric regime upon third-world countries, an outstanding book is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. The aristocracy allow their publishers to accept a few such honest history books, so long as those books are not topical to today’s news (as the present article is). And if the few honest history books had been marketed as intensively as the propaganda is, then they might have had an impact.

Furthermore, there are vast literatures showing how this dictatorship carries out its domestic policies, which policies are likewise bipartisanly supportive of extracting from the public to the billionaires, such as America’s current coronavirus bailouts are: they provide $500 billion to large corporations versus $150 billion to state and local governments and no specified total allocated to fund the benefits to ordinary Americans (perhaps so as to hide how small that total is in relation to the benefits that are being doled out to billionaires). Moreover, for megacorporations and investors, the Federal Reserve is providing bailouts even larger than the announced $2 trillion initial ‘rescue package’, and of multiple types, some of them illegal (but thbose laws aren’t enforced). So, whatever the man-in-the-street (on Main Street), might get, the man on Wall Street would be receiving huge multiples of that. Both of the political Parties are controlled by billionaires; so, no part of the Establishment wants any basic change. Only an outright revolution could provide such change — eliminate the aristocracy — and America’s public don’t want it. Instead, Americans respect the aristocracy.

If this is “democracy,” then what does “fascism” even mean, other than a PR buzzword to ‘justify’ this situation?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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