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East Timor - Scott Watson Trial - Kirsty Bentley - Ansett Lock Out - Fashion Through The Ages

EAST TIMOR: The polls close in two hours in East Timor. In the early hours they were queuing up to vote. By 10am 50% of registered voters had voted. At the weekend conflicting parties promised not to carry weapons on polling day. Reporters see one fatal beating however. Hundred cast votes in Sydney too. East Timor will have to wait a week for the result.

EAST TIMOR: BBC Reporter live from East Timor: The UN is reporting isolated cases of militia activity in parts. Overall the UN is saying cautiously - so far so good. Q: Will the pro-Indonesian support collapse? A: There is a hope that if there is a big turnout and the people defy the intimidation and a big vote in favour of independence then that may whip the carpet out from under the militias.

SCOTT WATSON TRIAL: Defence opens in Scott Watson double murder trial. Jury urged not to seek revenge in the murder. The Defence says that evidence has already been given that shows that Scott Watson could not possibly be guilty. The most poignant moment, Mike Antunovich said, was when Olivia Hope's sister gave evidence. However the jury, he said, must put aside any desire for revenge. They must also put aside feeling of contempt for the accused. Antunovich said that Ben and Olivia could not have possibly been on Scott Watson's boat. Mike Antunovich said the defence case would conclude this coming Wednesday. Today nine witnesses have given evidence for the defence.

KIRSTY BENTLEY: New witness has refocused the hunt for the killer of Kirsty Bentley. The witness is a mechanic who saw a green Commer van on New Years eve. Police say the witnesses statement strengthens the case. Police want the owner of a van booked by Jenny Weston on a passage on the Cook Strait ferry that did not arrive.

ANSETT LOCK OUT: Ansett New Zealand is threatening to lock out its pilots after September 16th.

FASHION THROUGH THE AGES: A 100-year-old woman started a modeling career today. Gladice says she has never used much makeup. Fashion Quarterly says that the make-up artists are delighted to be working on the shoot. Every age is to be represented in the week long shoot.

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