Cablegate: January 14 Mfa Press Briefing: China's Internet, Haiti

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1. Key points at the January 14 MFA press briefing were:

--"China's Internet is open and the Chinese Government encourages
the development and application of the Internet and creates a
favorable environment."

--"China's law prohibits cyber attacks, including hacking" and China
"welcomes international Internet businesses to China."

-- The Chinese government expresses its "condolences and sympathy to
Haitian government and the people of Haiti" for the devastation
caused by the earthquake on January 12.

--The Chinese government has learned that four Chinese peace keepers
and four Ministry of Public Security officials remain under the
rubble in Haiti.

--Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei will not be able to attend the P5+1
meeting in New York on the Iranian nuclear issue due to "scheduling

Internet with Chinese Characteristics

2. "China's Internet was open and the Chinese Government encouraged
the development and application of the Internet and created a
favorable environment" for the Internet in China, MFA spokesperson
Jiang Yu said in response to the first of a barrage of questions
about Google's announcement that it was considering withdrawing from
China due to censorship and cyber attacks. Jiang said that "China's
law prohibited cyber attacks, including hacking" and that China
"welcomed international Internet businesses to China." China had
"explained its position" to the U.S. government. Asked if the U.S.
Secretary of State's public comments regarding Google possibly
withdrawing from the Chinese market would damage bilateral
relationships Jiang reiterated that Chinese government "made its
position clear" to the United States.

3. When asked to acknowledge that "YouTube" was blocked in China,
Jiang said she was unaware of the issue and could not offer
confirmation, but emphasized that the "Chinese government
administered the Internet according to the law" adding there were
"explicit stipulations on what could be spread over the Internet."
Another journalist asked if the Chinese government was responsible
for cyber attacks against the email accounts of human rights
activists, and Jiang replied that "Chinese law prohibited any form
of cyber attacks, including hacking" but avoided a follow-up
question on whether Chinese government hackers would be held
accountable to the same laws.

4. Responding to questions focused on how hackers would be
punished, why Google decided to consider withdrawing from China and
how China would investigate alleged cyber attacks, Jiang referred
journalists to the "relevant authorities." When one journalist
noted that, despite repeated attempts, no one seemed able to
identify the "relevant authorities" Jiang suggested that journalists
could fax their questions to the MFA, which would relay them to the
competent authorities. Jiang acknowledged that journalists might
"encounter difficulties" but offered to assist and said her office
would provide the phone number for the still unnamed competent

Chinese Response to Earthquake in Haiti

5. Jiang responded to several questions about the earthquake
recovery effort in Haiti. The Chinese government expressed its
"condolences and sympathy to the Haitian government and the people
of Haiti" for the devastation caused by the earthquake on January
12. The Chinese government had learned that four Chinese peace
keepers and four Ministry of Public Security officials remained
under the rubble in Haiti and their condition was unknown. Other
Chinese personnel in Haiti were safe. The Chinese government was
concerned for "Chinese citizens and compatriots from Hong Kong,
Macao, and Taiwan" in Haiti. China's peace keeping antiriot unit
which was previously deployed in Haiti was assisting recovery
efforts. China was "keeping a close eye on the situation and would
spare no effort to protect the safety of overseas Chinese" in Haiti.
"The Chinese government placed great store on the safety of
overseas Chinese no matter where they were and the government would
spare no effort to help" overseas Chinese. When asked about how
China obtained information on the situation in Haiti when China and

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Haiti had no diplomatic relations, Jiang replied that China used
various channels to get information and coordinated with relevant
authorities to conduct rescue work. (Note: Haiti has diplomatic
relations with Taiwan, not the PRC) Jiang confirmed that the Chinese
government held an inter-ministerial meeting on the morning of
January 14 regarding the earthquake in Haiti and the "MFA would
coordinate and assist other parties to make proper arrangements for
overseas Chinese in Haiti." Jiang replied to a question about
whether China and Taiwan were coordinating their rescue and relief
effort in Haiti by noting that China was ready to assist any "Taiwan
compatriots" should they need assistance.

Chinese Participation in P5+1 Meeting

6. When asked whether China would attend the P5+1 meeting on the
Iranian nuclear issue planned for January 16 in New York City, Jiang
said the relative parties were "staying in close communication and
coordination" on the specifics of the meeting but that due to
"scheduling reasons" Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei would not be
able to attend. China supported the "peaceful resolution" of the
Iranian nuclear issue and encouraged all sides to be "flexible" to
seek a proper resolution of the issue.

Cadmium in Jewelry

7. Jiang answered a question about reports that children's jewelry
made in China was found to contain cadmium by first noting that the
MFA was not the office responsible for such matters and then by
stating that the Chinese government "attached great importance to
the safety of China's products" and particularly its exports.

Currency Exchange Rate

8. "Maintaining the stability of the Renminbi is not only important
for China's economic development but also for world economic
development" Jiang said in response to a question about incoming EU
Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht's criticism of China's currency

Forum for East Asia and Latin America Cooperation
--------------------------------------------- ----

9. Jiang confirmed that Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi would attend
the Forum for East Asia and Latin America Cooperation Fourth Foreign
Ministers meeting in Tokyo on January 16 and 17. The Forum played
"an important role" as the "only official multilateral dialogue
between East Asia and Latin America" to enhance cooperation between
the two regions. The Fourth Foreign Ministers meeting would focus
on responding to the global financial crisis, the environment and
social inclusiveness. Jiang said the "release of the Tokyo
declaration" would "inject dynamism" into the future of the forum.
China "attached great importance" to the forum and would work with
other parties for the "stable development of relations between
countries." Yang would hold bilateral meetings on the evening of
January 16 and the morning of January 17 with the foreign ministers
from Argentina, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and other nations. Jiang
said additional information would be released later.

Chinese Engineers Prosecuted in India

10. Jiang said that the MFA and Chinese Embassy in New Delhi would
help the Shandong Electric Company "safeguard the lawful rights and
interests" of three engineers from the Shandong Electric Company who
were prosecuted in India following the collapse of a chimney they
helped construct in September 2009.

Indian Diamond Traders Arrested in China

11. Jiang confirmed that 21 Indian diamond traders were arrested in
Shenzhen on January 8, and the Indian Embassy had sent someone to
visit them. China would "guarantee their legitimate rights and
interests according to the law."

Kim Jong-Il Visit to China

BEIJING 00000104 003 OF 003

12. When asked about reports that Kim Chong-il might visit China,
Jiang replied that she had no information regarding any future

Chinese Nationals Detained in Afghanistan

13. Jiang said she had no information about reports that two
Chinese nationals were detained in Afghanistan carrying 810,000
Euros in cash. If the reports were true "China would seek to
protect and guarantee their rights and interests."

Climate Meeting

14. Jiang said she did not have information on China's request for
a meeting with Brazil, South Africa and India to discuss the
Copenhagen summit and environmental issues.

Liberian Visit to China

15. Jiang announced that, at the invitation of Yang Jiechi,
Liberian Foreign Minister Olubanke King Akerele would visit China
from January 20 to 25.

Chinese Visit to Indonesia

16. Jiang announced that State Councilor Dai Bingguo would visit
Indonesia and Brunei from January 21 to 26 at the invitation of
Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Law, Security
Affairs Widodo Adi Sutjipto.


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