Cablegate: Se Turkey Security Incidents: October 26 - November 01,

DE RUEHDA #0066/01 3071153
R 031153Z NOV 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. The following security incidents for the period of October 26
- November 01, 2009, were compiled by the security assistant at
Consulate Adana from RSO sources, to include Turkish security
contacts, government officials and media. Similar reports have
been previously shared informally by e-mail. Post is now sending
this information in cable format to ensure wider and more
regular distribution. The RSO uses the information to determine
the security situation and trends of violence and crime
throughout Turkey. The RSO shares the information with the
country team and visas viper coordinator.

2. Military operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party
(PKK) as reported by the Turkish General Staff:

A. Weapons, ammunition, and equipment seized:

Siirt - 10.31.09: 1 G-3 infantry rifle, 3 rounds of RPG-7

Van - 10.31.09: 1 Kalashnikov rifle magazine and various

Hakkari - 10.24.09: 1 round of RPG-7 ammunition.

Sirnak - 10.24.09: 1 round of mortar ammunition.

B. PKK members captured or surrendered:

Kahramanmaras - 10.30.09: 1 PKK member surrendered.

10.26.09 through 11.01.09: Security forces captured 1 PKK member

October 2009: A total of 22 terrorists were captured: 3 dead, 6
alive and 13 surrendered.

C. PKK attacks:

Hakkari - 10.28.09: A hand-made IED was found and destroyed.

3. Media reports related to PKK and pro-Kurdish organizations:

A. Anti-PKK operations:

10.26.09 through 11.01.09: Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) anti-PKK
operations in SE Turkey continue. Many armored vehicles,
military personnel and ammunition were sent to operation areas
in Bingol, Hakkari, Sirnak and Tunceli.

Mus - 10.11.09: TAF launched a region-wide operation.

N. Iraq - 10.31.09: A pro-Kurdish web site reported that TAF
ambushed PKK targets in the Zap District.

N. Iraq - 10.31.09: TAF anti-PKK operations continue.

Hakkari - 10.30.09: TAF artillery teams bombed PKK positions in
N. Iraq.

N. Iraq - 10.29.09: TAF bombed the Ciyares area of the Zap

Bingol - 10.26.09: TAF killed 5 PKK members. 2 civilians and 1
security personnel were wounded in the operation.

B. Arrests:

Diyarbakir - 10.31.09: 3 people who threw Molotov cocktails at a
supermarket were sentenced between 7 and 11 years in prison on
the charge of "carrying out illegal action on behalf of the
PKK," and "making propaganda for the PKK."

Bitlis - 10.31.09: DTP Chairman of Tatvan is on trial on the
charge of "praising the crime and the criminal."

Diyarbakir- 10.29.09: Security forces caught 7 people trying to
recruit members for the PKK. Clothing, organizational documents
and digital equipment were seized in the operation.

Sanliurfa - 10.29.09: Security forces detained 1 person
suspected of terrorism.

Siirt - 10.29.09: Security forces caught 2 people trying to
recruit members for the PKK. The suspects were later arrested on
the charge of "assisting and harboring the PKK." 28 of 30
people were later freed.

Siirt - 10.28.09: Security forces detained and later arrested 8
people on the charge of "assisting and harboring the PKK."

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Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: Security forces detained 12 people trying
to recruit members for the PKK. 7 of 12 people later were
arrested on the charge of "assisting and harboring the PKK."

Adana - 10.27.09: The Chairman of the Adana Branch of the Human
Rights Association (IHD) was sentenced to 3 years in prison on
the charge of "instigating hatred and animosity."

Siirt - 10.27.09: DTP Chairman of Pervari, BDP district chairman
and a DTP official were detained on the suspicion of terrorism.

Hakkari - 10.27.09: 1 person was arrested on the charge of
"being member of the PKK."

Siirt - 10.27.09: Security forces stormed the buildings of
STAY-DER (Solidarity Union of Families of Detainees) and SI-DER
(Union to Fight against Poverty) and detained over 30 people on
the suspicion of terrorism.

Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: 14 people, including DTP and Human Rights
Union officials, are on trial for "making propaganda for the

Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: Aysel Tugluk, a Kurdish member of the
DTP, was sentenced to 18 months in jail on the charge for
"making propaganda for the terror organization PKK."

Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: DTP Mayor of Sur has been acquitted of
the charge of making propaganda for the PKK.

Mus - 10.16.09: DTP Varto District Chairman, who was detained on
the suspicion of terrorism, was released.

Batman - 10.26.09: Security forces detained 4 people on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK." It was reported that
the suspects chanted, "Long live Apo!" during a football match.
Apo is a familiar name for Ocalan.

C. Other media stories about PKK:

11.01.09: According to recent figures from the military, in the
first 10 months of this year, 120 PKK members surrendered to
security forces. In addition to the 120 that surrendered between
January and October of this year, a total of 140 terrorists were
captured in the same period, 89 alive and 51 dead. This number
brings the total number of terrorists that have been rendered
inactive to 260. In the same period, 54 members of the Turkish
security forces were killed. The number of clashes has been much
less this year in comparison with the same period in previous

Hakkari - 10.31.09: PKK members kidnapped and killed a civilian.

10.31.09: According to the pro-PKK ANF web site, despite the
inactivity period, TAF launched 45 operations in October,
including 7 air-strikes (3 in Hakkari, 2 in Tunceli, 2 in
Bingol) and 27 artillery strikes (5 in Hakkari, 21 in northern
Iraq, and 1 in Sirnak). 14 PKK members were killed in the same
period. 1 civilian was wounded in a TAF landmine blast. ANF also
reports that a Turkish soldier serving obligatory military duty
in N. Cyprus escaped and joined PKK.

Hakkari - 10.31.09: According to a pro-PKK web site, the area
around Zavite Village in the Cukurca District was mined by TAF.

Adana - 10.31.09: A pro-Kurdish web site has claimed that
members of the United High School Students (LOB) were threatened
by a group of TNP officers.

Bingol - 10.30.09: Hundreds of people joined in the funeral
ceremony of a killed PKK member and chanted slogans in favor of
PKK and Ocalan. No clash or arrest was reported.

Gaziantep - 10.30.09: Members of the anti-PKK groups, Families
of Martyrs and Foundation of Veterans, protested the surrender
of PKK members at the Habur Border Gate.

Hakkari - 10.30.09: TAF declared areas of the province
off-limits to the public due to impending military operations.

Hakkari - 10.29.09: Almost 1000 people gathered in DTP's
Republic Day march. Approximately 20-30 PKK supporters stoned
security forces after the march. Police intervened with tear gas
bombs and sticks. No injuries or arrests were reported.

Adana - 10.29.09: Many people gathered in Sofulu District to
protest the incidents during the surrender of PKK members at the
Habur Border Gate.

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10.29.09: Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the PKK, may
receive permission to watch television broadcasts from the
state-run Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) after he is
transferred to a new building currently under construction on
Imrali Island in the Marmara Sea. Ocalan currently has limited
access to print and other media and no access to television.

N. Iraq - 10.29.09 through 10.27.09: 92 HPG (People's Defense
Force) warriors graduated from training camps. The commander of
the terror group said that they will not accept any concessions
without the leadership of Abdullah Ocalan.

Diyarbakir - 10.29.09: Thousands of people joined in the funeral
ceremonies of 2 PKK members. Demonstrators chanted slogans in
favor of PKK and Ocalan.

Tunceli - 10.29.09: PKK/HPG has banned civilian entry to local
hunting grounds, cautioning residents that TAF placed undercover
operatives in the region.

10.28.09: One of PKK's top level administrators, Zubeyir Aydar,
sent a letter to President Obama calling for the removal of PKK
names from a list of international drug smugglers.

Elazig - 10.28.09: 5 corpses belonging to PKK members were
brought to Firat University's morgue. North Kurdistan Public
Initiative has called for protests during the upcoming funeral

Bingol - 10.27.09: A pro-Kurdish web site has claimed that
Turkish troops opened fire on civilians, wounding 2 villagers.
10.27.09: A group of 15 PKK members residing in Europe alleged
Turkey denied them the necessary entry visas to return to the
country under government reforms aimed at expanding Kurdish

10.27.09: 870 PKK members have applied for benefits under the
repentance law between June 1, 2005 and June 15, 2009. According
to a report, 636 PKK members were released without charge as a
result of this law. Sentences of 30 were reduced. Demands of 124
were rejected and investigations have been under way for 78 PKK
members. Most recently, on October 19, 34 PKK members from
Makhmour refugee camp and Qandil Mountain surrendered to Turkish
authorities at Habur border gate under the framework of this

4. Media reports on significant crime or security incidents:

Gaziantep - 10.11.09: Security forces seized 4 unregistered
pistols and detained 4 people in an anti-smuggling operation.

Turkey wide - 10.31.09: According to media reports, "security
forces are on high alert against a possible suicide attack,"
based on an intelligence alert sent by the Security General
Directorate to all related security units. The method and type
of the possible suicide action is still unknown. Consulate
contacts in the Adana police added they have not yet received an
official memorandum from the Intelligence Directorate.

Kahramanmaras - 10.31.09: The Chairman of the Kahramanmaras
Branch of the Alperen Ocaklari (fanatic nationalist group linked
to the ultra nationalist BBP or Great Unity Party) made a press
statement to protest DTP's provocative attitudes and the GOT's
Kurdish and Armenia initiatives.

Diyarbakir - 10.30.09: Security forces seized 1 Kalashnikov
rifle, 2 pistols, 161 rounds of ammunition, and 11 cell phones
and detained 9 people in an organized crime operation.

Gaziantep and Kilis - 10.29.09: Security forces caught 10 people
in an anti-gang operation.

Van - 10.28.09: Turkish security forces opened fire on an
Iranian fuel-smuggler, who was heavily wounded in the operation.

Van - 10.28.09: Human Rights Union's Director has claimed that 3
people, who were killed in TAF's home raids, were at first
caught alive and then executed by the soldiers. The Director has
called TBMM's (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Human Rights
Commission to deal with the incident.

ADANA 00000066 004 OF 004

Siirt - 10.27.09: Security forces raided 24 separate addresses
in anti-smuggling and organized crime operations.

Van - 10.27.09: Unidentified people set 11 homes on fire in the
past week.

Tunceli - 10.27.09: Security forces seized 7,000 rounds of
ammunition and arrested 2 people.

Van - 10.26.09: Iranian troops opened fire on a group of
smugglers who were trying to enter Turkey illegally. 1 smuggler
was killed and 1 was wounded.

Diyarbakir - 10.26.09: Security forces seized 26 unregistered
pistols and 27 magazines in an organized crime operation. 2
people were detained.

5. Illegal immigrant arrests:

10.25.09 through 10.29.09: Security forces captured and deported
287 illegal immigrants from: Hakkari, Sanliurfa, Canakkale,
Balikesir, Agri, Edirne, Sirnak, Van, Hatay, and the borders of
Iran, Iraq, Syria and Greece. 2 Turks assisting them were caught
in the operations.

6. Counter-narcotic operations:

In 2009, police confiscated 562 kilogram of heroin, 87 kilograms
of hashish and 16 kilograms of poppy gum and arrested 35 of 61
people in anti-narcotics operations.

Hakkari - 10.30.09: Security forces confiscated 210 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 2 people.

Hakkari - 10.30.09: Security forces seized 210 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 2 people.

Diyarbakir - 10.30.09: Security forces seized 463 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 5 people.

Van and Istanbul - 10.30.09: Security forces seized 95 kilograms
of hashish and arrested 3 people.

Osmaniye - 10.28.09: Security forces seized 17 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 1 person.

Bitlis - 10.27.09: Security forces seized 6 kilograms of hashish
and arrested 1 person.

Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: Security forces confiscated 231 kilograms
of hashish and 103 kilograms of cannabis seeds. 2 people were
arrested in the operations.

Diyarbakir - 10.27.09: Security forces seized 25 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 3 people.

Van - Security forces confiscated 39 kilograms of hashish and
arrested 2 people.

Van - 10.26.09: Security forces confiscated 108 kilograms of
hashish and detained 3 people.

Van - 10.26.09: Security forces confiscated 11 kilograms of
hashish and arrested 3 people.

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