Cablegate: Request for Significant Public Benefit Parole

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E.O. 12958: N/A

B. KUWAIT 2781

1. Name: Rehaief, Hussein Oda (as written in English in
passport: Hoseen A Rehaif)

2. DPOB: 16 August 1974; Basra, Iraq (per passport)

3. Justification: Mr. Hussein Rehaief is the brother of
Mohammed Rehaief, who rendered invaluable assistance to the
United States Government during Operation Iraqi Freedom by
assisting in the rescue of POW PFC Jessica Lynch. Mohammed
and his wife and daughter were paroled into the United States
on April 10, 2003. On or about April 30, men presumed to be
members of the Baath Party came to the Rehaief family home
and threatened remaining family members with bodily harm for
the assistance Mohammed had provided to U.S. forces in the
rescue of PFC Lynch. In the Iraqi cultural context the
threats were directed specifically towards the male members
of the Rehaief family. According to U.S. Air Force Special
Agent Paul Gaubatz "the home which belonged to the (Rehaeif)
family was attacked during the night of 9 June 03 with
grenades and subsequently caught fire and (was) destroyed.
Information obtained indicates it was directly due to their
assistance to the U.S. government and U.S. armed forces. It
appears Baath Party and/or Fedayeen are attempting to locate
the family."

This threat to the Rehaief family has now come to focus on
Hussein Rehaief, who has been residing in Amman, Jordan for
the past 11 months. (Had Hussein been in Iraq at the time
his brother and extended family were removed by U.S. forces,
he certainly would have been removed as well.) According to
statements made to the Consul and RSO, Hussein Rehaief has
been threatened twice by persons claiming to seek revenge for
his family,s support for the US in Iraq; on one occasion, he
says he was surrounded by a group of eight Iraqi men and
struck in the back with a knife (we have seen the healing
wound). Based on past incidents where Iraqi agents or
sympathizers have demonstrated an ability to act in Jordan,
Mission believes that Hussein Rehaief is an attractive target
for Saddam supporters who would welcome the chance to hit
back at a publicly-known supporter of the U.S. Further,
Mission has been informed that a major U.S. news network is
planning a lengthy report on Mohammed Rehaief,s efforts
vis-a-vis PFC Lynch, and that a book is to come out this
autumn as well. Both of these events will heighten the
profile of Mr. Rehaief in Amman, increasing his value as a
target for Iraqi oppositionists. In post,s view, there is a
near certainty that Hussein Rehaief will be in "imminent
danger" within the coming two months; after considering all
factors, we believe it is preferable to grant him SPB Parole
now, before he faces even greater risk of harm and further
attack. We note as the humanitarian benefit of reuniting
Hussein Rehaief, unmarried and unable to work in Jordan, with
the majority of his extended family now residing in the U.S.

We note further that refugee processing is not presently
available to Mr. Rehaief as an alternate means to rejoin his
family and escape danger. When Mr. Rehaief registered with
the Amman UNHCR office this summer, he was granted "temporary
protection" only, as UNHCR has stopped interviewing Iraqis as
refugees pending further evaluation of the political
situation in Iraq. Further, post,s refugee processing unit
confirms that DHS is not presently interviewing Iraqi
refugees who have already been forwarded to us by UNHCR -- we
have a backlog of over 170 Iraqi persons who have been
waiting DHS adjudication since late last year.

Mission urges Washington agencies to concur with granting
Special Public Benefit Parole to Hussein Rehaief.

4. Addresses: Mr. Rehaief presently resides in a
residential district of Amman, Jordan. His father, brother
and extended family members are, to the best of his
knowledge, residing in Washington, D.C.

5. Namecheck: Post has conducted a CLASS namecheck on Mr.
Rehaief. No hits were returned.

6. Means of support: Mr. Rehaief,s extended family in the
U.S. would provide financial support to him upon arrival
(they are currently sending him money in Amman). The
Livingston Group, which financially assisted his family
members upon their arrival in the U.S., may also provide
support for Hussein Rehaief.

7. Office supporting request: The Ambassador,s Office and
Regional Security Office fully supports this SPB Parole

8. Date of travel and itinerary: Mr. Rehaief would depart
Amman as soon as SPB Parole is granted. The most direct
route would be via the Royal Jordanian non-stop flight to New
York, which would preclude Mr. Rehaief having to deal with
immigration officials at intermediate stops.
9. Accompanying family members: none
10. Certification by the Chief of Mission:

"I, Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm, U.S. Embassy Amman, U.S.
Department of State, attest to the Deputy Assistant Secretary
of State for Visa Services and the INS Office of
International Affairs, Parole Unit, that:

-- i. The justification and information pertinent to the
parole request are accurate and complete, insofar as
information is available to this post.

-- ii. Namechecks have been completed in the CLASS database
on the person named in the request and, as appropriate,
information obtained from foreign law enforcement agencies.

-- iii. All database findings on the person named above,
including copies of computer screens and other related
materials have been identified and forwarded to the INS
Office of International Affairs, PHAB, fax 202/514-0542.

-- iv. The following is a complete list of all Department
offices and USG agencies known or thought by post to have an
interest in this request: Department of Defense; Bureau Near
Eastern Affairs, Department of State; Bureau of Consular
Affairs, Department of State; Bureau of Population, Refugees
and Migration, Department of State.

(signed) Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm; 30 September 2003


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