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Portland, Capitalism, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

If you've been shrieking about tyranny over masks and lockdowns but you're fine with masked anonymous feds invading Portland and kidnapping protesters into unmarked vans, you have replaced your brain with a political party.

Hi I'm Maga McBootlick. I oppose big government, except when it's used to override local governments which refuse to violently quash protesters whose ideology I don't like.

Imagine being such a brainwashed, bootlicking cuck that you think "Antifa" poses a greater threat than masked feds invading a city and abducting people.

If graffiti counts as violence they should have no objection to replacing all police guns, tasers and batons with spray cans.

You know what's a much better way of stopping disruptive protests against police brutality than sending an army of masked feds in camo to invade Portland and abduct people into undisclosed locations via unmarked vans? Ending police brutality.

Don't side with the powerful. How fucking hard is that?

Capitalism will always necessarily lead to authoritarianism, because cutthroat dominators will always be the ones to rise to the top of any capitalist system.

There's this notion that those who rise to the top of capitalism are not only as good as normal people, but actually better. And of course the exact opposite is true: those who rise to the top of capitalist systems are those who are sociopathic enough to do anything to get ahead.

Billionaires are not good stewards of society. They are not kind. They are not wise. They aren't even really smart. They just figured out how to diddle narratives and numbers in a way that funnels them money and power. They are empty parasitic middle-men, and they are conmen.

I mean, look who's president right now. Look who rose to the top of a capitalist system in the most powerful nation on earth. This is what you get. Imagine thinking that a system which elevates such a creature to the very top of the most powerful society can ever be of service to human health and harmony.

It is deceitful and manipulative to discuss allegations against the Chinese government without making it very clear that these discussions are all being initiated, amplified, spun and influenced by the planet-dominating US power alliance. These discussions are literally never happening outside this context, yet people constantly pretend they are. Talking about Hong Kong or Xinjiang without talking about the US-centralized empire's known interference and narrative management in those regions is manipulative.

In order to be honest and straightforward, any discussion of alleged Chinese government malfeasance must also necessarily be a discussion of US imperialist agendas. Trying to talk about the former without the latter is just being a dishonest manipulator. They are inseparable.

Treating unproven allegations against China's government like established facts is the same as believing on blind faith the allegations of a known compulsive liar about someone he hates. The known compulsive liar must be part of the equation for that discussion to be honest.

Nobody who is being successfully manipulated is free, and our world is dominated by mass-scale manipulation. It doesn't matter how many "rights" you have on paper, if you've been manipulated into supporting or consenting to the agendas of power you might as well be in a cage.

Expel abuse like a body expelling a toxic substance. Stop talking to your abusive family member. Leave your abusive relationship. Quit your abusive job. Destroy your abusive media. Topple your abusive government. End abusive global power dynamics. Embody the end of abuse.

People are always telling me I don't write the way a journalist is supposed to write, the way a leftist is supposed to write, the way a conspiracy analyst is supposed to write. How is it still not obvious that I have zero interest in showing up how people think I should show up?

In a mad world, conforming to expectations is an act of madness.

Your beliefs are not set. You can change them at will. It's this awesome superpower humans have that hardly any of us fully explore or put to use. Everyone carries way more beliefs than they realize. You almost certainly have a bunch of beliefs about yourself which you'd benefit from dropping or changing.

Seeing through propaganda narratives is just one layer you can peel back on a very, very big onion. You can keep peeling and see through narratives about society, culture, religion, your family, who you are as a person, what the world is, and what you really fundamentally are.


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