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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: USA: The threat of a bad example

"The very core of American history, law and culture condemns the ideas of punishment before trial, denial of due process and secret government by fiat... Who is an enemy combatant? Today, it can be anyone the president wants. And that is terrifying." ...


2: Faun Otter: Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals

Within parts of the U.S. progressive community there is already widespread concern that electronic voting fraud may provide an explanation for the astonishing 8 million vote gain made by George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential U.S. election.


3: Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines

Diebold voting machines are used in 37 states. The entire state of Ohio is considering dumping its old system to buy Diebold. Georgia already did. The Diebold files, supposedly secret voting machine files left on an unprotected web site for nearly six years ...
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4: Sludge Report #164 - Vote Fraud 2004 - WTF!!!

In This Edition: Today Was Stolen Election Action Day : Show Me The Votes or Where Did George Suddenly Get 11 Million New Friends : Thinking The Unthinkable – If We Vote Fraud Theorists Are Correct : & Much More


5: Why Not Just Genetically Engineer Women For Milk?

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand.


6: Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any and all internet forums, blogs and noticeboards. All other media are also encouraged to utilise material. Readers ...


7: Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud

Something very strange happened in Volusia County on election night November 2000, the night that first Gore won Florida, then Bush, and then as everybody can so well remember there was a tie.


8: 47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly

" In the 12 critical states (CO,FL,MI,MN,NE,NV,NH,NM,OH,PA,WI,IA) the average discrepancy was a 2.5% red shift (= total movement of 5.0%), nearly twice that in the safe states. " - Jonathan Simon


9: Sludge Report #154 – Bigger Than Watergate!

In This Edition: Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained ...


10: Supreme Court To Decide If Zaoui Rots In Jail

Even though a recent Court of Appeal decision regarding detained refugee, Ahmed Zaoui, allowed the New Zealand government to alter immigration regulations and move Mr Zaoui from his nearly two years of penal detention, there has been no sign whatsoever this ...


11: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 10 Nov. 2004

1. Treaty of Waitangi—Conversation with the People 2. Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill (No 3)—Drug Classification 3. Health Policy—Specialist Assessments 4. Unemployment Benefit—Numbers 5. Home Help—Frail and Elderly 6. Civil Defence and Emergency Management, ...


12: Ernest Partridge: Do We Still Have A Democracy?

Was the 2004 Presidential election ''fixed''? The question is virtually absent in the mainstream, corporate media, as if it is at least ''impolite'' and at worst paranoid and delusional even to ask it..


13: Satellite Imagery Of Fallujah – Nov. 5th 2004

Two satellite images of Fallujah captured by Digital Globe on Friday Nov. 5th the eve of operation Phantom Fury. Click on the images below to see big versions or visit Digital Globe for the original image.


14: Aggressive War: Supreme International Crime

Associate United States Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunal. In his report to the State Department, Justice Jackson wrote: ''No political or economic situation can justify'' the crime of aggression.


15: Despotism Led To PM's Arrest Says Burmese Regime

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Human enslavement, crimes involving jade and pearls, plus bribery and military insubordination along the Burma-China border led to the arrest of Burma's prime minister along with other despots, the Burmese regime said.


16: Belarus Burma Burundi USA Journos Freedom Awards

CPJ to present press freedom awards to journalists from Belarus, Burma, Burundi and United States


17: David Swanson: Media Blacks Out Voting Problems

The ''mainstream'' media has fallen down on the job by failing to cover efforts since November 2 to ensure that all votes in the presidential election are accurately counted.


18: Sex, Race and Religion - an unstable cocktail?

Profiling on the basis of race and religion - a subtext in the Zaoui case, attacks on Jewish graves, the recent decision of the Presbyterian Church to discriminate against gays and de factos in leadership, and the shadowy emergence of the Destiny ...


19: Kerry Concedes A Majority Are Jackasses

Ship of Fools-- Former presidential candidate John Kerry, while magnanimous in his official concession speech, has since had time to reflect on his loss and has now taken a less concilliatory tone.


20: Insight: Biology Of A Meningococcal Vax Company

New Zealanders will be familiar with Chiron Corporation – It is the company overseeing our meningococcal B vaccine (MeNZB™) trials. They are also manufacturing the vaccine and selling it back to our government. Aside from the conflicts of interest inherent ...


21: Death of Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat was respected by Palestinians as a leader who symbolised their long search for statehood and independence, although he was regarded by many in the West as deeply flawed, Foreign Minister Phil Goff said today.


22: Changes to New Zealand's 'Silver' coins?

The Reserve Bank today announced details of proposals to modernise New Zealand's 'silver' coloured coins. The Reserve Bank emphasised that no decisions have been made, and is now seeking feedback from the public. The Bank expects to make final ...


23: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes

The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.


24: Teachers' Council CEO's Exit Must Be Explained

ACT New Zealand Education Spokesman Deborah Coddington today called on Education Minister Trevor Mallard to explain why the Teachers' Council is advertising for yet another chief executive - its fourth in just over a year.


25: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 9 Nov. 2004

1. Legal Services Agency—Youth Law 2. Schools—Parental Funding 3. Privacy—Voyeuristic Photography 4. Somalian Refugee—Inquiry 5. Prisoners—Compensation 6. Foreshore and Seabed Bill—United Nations 7. Taxation—Average Households 8. Trade—Dispute Resolution ...


26: AUS Tertiary Update

University to refund overcharged fees The University of Auckland is to refund more than $100,000 to students following an investigation by the Commerce Commission. The eighteen affected students will receive a total of $102,354.48 in overcharged ...


27: Images: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition At Te Papa

In anticipation of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the central instalment in writer/director/producer Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece, Te Papa proudly announces a world exclusive and a bold ...


28: PM's Address: Memorial Service for Unknown Warrior

We are here today to honour a warrior who has lain for close to 90 years in foreign soil, and who has now been called back to serve his country once more.


29: Jim Shultz: After Election 2004 - What Now?

If you happen to be quite pleased with the results of last week's US Presidential elections, you might just want to hit the delete button and skip this issue. If you woke up last Wednesday morning feeling like you had been run over by a truck, you ...


30: 260,000 Displaced Liberians To Their Homes

The first batch of 500 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and spontaneous returnees in Liberia have began their journey home, kicking off a six-month United Nations drive to settle more than 260,000 people uprooted by a decade and a half of civil ...



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