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Scoop Today - Dr Don's Bad Hair Day

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See... Scoop Images: Jim Anderton On Don’s Bad Hair Day -
Dr Don Starts A Debate


Hi Jenny, Hi Richard, Hi Don, Higher Interest Rates!

– The governor of the Reserve Bank Don Brash has just announced a rise in the official cash rate from 4.5 to five per cent. Treasurer Bill English says the Reserve Bank has confirmed that New Zealand has now entered a new era of strong and sustained export-led economic growth. See... Reserve Bank confirms strong economic growth [1] . However Labour finance spokesperson Michael Cullen said it was absurd for the Treasurer to claim increasing interest rates were simply a sign of the success of the National Party's economic policies. See... The high price of "success" National-style [2] . ACT say the Monetary Statement Shows Need For Discipline [3] . Next to a National billboard saying 'Hi Helen, Hi Jim, High Interest Rates' Alliance leader Jim Anderton unfurled his own banner, saying the National billboard was dishonest. See... Hi Jenny, Hi Richard, Hi Don, Higher interest rates! [4] All in the Parliament wire. See the Reserve Bank statements… RBNZ MPS: OVERVIEW AND POLICY ASSESSMENT [5] and RBNZ MPS: Summary of economic projections [6] and OCR raised to 5.0 per cent [7] in the Business wire.

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[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
[6] -
[7] -

State Of Emergency Declared in 100 Year Floods

- A state of emergency has been announced in the Central Otago town of Alexandra as the worst flood in over 100 years hits the area. See... State of Emergency Declared in Alexandra [1] in the Headlines wire. The Ministry for Emergency Management has sent one of its South Island staffers to liaise with the flood-affected districts of Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes, the Minister of Civil Defence, Jack Elder, said. See... Government Monitoring Central Otago Flooding [2] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -

The Abortion Bonus! U.S. Theory Considered:

Today, Scoop welcomes Barb Sumner to our columnist fold. Barb is a freelance writer, a regular in "Grace" and "Metro" and occasionally in the NZ Herald. She warns: some consider her works "too extreme". You be the judge. See… The Abortion Bonus [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

FBI Take Over EgyptAir Probe – Criminal Act Suggested

- The FBI is taking over the investigation into the EgyptAir 990 crash after the cockpit voice recorder provided information suggesting a criminal act may be responsible, officials say. See... FBI Take Over EgyptAir Probe [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Kiwis Trying to Kill Potential Cancer Cure Frogs

- Officials in New Zealand want to capture and kill, as illegal pests, imported Australian frogs, while in South Australia doctor's have discovered frogs may be the key to curing a wide-range of human ills. It's a strange world. John Howard reports. See... Kiwis Trying to Kill Potential Cancer Cure [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -


Americas Cup Today's Full Race Report:

Italy's Prada Team is proving an almost unstoppable force in the Americas Cup challenger series races on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. See… Americas Cup Today's Full Race Report [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Pavarotti Is in Town:

Luciano Pavarotti arrived in New Zealand on Monday night. He's preparing for his first and only concert in Auckland on Saturday. See… Pavarotti Touches Down [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Auckland Workers Death Under Investigation:

Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the death of a worker in central Auckland on Sunday. See… Auckland Workers Death Under Investigation [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

On The Left - The Carter Columns:

Here, columnist Jordan Carter says why ACT's policies would damage New Zealand race relations: "It's critical to the future of New Zealand that we acknowledge one thing... the hegemonic attempt to impose "One New Zealand" needs to go." See… On The Left - The Carter Columns [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -


Australian Gets Seven Years For Fiji Child Rapes:

SUVA: Australian national Mark Lawrence Mutch was today given a seven year jail sentence after being found guilty on Friday of paedophilia, Radio Fiji reports. See… Australian Gets Seven Years For Fiji Child Rapes [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

COOK ISLANDS: Cooks PM Joe Williams Appoints New Cabinet:

Cook Islands Prime Minister Dr Joe Williams has appointed a new deputy and two new Cabinet Ministers. See… Cooks PM Joe Williams Appoints New Cabinet [1] in the News Monitor wire.

[1] -

Indonesia Obstructing Journalist Death Probe:

DILI (AP)--The investigation into the murder of a Dutch journalist in East Timor in September has been hindered by lack of cooperation from the Indonesian security forces who controlled the area at that time, investigators say. See… Indonesia Obstructing Journalist Death Probe [1] in the News Monitor wire.

[1] -

PNG Strikes Deal On Slush Fund Use:

PORT MORESBY: Slush funds will not be disbursed to members of Parliament next year until proper guidelines are in place for accountability and transparency, according to an agreement reached between the Government and the World Bank, the National reports. See… PNG Strikes Deal On Slush Fund Use [1] in the News Monitor wire.

[1] -

PNG: PNG Jail Conditions Slammed By Judge:

LAE: The National Court here has acknowledged the appalling conditions of prisons in the country but refused to grant bail to a remandee because it was in "the interest of justice", the National reports. See… PNG Jail Conditions Slammed By Judge [1] in the News Monitor wire.

[1] -

Fiji To Pay $1.5 million For Timor Troops:

SUVA: The Fiji Government is expected to fork out an initial sum of about F$1.5 million in expenses towards sending a 190-man troop for peace-keeping operations in East Timor, the Fiji Sun reports. See… Fiji To Pay $1.5 million For Timor Troops [1] in the News Monitor wire.

[1] -


Did she REALLY Roger?

- National’s Roger Sowry has accused Labour leader Helen Clark of requiring a disabled man to move his car so she could park in his disabled car park. See... There's little hope for the left… [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Alliance Launch Justice Policy

- Victim compensation, gun controls, crime prevention and enough police to answer your 111 call are the best ways to make people in our communities feel safe again, Alliance justice spokesperson Matt Robson says. See… Victim-focused justice and crime prevention [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Labour Launch Arts Policy

- A well developed arts and cultural sector is integral to Labour's vision for New Zealand, Labour Leader Helen Clark said today. Clark confirmed that, in a new government, she would hold the Arts portfolio. See... Labour's arts policy - Heart of the nation [1] and Arts policy an exciting change of direction [2] . However Arts Minister Marie hasler says Labour’s policy would stifle creativity. See... Labour bureaucracy stifles creativity [3] . All in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

WINZ Advising Unemployed to Vote ACT – Union

- Wellington unemployed people are being forced by WINZ to attend ‘confidence building’ courses at which they are being told to vote for the ACT Party according to UNITE!, the union representing unemployed and community wage workers. See... WINZ Course Advises Unemployed People to Vote ACT [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Major Research Shows Need For Jury Reform

- A number of improvements could be made to the way jury trials operate, ground-breaking new research from Victoria University has found. See... Research into juries shows reform needed [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Cannabis Party Deluded Again

- The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is heartened by an internet readers poll – on which anyone can vote any number of times – which shows the party on seven percent at time of publication. The party believe this 'poll' - on the xtra website - is "far more accurate than those conducted by research companies”. See... ALCP Confident of Making Parliament [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Greens Disappointed by Web Site Link

- The Green Party expressed disappointment that an unauthorised link about sabotage was added to its youth branch website. See... Greens investigating internet link [1] . Green Party candidate Nandor Tanczos ordered the immediate removal of the link. See... Tanczos had no knowledge of unauthorised web link. [2] Conservation Minister Nick Smith has lodged a formal complaint with Police over the link. See... Greens Internet Guide To Eco-Terrorism [3] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

Labour to Beef Up Sweat Shop Inspectors

– The Labour Department inspectorate would be beefed up by an incoming Labour-led Government so that backyard sweatshops such as the one discovered in Otahuhu can be dealt with immediately. See... Sweat shops need inspectors [1] in the Parliament wire. Meanwhile FAIR New Zealand, a group involved with consumerism, human rights and sustainability, is concerned about the recent sweatshop incident in West Auckland and the potential for more cases like it. See... Worldwide trend in Sweatshops hits New Zealand [2] in the General wire.

[1] -
[2] -

Prime Minister in Coromandel Today

– The National Party are stepping up their campaign in the crucial seat of the Coromandel with the Prime Minister spending the day campaigning in the seat today and giving a speech there this evening. National are very keen for their MP Murray McLean to keep his seat to prevent the Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons winning and taking more MPs to parliament. The first blow has now been struck with Shipley choosing to attack the Greens over their cannabis policy. See... Youth Must Be Protected From Drug Culture Says PM [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

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