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US troops target Fallujah - Hurriyet 11/7
Americans call on civilians to evacuate Fallujah - Sabah
Bloody day in Samarra: 37 killed - Aksam 11/7
Israel prepares Gaza for Arafat burial - Aksam
Macedonia anger in Thessaloniki - Milliyet
Greek Cypriots want Turkey vetoed at EU summit - Milliyet
Greek daily: US will recognize `TRNC' - Sabah
Bush `trauma': Democrat, 25, commits suicide - Hurriyet
Americans flee Bush for New Zealand, Australia, Canada -
Aksam 11/7
Thousands of Americans flee Bush - Milliyet 11/7

34 policemen killed in Iraq, government declares emergency
rule - Zaman
Iraq declares emergency rule - Cumhuriyet
Violence on rise in Iraq - Radikal 11/7
Half of Greek Cypriots oppose EU entry talks with Turkey -
Angry at Bush, Democrat youth commits suicide - Cumhuriyet
Arafat's situation ambiguous - Yeni Safak
Arafat's situation neither good, nor bad - Cumhuriyet 11/7
300 Palestinian children in detention - Cumhuriyet
Yerevan softens tone on `genocide' - Zaman 11/7


Ambassador Schnabel on US/Turkey, EU: US Ambassador to the
EU, Rockwell Schnabel, said in an exclusive with the Turkish
daily "Zaman" prior to his visit to Ankara on November 9
that the Bush Administration has changed its tactic in
supporting Turkey's EU drive. `Membership is an internal
issue of the EU, so at this point we are pursuing quieter
policy in support of Turkey's goal,' Schnabel said.
Turkey's prospective EU membership will bring about a `win-
win' situation, Schanbel noted, dismissing charges that the
US aims to `dilute' the EU by pushing Turkey inside the
European bloc. Ambassador Schnabel said the US prefers a
stronger Europe. `We share the same values as Europe, but
we sometimes express ourselves differently,' he emphasized.
Europe's old and outdated economic elements will be
revitalized by the competition Turkey's membership will
bring, Schnabel stressed. President Bush's second term in
office will bring steps forward in an effort to put our
relations with Europe on track, he added. Schnabel also
pointed to the significant role Turkey is expected to play
in the Greater Middle East (GME) initiative. Schnabel
denied claims about US intentions to control the Middle East
through the GME project, saying the US wanted to help
transparent and democratic regimes to emerge in the region.

Greek Cypriots oppose Turkey's EU drive: A majority of
Greek Cypriots want Nicosia to veto the opening of accession
talks between Turkey and the European Union, according to a
poll published on Sunday. 52 percent of Greek Cypriots
said they want Nicosia to exercise its veto right, while
just 15 percent disagreed. Greek Cypriot opposition to
accession talks with Turkey has increased since a similar
poll in July, according to the survey released by the
Cypriot daily "Politis." At that time, 45 percent of Greek
Cypriots said they would support any decision by President
Papadopoulos to veto the start of Turkish entry talks.
Papadopoulos has set a series of conditions, including
diplomatic recognition by Ankara, before the EU grants
Turkey a date for membership negotiations.
Nicosia concerned by possible US recognition of `TRNC':
Greek Cypriots are worried that the US, following its
decision to recognize the name Macedonia, will recognize the
breakaway Turkish statelet in north Cyprus, weekend papers
report. Greek Cypriot papers also claim that American
Airlines (AA) and Turkish Airlines (THY) have signed an
agreement to begin international flights to Ercan Airport in
the north.

Yerevan changes foreign policy priorities: For the first
time, the Armenian government said in its 2005 budget
proposal discussed at the parliament that Yerevan gives
priority to the improvement of relations with Turkey. In
its 2005 budget discussions, the Armenian government has not
asked for allocation of funds for propagating Armenian
charges of `genocide' carried out by Turks in 1915.
Yerevan also said it aimed to continue cooperation with
international organizations set up in the region in the post-
Soviet era, and to `integrate' with Russia, the US, and the
EU. The Azerbaijani press portrayed the decision by the
Armenian government as an `historic' step. Ankara welcomed
the opening by Yerevan with `cautious optimism,' according
to high-level Turkish sources. Armenia should also end its
occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh, and officially renounce its
territorial claims on Turkey, sources told "Hurriyet."
Turkish and Armenian diplomats are to meet in Istanbul next

Syrian FM due in Turkey: Syrian FM Faruk al-Sara will be in
Ankara Monday for a two-day working visit. Sara will meet
with Foreign Minister Gul and President Sezer to discuss the
upcoming conference of Iraq's neighbors to be held in Egypt
in late November. The two sides will also discuss the
Middle East peace process and other regional issues.

Turkish truckers killed in Iraq: A Turkish truck driver
transporting goods for US soldiers stationed around Baghdad
was found Sunday shot dead in Samarra, north of the Iraqi
capital. Another Turk was killed Saturday when his fuel
truck convoy was attacked near Mosul.


"The Second Bush Era"
Gazanfer Gur wrote in the mass appeal-sensational "Posta"
(11/8): "The reelection of George Bush resulted in
disappointment and concern around the world. The worry
apparently stems from the prospects for the future of world
peace. I do not agree with the prevailing view. Given the
current chaos in the Middle East and Iraq, I believe it is
in everyone's interest to see the continuation of the
current administration in Washington. This time, I hope
that President Bush will be able to revise his policies and
enter into more international cooperation. This would pave
the way for establishing lasting peace and stability in this

"Four More Years"
Asli Aydintasbas wrote in the mass appeal "Sabah" (11/8):
"The second Bush administration is taking shape, but there
is still no clarity on Washington's Iran and Iraq policies.
Speculation about `a new era in Iraq' has started
circulating following the resignation of Bush's top Iraq
policy adviser, Robert Blackwill. The US experienced an
incredible failure in Iraq during Blackwill's leadership.
The current situation in Iraq, the impending attack on
Fallujah, and the US efforts to promote Allawi reflect the
continuation of the former unsuccessful policy line. . If
there is a delay in the Iraqi elections, or if US tries to
cheat in favor of Allawi, a civil war will become inevitable
in Iraq. In that case, the independence movement of the
Iraqi Kurds will accelerate and will undoubtedly create a
problem for Turkey."

"At the Current Stage"
The social democrat/intellectual "Cumhuriyet" carried this
op-ed on 11/8: "The Americans felt insecure and terrified
for the first time by the events of September 11, when the
radical Islamic terrorist organization attacked them
unexpectedly at home. Yet the fact of the matter is that it
was the US itself which helped to develop radical Islam.
Dr. Frankenstein created its monster as security against the
Soviet Union in Asia. After the Soviet era came to an end,
Frankenstein's monster posed a threat to American interests
in the Islamic world. The neo-cons benefited from this
change and appeared on the scene. The common interests
connecting American politics with the long-term strategies
of the oil and weapons' industries managed to affect
attitude of the American people at the ballot box as well."


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