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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: Harken Energy Chronology

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Check back at for the latest version. The last version was published on 27 August 2002

2: Osama bin Laden: Why We Are Attacking America

Here we outline our reply to two questions addressing the Americans: Q1) Why are we waging Jihad against you? Q2) What advice do we have for you and what do we want from you?

3: Paulo Politico - Worth’s Egypt Antics Defy Belief!

National MP Richard Worth was selected to represent the opposition to mark the commemoration of the Battle of El Alamein. But during a commemorative service, Worth decided to go sightseeing!

4: Big News: How ACC Breaks The Law

Much has been made of ACC’s “stock” comments when referring to claimants, and Scoop revealed last week that ACC – related complaints to the Ombudsman doubled in two years.

5: Howard's End: When Is A Review A Review?

The battle between ACC and its claimants continues unabated with many now writing to Parliament wanting a right to be heard about their concerns following a select-committee meeting last week where ACC Minister Ruth Dyson, ACC Chair, David Caygill and CEO ...

6: Richard Prebble's Letter From Wellington

Michael Cullen’s office leaked the Armstrong letter. His staff even explained the significance of “first mover advantage” in case the media missed it. Why?

7: Upton-On-Line - Diaspora Edition 26th October

We cover issues profane and profound: the divertissements that Paris’s Mayor Bertrand Delanoe has been organising for his ratepayers and the deep foreign policy confessions of one of Australia’s leading strategic thinkers, Hugh White. Also, the response ...

8: Christian Heritage Party Executive in Turmoil

Ongoing concerns about the administration of the Christian Heritage Party’s finances have caused the resignations of two National Executive Members in the past week.

9: Scoop Images: Auckland Protest Against Iraq War

Today's Auckland protest against war in Iraq. Photos courtesy of Indymedia Aotearoa . Good turn-out, good vibe, great messages...

10: Scoop Images: Washington D.C. Iraq War Protest

There is considerable disagreement on the numbers who attended a Washington D.C. rally against the war today. Radio New Zealand says 10,000, organisers say 100,000. See... Washington D.C. Indymedia for extensive coverage.

11: Senator Wellstone, Minnesota, Dies In Plane Crash

Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, and his two daughters were killed today in a plane crash in northern Minnesota. The plane was a two-engine turboprop; five other people were on board and also killed.

12: Journalists Misled By CHP

Questions surrounding the financial administration of the Christian Heritage Party continue, with journalists and Party Members wondering why Graham Capill has tried so hard to stop their inquiries.

13: Scoop Feedback: All About ACC

In This Edition: ACC Claimant’s Rights - ACC - ACC Articles - Feedback - Catalyst And Still No Rehab Plan

14: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House

There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.

15: Govt hiding credit card use by departments

The Government is covering up how many credit cards government departments use and what the cost of them is, says National MP Simon Power.

16: Terrifying Young Children Unacceptable - Carter

Te Atatu MP Chris Carter is to seek an urgent meeting with Biosecurity Minister Jim Sutton to discuss the spraying of thousands of school children during the painted apple moth eradication programme.

17: Background: US Politicians Killed In Plane Crashes

[From the ' Political Graveyard ,' which also has links to details on each of the cases as well as others going back to World War I]

18: Labour Is Stuck In A Free-Trade Time Warp

"Today’s announcement of negotiations on a trilateral trade agreement between Chile, Singapore and New Zealand to be completed by 2004 shows our government’s reckless determination to continue down the free trade path," says Auckland Professor ...

19: The Copeland plan to cut airport-city congestion

Wellington-based United Future New Zealand MP, Gordon Copeland, has come up with a plan for a temporary solution to the problem of morning traffic congestion between the capital’s airport and downtown Wellington.

20: Huge Israeli Settler Attack On Foreign Volunteers

[Yanoun, Nablus] Militant Israeli settlers attacked a group of international volunteers working with Palestinians to harvest olives in the olive groves near the Palestinian village of Yanoun.

21: Brazil And The World Await Lula's Path

New president is certain to adopt his own road, veering Brazil from its traditional dependence and deference to the U.S.

22: Poll Watch: TV1 And TV3 Final Election 2002 Polls

TV1’s Colmar Brunton Poll and TV3’s NFO Poll have recorded remarkably similar results on the night before the final day of the election campaign. Today will not be recorded among National Party Leader Bill English's finest moments.

23: Scoop Report: Washington Snipers Suspects Held

The hunt for the Washington Sniper may be over after two men have been held on firearms charges. Further charges expected. Here, Scoop links to breaking stories...

24: ACT Caucus Retreat

ACT`s nine MPs together with the Party President and Manager are holding a three-day retreat (29 October to 31 October 2002) in the Hawkes Bay at Wallingford Station, the home of ACT supporter John Ormond.

25: UQ Wire: William Rivers Pitt - Comes A Time

There are times when history seems to drift idly from one year to the next with no profound milestone to mark its passage. The decade of the 1990s was such a time; after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world seemed to pause for breath.

26: Uri Avnery: Naboth Had A Vineyard

Uri Avnery reflects on the harvest struggle - including his own experiences; after that an alarming report about settler violence against international volunteer olive pickers which we forward.

27: Stateside With Rosalea - Battered voter syndrome

The Democrats really are too tragic. To hear them begging voters not to desert them for third party or independent candidates this election is like hearing an abusive partner in a relationship begging to be forgiven for past misdemeanours - just so ...

28: Scoop Images: Capital Protest Against Iraq

New Zealand protests in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch today kicked off 24 hours of action around the world against the designs for war on Iraq. In Wellington around 80-100 protestors set out from the waterfront at noon and headed for Parliament ...

29: Lula Is President

That’s how it is, kind leaders: IT HAPPENED. An hour ago the official results showed an irreversible tendency: Come February, Lula will be the new president of Brazil. In the streets of every city of this great country the people celebrate, sing and ...

30: Credit Cards OK for Civil Service

ACT Leader Richard Prebble said that giving civil servants credit cards to pay for expenses is a sensible idea.

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An unpleasant aspect of our current national character has come to light in recent times. When it comes right down to it, no matter what our pretences to the contrary, tolerance for a different point of view, or approach to things, is not a commodity in great supply at present, right across the political spectrum... More>>

Keith Rankin: Inflation Fears, Bullshit Costs, And Inappropriate Policy

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Sydney Mockdown: The Delta Variant Strikes

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Gordon Campbell: On Why The J&J Vaccine Isn’t An Ideal Back-up Option, And Haiti

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