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Why The Question Of Which Side Is ‘nazi’ Blocks Any Peace Settlement

On March 18th, I headlined “How the Western Press Handles the Ukrainian Government’s Nazism,” but didn’t, at the time, know that what is blocking a peace settlement between Ukraine and Russia, is, in fact, Russia’s demand, and Ukraine’s refusal, for Ukraine’s government to ‘denazify’. In other words: the Western press’s handling of that very question, of whether Ukraine’s government has a ‘nazi problem’, was actually crucial to enabling a peace-settlement to be reached. The war goes on — and will continue now to go on, because of that impasse in the negotiations.

Later on March 18th, Reuters headlined “Russian official sees progress with Ukraine on neutrality, not on 'denazification'”, and reported that the official who represents Russia in those negotiations,

Vladimir Medinsky said the two countries were "halfway there" on the question of Ukraine adopting neutral status.

"On denazification, the situation is quite strange because our Ukrainian colleagues on the other side of the table consider there are no Nazi formations in Ukraine and this is not an issue in modern Ukraine," he said.

Subsequently, on March 20th, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviewed Zelensky, who described as “laughable” and “a joke” and “I cannot take these statements seriously”, any allegations that there are “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine’s government, and he went on to say that Putin must be divorced from reality, and in “an information bubble,” to be alleging otherwise. So: Zelensky and Putin cannot come to agreement about that, and this means that Russia now will have no other way possible (if any exists) to win this war than militarily, by a forced regime-change in Ukraine; it simply cannot be done by means of negotiation. The negotiations are now effectively dead.

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Of course, in Russian newsmedia, the allegation commonly is presented that “Nazis” — the term which refers actually to the political Party that Adolf Hitler led — are running Ukraine’s government. Ukraine’s government refuses to accept that. However, the position to be documented here is not supporting either side in that debate, but instead a third position, which is this: Just as the term “fascism” refers to the might-makes-right ideology of Mussolini’s party in Italy, and “Fascism” refers to that Party itself, the term “nazism” refers to the racist-fascist ideology of Hitler’s party in Germany, and “Nazism” refers to that Party itself. Ukraine’s government does not have any “Nazis” in it, but is, in fact — as will be documented below, via the links to the sources — actually controlled by “nazis” (lower-case “N”, not the Party) and these people have threatened assassination against Ukraine’s President Zelensky if he ever fails to continue supporting and arming them.

Here, therefore, is the evidence regarding the actual facts behind this impasse in the negotiations, as I had presented on March 18th — and anyone who doubts the truth of any linked allegation in it will immediately see the documentation for it there just by clicking onto that link:

The evidence is undenied and undeniable that, ever since the U.S. government’s coup in Ukraine in February 2014, the Ukrainian government hates and wants to destroy Russians, very much like Adolf Hitler’s Nazis did during WW II. Seven examples of that evidence are provided in:

“Nazism of Ukraine’s Western-Backed Government Is Hidden by Western ‘News’ Media”

“What Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did”

“How Our People Do Their Extermination-Jobs In Ukraine”

“VIDEOS: Ethnic Cleansing as a Political Tactic, Trashing Ukrainians”


“Independence Movement in Southeastern Ukraine Accuses Obama’s Agents of Slaughter”

“Brookings Wants More Villages Firebombed in Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’”

The commonest way of reality-denial on this matter is that the post-coup Ukrainian government has Jews within its ranks and avoids perpetrating any anti-Jewish atrocities (the U.S. government wouldn’t be supporting them otherwise, and they know it), but Obama didn’t install this regime in order to produce an anti-Jewish government on Russia’s border just a 7-minute missile-flight away from nuking Moscow; he did it in order to install an anti-Russian government there — one that could join NATO and then have U.S. nuclear missiles placed there.

Hitler himself even commonly used the phrase “Judeo-Bolshevism” in order to suggest that the Satanic attributes he assigned to Jews extended to the Soviet Union itself. However, whereas the original (German variety of) nazism was mainly against Jews and only secondarily against Russians, the Ukrainian variety, which Obama installed, is mainly (and sometimes even exclusively) against Russians. And sometimes that hatred has been expressed by the Obama-installed regime’s hired Ukrainian thugs herding terrified peaceful pro-Russian demonstrators into a building and then burning them alive there. The U.S. press virtually ignored it, but there it is, plain as day.

Anyone who denies that Ukraine’s government ever since February 2014 has been, and is, nazi is denying what is clearly shown to be the case, by an overwhelming body of evidence.

However, because of the extremely heavy propaganda in the U.S.-and-allied world against Russians, Hitler’s hatred of Russians is ignored, and the U.S. government’s hatred of Russians is only broadcast, spread around the world, not exposed to the public as being the propaganda that it is. Consequently, ONLY Hitler’s hatred of Jews — who were, indeed, his top target to destroy — defines “Nazism” in The West. (This is why even racist-fascist Jews, or “Zionists,” are not being referred-to as “nazis” — which they are: Jewish racist-fascists. The underlying false assumption there is that no Jew CAN BE a racist fascist; and though this assumption is plain stupid — and even racistly so — it is virtually universally believed to be true, at least in the U.S.-and-allied countries.)

Hitler’s OTHER racisms (especially against Russians and other “Slavs”) are virtually ignored, because those are “inconvenient truths,” not to be discussed (despite Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” to capture the Soviet Union in order to expand Germans’ Lebensraum and kill and enslave all “Slavs”), and most people choose to believe only what is convenient for them to believe (what is fashionable to believe) — even if it is demonstrably false.

In order to be able to understand why the U.S. Government and its propaganda agencies downplay, or even outright deny, the overwhelming evidence that the post-2013 Ukrainian government is racist-fascist, or “nazi,” the strong connection between the post-WW-II U.S. Government and nazism will need to become acknowledged and understood, because that connection is an essential part of today’s U.S.-Ukraine relationship, and helps explain the almost joined-at-the-hip relationship that exists, between post-regime-change-in-Ukraine, and America. This American connection to Hitler’s racist fascism goes way beyond overtly racist U.S. organizations, such as the Ku Klux Klan, which have only an internal-U.S. focus on “White Supremacy.” The connection in the case of Ukraine focuses instead on U.S. foreign policies. America adopted nazism virtually as soon as U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died on 12 April 1945, and remains essentially nazi to the present day. Though the cover-story was ‘anti-communism’, the reality was U.S. global imperialism, and it secretly continued on even after the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact mirror to America’s NATO military alliance, all ended in 1991. Post-coup Ukraine’s nazism is an expression of this.

The only two nations that reliably vote at the U.N. against any resolution that condemns any sort of racism, including “Nazism” (and these resolutions spell that with the initial-cap “N”; and, therefore, to vote against the resolution is implicitly endorsing even specifically Hitler’s own Nazi Party, not merely the ideology of racist fascism) are the United States, and Ukraine. America’s allied nations (such as UK, France, and Israel) generally abstain from those votes, but some of them vote in favor of those resolutions — they do express their opposition to all forms of racism. Only America and Ukraine vote consistently AGAINST those resolutions. Sometimes, America gives, as its reason, for voting against the resolution, that it wants to show its support for Ukraine. The first such vote at the U.N. occurred just months after the regime-change in Ukraine, and was taken on 21 November 2014. I headlined about it, at the time, “U.S. Among Only 3 Countries at U.N. Officially Backing Nazism & Holocaust-Denial; Israel Parts Company from Them; Germany Abstains”, and reported that the three countries were U.S., Ukraine, and Canada, and that “Samantha Power, the U.S. Representative at the U.N., gave as her reason for voting against the resolution, its unacceptability to the Government of Ukraine.” After the 16 November 2017 U.S. vote for nazism, I headlined “Trump Continues Obama’s Support of Nazism. U.S. Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazism”. The latest such vote occurred on 16 December 2021, and Craig Murray headlined about it, “Protecting the Nazis: The Extraordinary Vote of Ukraine and the USA”.

Clearly, all media that deny the nazism of the post-regime-change Ukrainian government are ignoring reality; and the U.S. Government simply ignores reality. After all: none of these U.N. resolutions so much as even just MENTIONS Ukraine. But the U.S.-installed Ukraine nonetheless refuses to vote FOR any such resolution; and the U.S. delegation doesn’t want Ukraine to be the ONLY delegation voting against it. (Sometimes, our delegation explains its vote as being a vote for ‘freedom of speech,’ but these resolutions aren’t about any “speech”; they are about bigotry of all sorts, and about violence that’s used in support of it. So: ever since the 2014 regime-change in Ukraine, the U.S. is now OVERTLY nazi, because Ukraine, after the regime-change, is ruled by U.S.-installed nazis; and they became immediately installed in the new government’s top ‘national security’ posts, and every elected leader in Ukraine now knows that to oppose their (those nazis’) demands would lead to the Ukrainian official’s overthrow and even to the person’s possible assassination by Ukraine's nazi forces. History is important in order to understand this.

The Soviet Union lost 26 million dead from World War II; China lost 20 million; Germany lost 6 million; Poland lost 6 million; Japan lost 3 million; but America lost only 419,400. After the War, Truman’s America instituted its Marshall Plan to rebuild anti-Soviet European countries’ economies so as ultimately to conquer both China and the Soviet Union — those had been two of FDR America’s key allies which were essential to winning the anti-fascist war that the anti-fascist FDR and his allies had waged against fascism. Also, Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief intelligence officer in his “Operation Barbarossa” invasion against the Soviet Union, was immediately hired by President Truman’s people in 1945-6, in order to set up West Germany’s new foreign-intelligence operation against the Soviet Union, and for Gehlen to advise on the creation of a replacement of FDR’s OSS. When FDR's OSS became replaced by Truman's CIA in 1947, Gehlen helped to establish his friend, the rabidly anti-Russian (and anti-Semitic) Allen Dulles as its leader. Truman’s people had secretly brought Gehlen to stay at Fort Hood for nearly a year during 1945-6, where he conferred privately with Allen Dulles and six other top Truman people. Gehlen’s personal objectives were two: Protect the O.D.E.S.S.A (Organization of Veterans of the SS); and get the U.S. to continue Germany’s war to conquer Russia. “The only intelligence provided by the Gehlen net to the United States was intelligence selected specifically to worsen East-West tensions and increase the possibility of military conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.” Gehlen achieved both of his objectives. Then, in 1949, Truman established his anti-Soviet military alliance, NATO. Six years later, in 1955, the Soviet Union created its NATO-mirror organization, the Warsaw Pact, as their response to America’s hostility.

President Truman rejected his predecessor Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s foreign policies and personnel, and replaced them so as to bring into the U.S. many high Nazis, such as Gehlen, and such as their rocket designer Werner von Braun, and many who were far less famous.

So, given that Ukraine’s current government is nazi-dominated, and so is America’s (all being of the modernized liberal form of racist-fascism, not Hitler’s original blatantly anti-Jewish type), how do Western news-media deal with this reality?

On March 5th, NBC News headlined “Ukraine's Nazi problem is real, even if Putin's 'denazification' claim isn’t”, and opined that:

Of the many distortions manufactured by Russian President Vladimir Putin to justify Russia’s assault on Ukraine, perhaps the most bizarre is his claim that the action was taken to “denazify” the country and its leadership. In making his case for entering his neighbor’s territory with armored tanks and fighter jets, Putin has stated that the move was undertaken “to protect people” who have been “subjected to bullying and genocide,” and that Russia “will strive for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”

On its face, Putin’s smear is absurd, not least because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish and has said that members of his family were killed during World War II. There is also no evidence of recent mass killings or ethnic purges taking place in Ukraine. Moreover, labeling enemies Nazis is a common political ploy in Russia, especially from a leader who favors disinformation campaigns and wants to stir up feelings of national vengeance against a WWII foe to justify conquest.

But even though Putin is engaging in propaganda, it’s also true that Ukraine has a genuine Nazi problem — both past and present. Putin’s destructive actions — among them the devastation of Jewish communities — make clear that he’s lying when he says his goal is to ensure anyone’s welfare.

That phrase “devastation of Jewish communities” is linked to this from the 1 March 2022 The Atlantic:

“What Putin’s 'Denazification' of Ukraine Really Looks Like: Fleeing Russia’s onslaught, a rabbi leads children from Odessa’s Jewish community through the Carpathian Mountains.”

It’s linked to the yotube video, “Rabbi Refael Kruskal: Farewell to Odessa Central Synagogue (2/25/22)”. The article interviews “Rabbi Refael Kruskal, the vice president of the Jewish community in Odessa.” The youtube has viewer-comments such as “Heartbreaking” and “I pray that the Rabbi and his community stay safe. However ,rather than hoping to return ‘home’, perhaps he should now realize that the only true home he has is Israel.”

However, neither the magazine’s article nor that video provides any evidence that under Russian control, there would be more anti-Semitism in Odessa, or more governmental support of anti-Semitism there, than now exists. Both the article and the video are designed to elicit contempt against Russians, but zero evidence is being provided to support the unquestioned and unstated underlying assumption that Russia is anti-Semitic nazi — like the Nazi Party (the very same Party that had perpetrated Operation Barbarossa) — and that Ukraine is not.

Here is the reality regarding nazism in Odessa; and this nazism, being so publicly displayed on 2 May 2014 there, and which apparently was considered acceptable to Rabbi Kruskal and did not cause him to flee, was quite clearly anti-Russian, and was far less (if at all) anti-Semitic. It’s titled “How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House - the details of bloody scenario”. For some ‘mysterious’ reason, many of the videos that were shown and linked-to there were subsequently removed from the Web, though nobody questions their authenticity, nor the reality that they had so clearly displayed. For example, my own article about that burning-alive of the peaceful anti-coup demonstrators there was likewise based upon those videos, and I had carefully vetted each one before I would add it to my article; so, I know that this was news-reporting at the time, not any mere spreading of anybody’s propaganda. These were videos taken there by many bystanders, and all of them show the same event from different standpoints, at different stages in the trapping-and-burning-alive of these victims. On 15 May 2014, the first article was published identifying whom the massacre’s masterminds were (all of whom were officials in the U.S.-appointed junta). (For persons wanting the most complete visual and audio recording of these events: here — amazingly still present at youtube — is Part 1 of the most complete video compilation and explanation of the sequence of events there. Part 2 shows that the event started with hooded Right Sector thugs pretending to be protesters and being accompanied to the extermination site accompanied and advised by leaders of the police. The victims had no idea that these people — then with their masks off — were their enemies until they were trapped.)

Western propaganda (such as from NBC and from The Atlantic magazine) isn’t making clear whether Rabbi Kruskal fled Odessa because there is now a full-fledged war there, or instead because he thinks that Russians are more anti-Semitic than Ukrainians are. But the propaganda-usage of his story is definitely being presented as-if his account somehow constitutes a ‘disproof’ of the actually undeniable nazism that America’s coup in Ukraine has installed to control that country. The propagandists obviously think that America’s public won’t even notice that no evidence is actually provided to confirm that impression. But is the American public really that stupid — not even to notice that? (Of course, we are inundated with anti-Russian-government, pro-Ukrainian-government, propaganda, which contrasts starkly against the reality.)

Fufrthermore, clearly, Zelensky himself, who is also a Jew, is at least as unconcerned about that massacre in Odessa, when he describes as as “laughable” and “a joke” and “I cannot take these statements seriously”, any allegations that there are “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine’s government

The liar in this matter is not Putin; it is such propagandists as have been exposed here.

To see the evidence that Zelensky knows that he could very likely be assassinated if he publicly acknowledges that his government is, in fact, controlled by ‘nazis’, click here.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s next book (soon to be published) will be AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change. It’s about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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