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Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World


One of the most extraordinary documentaries this Scoop has ever seen was broadcast on TV2 last night. The documentary "Signs Of God - Science Tests Faith", from Fox News was broadcast live on October 13 in Los Angeles (yesterday NZT).

The documentary was extraordinary because it appeared to have in fact been set up by Jesus himself - (this review explains how) to deliver a message to humanity at the end of the 20th Century. At the end the message boiled down to, " I am coming back to give the world a great big hug".

The show centered around Katya Rivas a woman from South America who has been talking to god for several years.

She has written several theological texts of "great elegance" which have been given the imprimatur of the Catholic Church. The fact these are written in Greek and Polish, languages which Katya cannot speak are particularly unexplainable.

But more significantly, perhaps, she - like the recently beatified Saint Padre Pio - experiences stigmata the manifestation of the wounds experienced by Jesus Christ on the cross.

Mike Willessee a journalist of international reputation was suitably skeptical. He attached a computer to Katya's head - seemingly with both her and Jesus's consent - and then got a neurologist who did not know what Mike was up to, to identify that when she was talking to Jesus… who kindly turned up to the shooting…she was in a "delta state" normally experienced only in a state of deep unconscious.

Cut to a bleeding statue in Bolivia.

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The statue starts crying and bleeding for Mike's cameras.

Cut to "Willa's" house in Mexico where magical impressions of Our Lady of Guadaloupe keeps appearing on rose petals and where another picture starts crying on cue for Mike's cameras.

But even this isn't yet the highlight. So far the programme has been interspersed with real scientists telling the truth and saying they don't know what is going on. Mike meanwhile appears to have been converted and is smiling in a particulary Beatific fashion. Particularly convincing among the various signs is when Mike does a CAT scan of the statue and finds it has no hidden devices. When the blood is tested it turns out to be human blood and - interestingly - the blood of a woman.

Mike explains this. Perhaps, he says - this is because of the immaculate conception - and that if Jesus came only from the blood of his mother then he would have female blood.

"David, David", my son says, to his brother as an ad-break comes , "God is a girl.".

The show resumes. Mike goes back to talk to Katya, at Easter to see if she experiences stigmata in tandem with her Lord. She doesn't, but Jesus has a message for Mike. Come back on Corpus Christie. The day after- Jesus says through Katya - Katya will experience his suffering on the cross.

Mike comes back and Katya starts to feel extremely anxious experiencing the fear of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene on the night before he died. At midday the following day - fitting the timing of reports of the crucifixion - he starts to bleed on her forehead, hands and feet.

At 3pm as the Lord dies she feels her lungs fill up with water. She recovers incredibly quickly. Mike films the whole thing.

Mike tests her blood. And finds out that it is her blood.

By now Jesus is appearing seemingly fairly regularly while Katya and they are talking on camera and at one point Katya says he is standing behind Mike. Mike and his cameramen think they may be able to see a reflection of a shining Jesus in Katya's eye.

Katya says that Jesus has told her that all that she has been experiencing has been building up for this climax - of her meeting with Mike Willessee.

And so it appears Jesus has in fact arranged the whole thing to deliver a message - messages - to the world.

The following is a brief summary of what Jesus said via Katya..

Scoop has rephrased a little - I am sure full transcripts of the programme will shortly be available.

On Sin:

"A lie is a lie. There is no such thing as a small lie or a big lie."

"Theft is theft. There is no such things a small theft or a big theft."

On what he particularly dislikes?

"Arrogance" (as translated, possibly Pride - in which Jesus is agreeing with C.S. Lewis.)

…Cut to Katya live in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 13 October 1999

Mike: Katya, do you have messages from Jesus?

Katya Rivas: Yes I do have a message - I will read it right now.


"Dear men of the 20th Century.
You have forgotten me.
I will be coming back again to take you away from the darkness and show you the true faith.
I come to hug you.
I want to put my heart next to your heart.
To transmit my love to all humanity.
Do you want to hug me?
Your souls are as delicate as a rose petal.
Let me impress in it my love."

Mike: Katya, what do you want people to take away from this programme?

Katya Rivas: I want them to remember that we have a live Christ in the Eucharistic religion. That Jesus is waiting for us. And please do not forget Jesus's suffering for all of us.

POSTSCRIPT: There was also fairly alarming segment in the show headed - PROPHESY FULFILLED - on an extraordinary rise in the number of natural disasters during the 1990s. These events have been predicted in several signs of god and reports of visitations of Jesus, Mary and various angels. Scoop notes that in his message via Katya Jesus doesn't mention anything about natural disasters… and hopes this is just a coincidence.

As to the rest of this. Does this Scoop believe it is real? Is this the long talked about "second coming".

When I told my father about it on the phone outright dismissed it - and had he told me about it I suspect I would have done the same thing. I heartily recommend the documentary to everybody who has an opportunity to see it - Mike presented it very much as a "judge for yourself" piece of work and that is how it is supposed to be seen.

But on its face this Scoop would have to say that he is inclined to believe it at this stage.

Put it this way this is either the biggest hoax of the 20th Century, in which case it would have to be a fairly huge conspiracy - or the most important moment of the Century if not the whole millennium .

Afterall if Jesus is now willing to solicit TV interviews then we clearly are entering a different phase of what the world is inclined at present to call reality.

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