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When We Protest And Demonstrate Palestinians Feel They Are Not Alone

Fernando Guevara writes”

Words fail as we see the unimaginable horrors that we wish we had not seen. As we hear of the unthinkable, which we wish that nobody had ever had to experience.

These necropolitics must not be permitted to continue. Necropolitics are, in short, the use of political, military, financial or social power in furtherance of the idea that some people have a right to live and others must either be killed or deprived of the quality of their lives, in service of a dominating group. All settler colonial projects involve some degree of necropolitics, and Zionism/Israel consists of these politics to the point that Israel aims for Palestine, Palestinians, their history and their memory – down to their individual names – to be obliterated completely. You can see it in the pictures; you can judge for yourself what you think the intent is behind the devastation of Gaza (and beyond).

How do we help the Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli attempts to obliterate them? When we protest and demonstrate in support of Palestine, Palestinians feel that they are not alone.

It will certainly take tenacity to end Zionism, but we have got it. If and when we feel discouraged and question whether our goals are realistic, let us remind ourselves that they said the same things about the possibility of ending slavery, and the possibility of introducing womens’ right to vote, as they are now saying about the possibility of ending Zionism. Zionism has its own destruction built into its ideology, because it cannot continue with the consent of the governed, once they have recognised the nefarious nature of this ideology, and organised resistance against it.

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Organised resistance has begun, and it is exercised through demonstrations in various forms, withholding of finance through BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions], and civil disobedience on a very wide scale, now that so many people from all walks of life have converged. Other forms of resistance are present, and more will occur. Governments cannot make seven billion people unsee what they have seen.

And we will stay by the side of Palestinians, for their sake, and for the sake of other oppressed people throughout the world. There is a global movement to recover our common humanity.

Please note that when it comes to holocausts, there is no disagreement between Jews and non-Jews: one holocaust does not justify another. Real Jews are protesting shoulder to shoulder with everybody else when it comes to this issue. The attempts to divide us come mainly from our governments and their militarised propaganda institutions.

In spite of all attempts to conceal and oppress the resistance, we have never seen the depth and magnitude of worldwide protest that we are seeing now.

Please stop calling the censorship attempts ”lobbying” – it is terrorism distilled. The euphemism ”lobbying” does not apply to the funding of industrialised Islamophobia; the dehumanisation of all brown-skinned; Roma/Sinti; casteless/”untouchable” people everywhere, and the silencing of those who support targeted or marginalised populations. The result of Zionist orchestrated thought/speech control is a death toll so high, an embezzlement of life-value so vast that numbers and words fail to describe them. Each number is a life and a tragedy. The so called ”lobbying” results in the United States funding Israel’s wars, in Palestine, in the rest of the “Middle East” and beyond, killing one million here, half a million there, and so on, while attempting to conceal that there is a pattern. Well, we have seen the pattern.

As for the ridiculous slur that protesters against genocide are anti-Semites, it is worth pointing out who are the anti-Semites. (While I personally believe that ”Semitic” refers to a language group, I will accept the idea of calling a population Semitic, for the purposes of this discussion.) Palestinians are the Semites (regardless of creed). Zionism presents the most double-barrelled anti-Semitism I can think of. First, it targets an entire Semitic population, the Palestinians, for extinction. Second, it says it represents the Jews, thereby using Jews as a human shield against the worldwide uprising that demands that the genocide end.

Anyone willing to use world Jewry this way has lost any claim to be protecting them; to the contrary – Zionists, by their inflammatory lies that conflate Zionists with Jews, are intentionally inciting the persecution of Jews that Zionists believe would legitimise the obliteration of Palestine. Zionists hope that the revulsion people feel against Zionist acts of terror will be directed at the Jews instead of at the Zionists themselves . In other words, Zionists wish for a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment, because they believe this would give Zionists an opportunity to do what they have planned to attempt anyway: to erase Palestine from memory.

It is as if Zionists think that reality is optional; that it belongs to them to manipulate, and that all our minds are theirs to occupy. In this culture of impunity that Zionist/Israeli terror has created, our governments have not only allowed the genocide against Palestinians but have magnified it to the point that it can occur on national TV without immediate consequences. In this obscene culture, media has inverted reality and attempted to erase our natural human instincts.

But we are in the process of showing our governments that the unspeakably cruel Zionist/Israeli experiment is coming to an end. While Palestinians and their supporters are being threatened for advocating a democratic Palestine from the river to the sea, Israel has created an apartheid state from the river to the sea, with the charity provided by the “Western” governments that created the problem in the first place, over a hundred years ago.

It is the apartheid regime that has to be dismantled, it really is as simple as that. We must demand that our governments cut ties with Israel and stop arming it. And we are letting our governments know that their attempts at pitching Jews and non-Jews against each other have been refused.

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