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High Military Council Meetings Conclude - Hurriyet
Turkey Launches A New Attack for EU Entry -Hurriyet
British Intelligence Reveals Al-Qaida Plans to Attack
Heathrow Airport - Milliyet
Greece Accuses Turkey of Airspace Violations - Milliyet
PKK Builds a Monument for Its Militant - Sabah
Released Turkish Drivers Returned from Iraq - Turkiye
Turkey Continues Trade with Iraq - Turkiye


General Buyukanit is the New Land Forces Commander - Radikal
Released Turkish Drivers Urge All the Drivers Not to Go to
Iraq - Radikal
New Threats against Drivers Cooperating with the Coalition
Forces in Iraq- Cumhuriyet
PM Objects to the Expulsion of Fundamentalist Officers -
Turkish Government in Search of Security Measures for
Turkish Drivers in Iraq - Cumhuriyet
Oil Prices Threatens the Global Economy - Zaman
DYP Chairman Agar Urges Turkish Military to Protect Turkish
Drivers in Iraq - Zaman
Strong Support from Belgium for Turkey's EU Membership -
No Surprises at the High Military Council Decisions - Yeni


High Military Council Decisions: Today's papers give
details about the High Military Council Decisions.
"Hurriyet" reports that Brig.Gen. Mehmet Kaya Varol, who had
gathered intelligence about separatist and subversive
persons and institutions giving support to the EU and the
US, has been retired. The General had asked local officials
to gather information about artists, high society groups,
satanists, Masons, minorities, and Internet groups. All
papers report that General Buyukanit, who was appointed Land
Forces commander, will become the new Chief of General Staff
in 2006, after the retirement of General Ozkok.
"Cumhuriyet" notes that Gen. Sadik Ercan, who was head of
the Special Forces during the detention scandal of Turkish
officers in Northern Iraq last year, also will be retired.
"Cumhuriyet" reports that 12 officers have been expelled
from the military for being involved in fundamentalist
activities, and PM Erdogan and Defense Minister Gonul
registered their objections to this decision.

Turkey's Lobbying for the EU: "Hurriyet" reports that
Turkey will launch a big attack in the autumn in support of
its EU accession bid. In October 4-5, foreign ministers of
25 EU countries and 57 OIC countries will meet in Istanbul.
This meeting is very important because it will be held right
before the release of the EU Commission's enlargement report
on October 6. On October 18-20, the Greens in the European
Parliament will hold a general assembly meeting in Istanbul.
"Hurriyet" notes that the autumn attack will concentrate on
countries like France and Austria that have reservations
about Turkey's EU accession. Universities, the business
world, NGOs and politicians will support this attack. On
October 20, PM Erdogan will go to France to deliver a speech
at the French Institute for International Relations and urge
the French public to support Turkey's EU entry.

Greek Allegations of Airspace Violations: "Milliyet"
reports that the Greek General Staff released a statement
saying that on Wednesday Turkish warplanes penetrated Greek
air space. Greek anti-aircraft missile systems locked on
the Turkish planes and four Greek jets forced the Turkish
jets to leave Greek airspace. Athens added that yesterday
12 Turkish F-16 jets had violated Greek airspace seven

Turkish Drivers in Iraq: "Cumhuriyet" reports that 33 Turks
died in Iraq in the first seven months of 2004. Eleven of
them were shot down, and the other 22 died in traffic
accidents, work accidents or as a result of health problems.
"Cumhuriyet" and "Vatan" report that Osman Alisan,
theTurkish driver killed in Iraq, reportedly died because he
was not able to recite verses from Koran. Two released
Turkish drivers urged the rest of the drivers not to go to


"The Reality About Sudan"
Sami Kohen wrote in the mass appeal Milliyet (8/6): "The
Sudan case brings some facts to light. It seems the
conflicts related to race and religious differences are hard
to control in Africa or anywhere else where the tribal state
system remains. In such countries the powerful side does
whatever it wants and the oppressed side remains helpless.
The outside world is also helpless because it fails to cope
with this kind of situation. The UN only has power to issue
a resolution, as we saw in the Sudan case, yet no strength
to have it implemented. The issue of intervention, i.e.,
sending international troops to the conflict-ridden area
remains controversial. In the Sudan case, the international
organizations which are supposed to pay attention (such as
the African Union or the Organization of Islamic Conference)
are just watching. ... The debates in the United Nations
about helping Sudan give no hope. Members of the UN act on
their interests first rather than focusing on human despair.
Russia sells arms to Sudan. China has trade relations with
Sudan. The US, UK and France emphasize the strategic
location of Sudan as well as oil resources. The whole "my-
interests-first" scenario in the UN overshadows humanitarian
aid, which unfortunately constitutes the reality about

"The Difference of Kerry"
Erdal Guven opined in the liberal-intellectual Radikal
(8/6): "Whoever becomes the new president of the United
States will have to cope with anti-Americanism on a global
scale. In this matter, Kerry seems to have more chance for
success than Bush. It remains to be seen to what extent he
will be successful, although no breakthrough should ever be
expected from him. In fact, turning such a `chance' into a
`reality' is tied to the US policy for Iraq. We all know
Kerry already expressed support for the US commitments in
Iraq. Yet he also added that he would do his best to
include all allies of the US in this commitment. At this
point we don't know how he plans to achieve that. ... From
Iraq to Kyoto, American policy is shaped by the
consideration of national interests. Unless US national
interests are redefined under a new strategy concept, the
difference of Kerry as opposed to Bush will remain only on
the tactical basis."


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