Cablegate: Mx 2009-496, Odc Leahy Vetting Request


DE RUEHME #3086/01 3002147
P 272147Z OCT 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Action request. Post requests a response within 12 business
days (November 13, 2009) WHA/MEX guidelines for this Leahy vetting
request from ODC on Seminario De Inteligencia No.2 in San Luis de
Carpizo, Campeche, Mexico, beginning January 23, 2010.

2. Post possesses no credible evidence of gross violations of human
rights by the individuals listed below and requests that the
department conduct Leahy vetting checks.

3. Name (Father, Mother, First), DOB, Gender, National
Identification Number, POB, Position, Organization.

Acevedo, Rodriguez, Emanuel, 1-Jan-1990, M, ACRE900101HMCCDM08,
Estado de Mexico, Mexico, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Arellano, Rivadeneira, Hugo Alejandro, 14-Aug-1982, M,
AERH820814HDFRVG04, Mexico, D.F., Teniente de Fragata, Mex-Navy

Arroyo, Gomez, Erick, 1-Sep-1984, M, AOGE840901HGRRMR09, Atoyac de
Alvarez, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Avalos, Espinoza, Jose Antonio, 12-Aug-1968, M, AAEA680812HTCVSN09,
Frontera, Tabasco, 3er. Mtre, Mex-Navy

Avila, Ramos, Roberto Carlos, 2-Jan-1971, M, AIRR710102HOCVMB10, San
Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Teniente de Navio, Mex-Navy

Avila, Rosas, Adolfo, 27-Sep-1985, M, AIRA850927HGRVSD06, Tecpan de
Galeana, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Barrera, Salas, Ivan, 27-Jan-1984, M, BASI840127HGRRLV04, Acapulco,
Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Bautista, Garcia, Ivan, 17-Mar-1980, M, BAGI800317HOCTRV07, Oaxaca,
Oaxaca, Teniente de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Bellot, Rosas, Christian Alan, 7-Jul-1987, M, BERC870707HSRLSH04,
Guaymas, Sonora, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Cabada, Frias, Jesus Alberto, 7-Aug-1982, M, CAFJ820807HSLBR501,
Chametla del Rosario, Sinaloa, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Cabello, Mendoza, Rogelio, 27-Dec-1983, M, CAMR831227HGRBNG03, La
Dicha, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Castellanos, Vazquez, Bruno, 14-Jun-1987, M, CAVB870614HCSSZR05,
Tapachula, Chiapas, Mro.SAIN.OFTA, Mex-Navy

Celiz, Cortes, Victor Manuel, 8-Dec-1985, M, CECV851208HNTLRC01, San
Blas, Nayarit, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Chavez, Caderecha, Eliodoro, 17-Feb-1976, M, CALE760217HCHHDL09,
Chihuahua, Chihuahua, 3er. Mtre, Mex-Navy

Chulin, Varguez, Alejandro Isaias, 6-Jul-1982, M,
CUVA820706HQRHRL03, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Teniente
de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Cruz, Castro, Arturo, 16-Dec-1987, M, CUCA871216HGRRSR08, Plazuela,
Guerrero, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Cruz, Hernandez, Javier, 26-Jun-1988, M, CUHJ880626HGRRRV18,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Cruz, Zamora, Jose Luis, 19-Feb-1969, M, CUZL690219HVZRMS01,
Altotonga, Veracruz, Capitan de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Curiel, Cardenas, Jesus, 28-Dec-1985, M, CUCJ851228HNTRRS01, Tepic,
Nayarit, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

De Asis, Lopez, Francisco, 1-Oct-1983, M, LOXF831004HOCPXR06,
Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Espino, Ramirez, Carlos, 16-Dec-1968, M, EIRC681216HPLSMR07, Puebla,
Puebla, Capitan de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Fimbres, Hernandez, Jesus Leonides, 18-Sep-1986, M,
FIHJ860918HSRMRS00, Empalme, Sonora, Mro. S.I.A. Electro, Mex-Navy

Fuentes, Gallegos, Raul, 25-Aug-1977, M, FUGR770825HOCNLL00, Salina
Cruz, Oaxaca, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Garcia, Vazquez, Rodrigo, 30-Jul-1985, M, GAVR850730HGRRZD07, Atoyac
de Alvarez, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Giron, Smith, Marco Antonio, 24-Oct-1985, M, GISM851024HSRRMR08,
Guaymas, Sonora, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Gloria, Bernabe, Javier, 25-Oct-1984, M, GOBJ841025HGRLRV06,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Gomez, Lopez, Freddy, 1-Apr-1988, M, GOLF880401HOCMPR06, Union
Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Gonzalez, Medina, Ricardo, 3-Apr-1986, M, GOMR860403HMNNDC03, Lazaro
Cardenas, Michoacan, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Gutierrez, Cruz, Jose Ines, 22-Dec-1981, M, GUCI811222HOCTRN02,
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Teniente de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Hernandez, Pino, Octavio Usiel, 10-Oct-1982, M, HEPO821010HGRRNC01,
Atoyac de Alvarez, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Hernandez, Ramirez, Misael, 10-Jul-1981, M, HERM810710HGRRMS05,
Tierra Colorda, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Hernandez, Ramos, Luis, 20-Aug-1979, M, HERL79820HGRRMS09, Ometepec,
Guerrero, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Hernandez, Rodriguez, Adrian, 5-Mar-1983, M, HERA830305HGRRDD02,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Librado, Santiago, Adan, 23-Jul-1984, M, LISA840723HGRBND02,
Xochitlahuaca, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Luna, Cervantes, Jorge Luis, 23-Apr-1976, M, LUCJ760423HSRNRR03,
Guaymas, Sonora, 3er. Mtre, Mex-Navy

Maldonado, Mercado, Sabino Guadalupe, 8-Jul-1987, M,
MAMS870708HSLLRB00, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Mata, Hernandez, Jose Luis, 26-Oct-1983, M, MAHL831026HGRTRS05,
Tecpan de Galeana, Guerrero, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Moedano, Miguel, Antonio Osvaldo, 27-Apr-1986, M,
MOMA860427HDFDGN05, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Mro. C.G. I.M.,

Ornelas, Aguiniga, Martin, 6-Oct-1962, M, OEAM621006HSLEGR03, Villa
Union, Sinaloa, Teniente de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Perez, Castillo, Luis Miguel, 31-May-1983, M, PECL830531HGRRSS03,
Atoyac de Alvarez, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Perez, Lopez, Hugo Heriberto, 2-Mar-1984, M, PELH840302HCSRPG02,
Cacahuacan, Chiapas, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Ponce, Espinoza, Martin Antonio, 31-Dec-1984, M, POEM841231HMNNSR03,
Uruapan, Michoacan, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Ramos, Neri, Cesar David, 26-Feb-1981, M, RANC810226HGRMRS02,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Renteria, Garcia, Miguel, 26-Apr-1978, M, REGM870426HNTRG00, Santa
Maria de Lora, Nayarit, 3er. Mtre, Mex-Navy

Reyes, Villegas, Raul, 2-Nov-1974, M, REVR741102HSLYLL08, Mazatlan,
Sinaloa, Mro. SAIN.OFTA, Mex-Navy

Sanchez, Tlapalamatl, Cesar, 18-Jul-1967, M, SATC870719HOCNLS08,
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Santana, Jara, Cesar Andres, 3-Nov-1987, M, SAJC871103HNTNRS00, San
Cayetano, Nayarit, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Santiago, Reyes, Gontran Sergio, 28-Mar-1969, M, SARG690328HOCNYN07,
Ejutla, Oaxaca, Capitan de Corbeta, Mex-Navy

Serrano, Galeana, Gregorio, 12-Mar-1969, M, SEGG690312HGRRLR08,
Zacualpan, Guerrero, 1er Mtre, Mex-Navy

Silva, Garcia, Pablo Everardo, 7-Sep-1980, M, SIGP780907HSRLRV05,
Villa Juarez, Sonora, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Solorio, Valdovinos, Miguel Angel, 8-Sep-1984, M,
SOVM840908HMNLLG01, Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Teniente de Corbeta,

Soto, Tino, Arnoldo, 14-Jul-1986, M, SOTA860714HCSTNR00, Tuxtla
Chico, Chiapas, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Suastegui, Cabanas, Nau, 25-Sep-1989, M, SUCN880825HGRSDX08,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Torres, Cuevas, Jose Gabriel, 31-Jan-1987, M, TOCG870131HMNRVB01,
Turicato, Michoacan, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Vazquez, Morales, Jehus, 12-Jun-1988, M, VAMJ880612HOCZRH01, Oaxaca,
Oaxaca, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Vega, Guzman, Everardo, 23-Jul-1982, M, VEGE820723HNTGLV01, Tepic,
Nayarit, Mro.C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy
Villa, Lopez, Jose Maria, 26-Jun-1986, M, VILM860626HMNLPR01, Lazaro
Cardenas, Michoacan, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Zacarias, Galaviz, Francisco, 18-Oct-1978, M, ZAHF781018HSLCLR02,
San Miguel Zapotit, Sinaloa, Mro. C.G. I.M., Mex-Navy

Zaragoza, Hernandez, Guillermo, 16-Jan-1975, M, ZAHG750116HSRRRL00,
Guaymas, Sonora, Cabo C.G.I.M., Mex-Navy

Zepeda, Bernal, Juan Antonio, 19-Aug-1983, M, ZEBJ830819HJCPRN01,
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Teniente de Corbeta, Mex-Navy


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