Cablegate: Congo/Brazzaville: Delivery of Demarches

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.



DEPT for AF/C (MAshraf)

E.O.12958: N/A

REFTELS: (A) STATE 178316; (B) STATE 180336; (C) STATE
199861; (D) STATE 195286; (E) STATE 180474; (F) STATE
179062; (G) STATE 199724; (H) STATE; 189518; REF (I)
STATE 170909; (J) STATE 192656; (K) STATE 190748; (L)
STATE 199212; (M) STATE 169212; (N) STATE 172703; (O)
STATE 189729; (P) STATE 187700

1. The following demarches were delivered between
October 7 and November 4.

2. 60TH UNFC: Support of UNGA First Committee
Resolution (REF A): Econ/Cons Officer Bakken delivered
talking points and resolution text to Mr. Felix Ngoma,
Americas Desk Officer for the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs (MFA) on October 7. Ngoma indicated that the
information would be forwarded to the appropriate host-
government officials and to the New York delegation.

3. WTO/DOHA Talking Points (REF B): Econ/Cons Officer
delivered talking points as non-paper to Mr. Ngoma on
October 7. On November 4, newly-arrived CDA
Biedlingmaier and Econ/Cons Officer delivered the non-
papers provided, REFS (C) and (D), to Mr. Ngoma.
He indicated that an MFA point of contact would be
provided to the embassy if further discussion or
clarification were required.

4. WTO Agriculture Negotiations and Geographical
Indications (REF E): Econ/Cons Officer delivered
talking points as a non-paper to Mr. Ngoma on October 7.

(COMMENT: Post is not aware of any local food
products/labeling which might conflict with the European
Geographical Indications (GIs). Local food production
is limited primarily to the cultivation of subsistence
agricultural products and livestock rearing. Since most
specialty food items are imported from Europe or South
Africa, there is a slight possibility that changes in
GIs might affect some consumers, but little or no impact
would be anticipated for local producers. Despite
repeated overtures from embassy officers, ROC officials
have yet to engage on this issue. END COMMENT)

5. ICJ Elections (REFs F, G): On October 10, acting
CDA Rutherford delivered talking points and a
diplomatic note concerning the upcoming ICJ elections
to Ambassador Guillond, MFA Chief of Protocol.
Guillond said that he would pass this message to the
delegation and stated that the ROC intended to support
the U.S. position to re-elect Judge Buergenthal.

6. Gutierrez Letter on UNESCO Cultural Diversity
Convention (REF H): On October 13, the letter was
delivered to Foreign Minister Rodolphe Adada by acting
CDA Rutherford. Talking points from REF (I) were also
presented at this meeting. While interested in the
topic, the Minister did not indicate whether ROC would
be prepared to actively engage on this issue.

7. UNESCO Cultural Diversity Vote (REF J): The
diplomatic note was delivered to the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs on October 19.

8. U.S. Position on EU WTO Agricultural Proposal (REF
K): Talking points delivered as non-papers to MFA,
Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture on
October 21.

9. Promoting Ratification of the Cape Town Convention
(REF L): On November 4, CDA and Econ/Cons Officer
delivered the non-paper and fact sheet to Mr. Ngoma,
who indicated that a point of contact would be provided
to the embassy at a later date for follow-up action.

10. Terrorism Finance (REFs M, N, O and P): On November
4, CDA and Econ/Cons Officer provided non-papers to Mr.
Ngoma. In addition, post reiterated our request for a
response regarding any steps that the host government
takes using this information.

11. Please be advised that the Embassy Brazzaville TDY
Office currently has no access to IVG, OpenNet or GAL e-
mail. Embassy staff may be contacted via the following
personal e-mail accounts or cell phone numbers:

CDA Mark Biedlingmaier,
celtel: (242) 526-3562
ECON/CONS Chelsea Bakken,
celtel: (242) 528-7963
TDY MGT Susan Selbin,
celtel: (242) 525-7387

12. Brazzaville Embassy Office - Biedlingmaier.


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