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TIMOR TODAY 19/10/99

TIMOR TODAY 19/10/99

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a) Neighborhood residents in Jakarta erect a barbed wire barricade across their street to protect themselves from the violent clashes that have been a frequent occurance. Security forces and residents of the capital city have been preparing for possible violence which could erupt as the Presidential election takes place on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ed Wray)


1) Indonesia To Vote on East Timor 19/10/99 (AP) JAKARTA, Indonesia - Lawmakers vote this week for a new president and whether to accept East Timor’s overwhelming vote for independence - key steps in Indonesia’s difficult transition to democracy.

2) Interfet Move Into Timor Oecussi Enclave Planned 19/10/99 (AP) DILI, East Timor - International peacekeepers said today they plan to move into the last unsecured part of East Timor - a small, isolated enclave where human rights abuses have been reported. The peacekeepers will be moving into the Oecussi enclave to provide security there, said Col. Mark Kelly, chief of staff of the Australian-led multinational force.

3) Xanana Gusmao delays return to devastated home 19/10/99 (Reuters) DARWIN, Australia - Xanana Gusmao, the man most likely to lead an independent East Timor, said on Monday he had delayed returning to his devastated homeland because fellow resistance leaders would not be granted visas by Indonesia.

4) East Timor ‘Ghost Town’ Raises Disturbing Questions 19/10/99 (IPS) SAME, East Timor - An eerie silence engulfed this town, 110 km south of East Timor’s capital Dili, as the first international aid convoy made its way here after journeying seven hours through a tortuous mountain trail.

5) East Timor leader won’t share power with militia 19/10/99 (AP) DILI, East Timor - East Timor’s top independence leader on Monday rejected sharing power with the militiamen who devastated the territory after it voted to break away from Indonesia.

6) General Wiranto spurns Habibie ticket 19/10/99 (Reuters) JAKARTA, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Indonesian President B.J. Habibie’s reelection bid suffered a new blow on Monday when his armed forces chief refused to be his running mate, starving Habibie of vital votes two days before the presidential election.

7) Bishop Belo rejects plan to replace Australian with Malaysian Interfet leadership. 19/10/99 (Jakarta Post) JAKARTA - Dili Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo rejected on Sunday a plan to replace Australia’s leadership in the UN-mandated International Force in East Timor (Interfet) with Malaysia, considering the neighboring country’s poor human rights record and its close ties with Indonesia, Antara reported on Monday.

8) "It’s fashionable, and convenient, to blame Australia" 19/10/99 (The Age) Canberra deserves praise for its move to stop the killings. Even so, anti-Australian sentiment in Indonesia is growing. We can iden-tify three different groups in this anti-Australian campaign.

9) Indon to resettle 32,000 E. Timorese families in other regions 19/10/99 (AFP) JAKARTA - Indonesian authorities will resettle 32,000 families of refugees who fled East Timor following the pro-independence ballot there, to other regions inside the country, a report said Monday.

10) UNHCR wants TNI’s help in West Timor 19/10/99 (Kompas) Efforts currently underway by the UNHCR to repatriate East Timorese refugees now in West Timor can only be speeded up it they are done overland. This can only be achieved with the assistance of the Indonesian armed forces, the TNI, to ensure their security on the way to the border.Ships pressed into service to aid

11) Timor refugee return 19/10/99 (AFP) DILI - Two ships carrying 3,100 refugees will leave Kupang this week as the repatriation of East Timorese who fled, or were pushed across the border to West Timor, accelerates, the UNHCR said Monday.

12) Signs of a massacre 19/10/99 (Straits Times) According to eyewitness reports, the pastor of the Roman Catholic parish, Padre Hilario Madeira, was shot in cold blood on the steps of the church, following a confrontation with an Indonesian Army officer assigned to Koramil, the local army sub-district.


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