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Extensive cooperation with Syria - Sabah
Turkey and Syria begin a new era - Turkiye
Kerry `smart,' Bush `determined' - Milliyet
Nader is Bush's `Trojan Horse' - Aksam
Israel seeks alternate route for security wall - Aksam
Greek Cypriots threaten to veto EU aid for `TRNC' - Milliyet
Bloody day in Chechnya: 43 dead - Milliyet

Ankara's close friendship with Damascus - Radikal
Damascus happy with Turkey for `excluding' Israel - Zaman
Rice: Presidential elections won't be postponed - Radikal
Fukuyama won't vote for Bush - Zaman
CIA looking for a director - Cumhuriyet
Armitage the strongest candidate for CIA - Yeni Safak
Poland a new `missile shield' for US - Cumhuriyet
Turkey to train Iraqi police in Jordan - Yeni Safak
Iranian youth challenge the mullahs - Cumhuriyet
Caspian oil will save Chechnya - Yeni Safak


Syrian PM visits Ankara: Visiting Syrian PM Mohamad Naci al-
Otri, speaking at a joint press conference with Turkish PM
Erdogan on Tuesday, called for a lasting and fair peace in
the Middle East. Al-Otri lashed out at Israel for not
abiding by UN resolutions, and for using excessive force and
terror against unarmed Palestinians. The Syrian PM added
that the Israeli security fence would cause further
instability in the region. He blamed Tel Aviv for
deliberately stalling the Middle East peace process. On
Tuesday, Al-Otri and Erdogan discussed energy, natural gas
and joint investments in agriculture. They agreed to
increase bilateral trade to $2 billion annually by 2005.
Syria will reduce the extent of its territorial waters from
35 miles to 12, and four new air corridors will be opened
between Turkey and Syria. Syria will open a consulate
general in the southeast Turkish province of Gaziantep in an
effort to facilitate visa procedures for tourists,
businessmen and truck drivers. The establishment of a
Turkish-Syrian joint investment bank was also discussed.
The sides are expected to sign a free trade agreement during
PM Erdogan's visit to Syria later this year.

Israeli Deputy PM in Ankara: Israeli Deputy PM Ehud Olmert
arrived in Ankara late Tuesday night. Having been denied a
meeting with PM Erdogan, Olmert is expected to convey PM
Sharon's message urging Ankara to tone down its criticism of
Israeli policies to President Sezer and FM Gul. Following
his meeting in Ankara, Olmert will chair the Turkey-Israel
Joint Economic Committee meeting, and will meet with Energy
Minister Hilmi Guler on Thursday. Observers expect the two
sides to discuss the strain in bilateral relations at a
dinner hosted by FM Gul in honor of Olmert this evening.
Ankara will urge Israel to abandon violent tactics against
Palestinian civilians, and will voice its concern over the
Israeli security wall. Ankara is also expected to ask
Israel about recent reports claiming covert Israeli
intelligence operations in support of the Kurds in northern

Turkey-Iran security meeting: Turkey and Iran reached
agreement on the text of a memorandum of understanding on
security cooperation at the tenth meeting of the bilateral
high security committee meeting in Ankara on Tuesday. The
MOU will be signed during PM Erdogan's visit to Tehran later
this month. The Iranians denied recent press reports
claiming that clashes had taken place between Iranian
security forces and PKK militants. Ali Ashgar Ahmedi, head
of the Iranian delegation, said that Iranian soldiers had
been involved in skirmishes with smugglers, not with members
of the PKK.

Opposition CHP lawmakers join AKP: Two lawmakers who
resigned from the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP)
last week joined the AK Party on Tuesday. Both lawmakers
left the CHP following the extraordinary party congress held
last weekend, at which chairman Deniz Baykal one a vote of
confidence. The transfers increased the number of AK Party
parliamentarians to 369, just above the two-thirds majority
needed to pass constitutional changes. The current
distribution of seats in the parliament is as follows: AKP
369, CHP 171, DYP 4, Independent 6.

NATO and Global Security; ICJ Ruling on Israel security wall

"Trans-Atlantic Tension"
Kamuran Ozbir commented in the nationalist Ortadogu (7/14):
"It is easy to see President Bush's contribution to the
tension in trans-Atlantic relations. Bush's decision to
oppose the Kyoto Agreement and withdraw from the anti-
ballistic missile agreement, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's
irritating comments about `old Europe,' and the US
determination to occupy Iraq without international support
are good examples of this contribution. In each case,
President Bush announced his own goals without taking into
consideration the views of others. However, it is also
worth mentioning Europe's contribution to this tension.
Particularly in light of the EU and NATO summits. The
Europeans, led by the French, rejected Bush's sensible
proposals that were to the benefit of both Europe and the
US. It seems that the French rejection of Turkey clashes
with statements by Europeans who criticize President Bush's
doctrine in the Middle East. Most European leaders do not
believe that the new government in Iraq, which was installed
by force, will lead to a domino effect of democratization in
the region. But if the stick doesn't work to democratize
the Muslim world, then the carrot will be the only

"Break Down This Wall"
Zafer Atay wrote in the economic-political Dunya (7/14):
"Decisions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) are,
in reality, more like recommendations than legally binding
obligations. They have more moral authority rather than
legal force. Of course, Israel will not obey this decision.
The `wall of shame,' of which 200 kilometers have already
been constructed, will be completed in 2005. Israel will
spend $4 billion on this wall. ... The ICJ presented the UN
Security Council with a request that construction of the
wall be halted, and that the section already constructed be
demolished. UN Security Council decisions are binding.
Those who do not obey these rules are subject to sanction.
The punishment could come in the form of an embargo or even
a military intervention. However, Israel is not concerned
about these binding rules, because they know that the power
of the US is on its side. The US has saved Israel many
times by using its UNSC veto. Instead of solving
disagreements through dialogue, Israel tries to cover itself
by creating security paranoia. They are now building a wall
on the West Bank and digging ditches along the Egyptian
border.If Israel does not find these precautions adequate,
what is next: nuclear or biological attacks?"


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