Cablegate: Se Turkey Security Incidents: February 10 - 15, 2010

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1. (U) The following security incidents for the period of
February 10 - 15, 2010, were compiled by the security assistant
at Consulate Adana from RSO sources, to include Turkish security
contacts, government officials and media. The RSO uses the
information to determine the security situation and trends of
violence and crime throughout Turkey. The RSO shares the
information with the country team and Visas Viper coordinator.

2. (U) Military operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party
(PKK) as reported by the Turkish General Staff (TGS):

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A. Weapons, ammunition, and equipment seized:
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Mardin - 2.12.10: One Improvised Explosive Device (IED), one
pressure sensitive IED, one round of RPG-7 ammunition, and
logistical materials.

Mardin - 2.11.10: Six rounds of RPG-7 ammunition, 127 rounds of
Biksi machine gun ammunition, one pair of binoculars, one
pressure-sensitive IED, and logistical materials.

Diyarbakir - 2.11.10: One hand grenade and logistical materials.

Tunceli - 2.11.10: Security forces found and destroyed one IED.

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B. PKK members captured or surrendered:
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2.10.10 through 2.15.10: Security forces captured seven PKK

Mardin - 2.12.10: Security forces caught and arrested one PKK

Hakkari - 2.10.10: One PKK member surrendered.

3. (U) Media reports related to PKK and pro-Kurdish

A. Anti-PKK operations:

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) anti-PKK operations in SE Turkey
continued in Mardin, Hakkari, Sirnak, Diyarbakir and Tunceli.

B. Arrests:

Tarsus - 2.15.10 - two people were arrested on the charge of
"illegal actions on behalf of the PKK."

Diyarbakir - 2.15.10: Security forces detained four minors
preparing to join the PKK.

Sanliurfa - 2.15.10: Security forces detained three people
planning to carry out Molotov cocktail and bomb attacks on the
February 15 anniversary of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah
Ocalan's capture. Law enforcement seized materials used in
making Molotov cocktails, gunpowder, fuses, illegal
publications, and organizational documents.

Hakkari - 2.14.10: Security forces arrested 32 people in
simultaneous anti-KCK (Kurdish Democratic Confederation/Turkey
Council) operations. (Note: KCK is considered by Turkish law
enforcement to be the urban wing of the PKK. End note.)

Mersin - 2.14.10: Security forces detained two people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Sanliurfa - 2.14.10: Security forces detained an employee of the
pro-Kurdish Azadiya Welat newspaper on the suspicion of
terrorism. In a separate operation, a member of pro-Kurdish
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) was arrested on the charge of
"membership in the PKK."

Gaziantep - 2.13.10: Security forces detained 50 people in
anti-KCK operations.

2.13.10: Turkish police arrested 86 people suspected of links
with the PKK in operations in advance of the February 15
anniversary of Ocalan's capture. Police raids targeted the SE

ADANA 00000013 002 OF 003

provinces of Adana, Batman, Hakkari, Mardin, Siirt, Sirnak,
Agri, Mus and Van, as well as Istanbul.

Van - 2.11.10: Security forces detained four people on the
charge of "illegal actions on behalf of the PKK."

Sanliurfa - 2.10.10: Security forces arrested an Azadiya Welat
employee and a member of the pro-Kurdish student association
HODER on charges of "membership in the PKK," and "making
propaganda for the PKK."
Sanliurfa - 2.10.10: Security forces detained three people
allegedly preparing IEDs. In that raid, police allegedly found
bomb-making materials identical to those used in earlier attacks
in Diyarbakir and Adana.
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C. Other media stories about the PKK:
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2.15.10 -- Demonstrations and clashes broke out in predominantly
Kurdish-populated areas, including Adana and Mersin, where
hundreds of PKK supporters gathered to protest the 11th
anniversary of the capture of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah
Ocalan. Security forces detained over 110 people, including 35
minors in the incidents.
2.13.10 through 2.15.10:

Mersin - PKK supporters attacked Siteler Police Station with
fireworks and set fire to a 3-G communication station. In one
raid, dozens of Molotov cocktails, organizational documents, and
one rifle were seized.
Hakkari - Approximately 3,000 PKK demonstrators gathered,
stoning shops and banks, setting fire to trash barrels, and
blocking streets. Seven people, including two police officers,
were wounded. Police detained at least seven people.

Adana - PKK sympathizers clashed with security forces in the
city districts of Barbaros, Daglioglu, Gulbahcesi, Karasu and
Sakirpasa. Police detained at least 13 people.

Diyarbakir - Approximately 1,500 people joined in unauthorized
street protests (note: this number is lower than past gatherings
of nearly 5,000. End note). Security forces detained 28 people.

Diyarbakir -- Pro-PKK "Viyan Soran Revenge Brigade" threw a
percussion bomb at the 7th Army Corps Headquarters.

Sanliurfa - Security forces detained almost 40 individuals after
hundreds of PKK demonstrators chanted pro-PKK slogans.

Sirnak - PKK supporters blocked the Cizre-Idil road to traffic.
Five people were arrested on the charge of "illegal actions on
behalf of the PKK."

Adiyaman - PKK sympathizers clashed with security forces in
Adiyaman city and in the Kahta district. PKK supporters attacked
a Kahta court house with Molotov cocktails.

Batman - After hundreds of people gathered in the "19 Mayis"
district, police detained 13 on charges of "illegal actions on
behalf of the PKK," and "membership in the PKK."

Mardin - Pro-PKK "Martyred Aydin Erdem Revenge Unit" claimed
responsibility for a percussion bomb that exploded near a police
station in Kiziltepe district. Police detained at least 19
people on the suspicion of terrorism.

Adana - 2.11.10: Law enforcement officials reported PKK
supporters were behind the explosions of two sound bombs in the
Beyazevler neighborhood.

Sanliurfa - 2.11.10: Pro-PKK "Ocalan Youth Initiative" claimed
responsibility for a Molotov cocktail attack on a BIM
supermarket located in the Suleymaniye neighborhood.
Hakkari - 2.11.10: Security forces intervened with pressurized
water, tear gas and batons and PKK demonstrators responded with
Molotov cocktails and stones.
Mersin - 2.10.10: Fanatic nationalist students attacked a group
of Kurdish students, seriously wounding two of them.
Hakkari - 2.10.10: Security forces detained 33 people in an
anti-KCK operation.
4. (U) Media reports on significant crime or security

Sanliurfa - 2.15.10: Security forces seized three Kalashnikov
rifles, two hunting rifles, six magazines and 576 rounds of
ammunition, and 30 rounds of bullets in an anti-smuggling
operation. Five people were detained in the operation.

5. (U) Illegal immigrant arrests:

ADANA 00000013 003 OF 003

2.5.10 through 2.14.10: Security forces captured and deported
158 illegal immigrants from: Canakkale, Hatay, Sirnak, Hakkari,
Bursa, Izmir, Erzurum and the border areas of Greece, Syria,
Iraq, Iran, and Georgia.

6. (U) Counter-narcotic operations:

2.12.10: Anadolu News Agency (AA) reported the Anti-smuggling
and Organized Crime Bureau's Narcotics section has conducted
more than 44,621 anti-drug operations since 2006 targeting the
producers, smugglers and users of drugs, resulting in the
detention of nearly 100,000 people. AA reported that in 2009,
law enforcement seized 12,234 kilograms of heroin, 25,778
kilograms of cannabis, 391,770 tablets of ecstasy, and 2,798,090
Captagon tablets. According to official figures, over a
four-year period, seizures of heroin, cannabis and Captagon
tablets has increased, while there has been a decrease in the
number of seized ecstasy tablets.
Gaziantep - 2.11.10: Security forces seized 103 kilograms of
Mersin-Bitlis-Gaziantep - 2.10.10: Security forces seized a
total of 76 kilograms of hashish.

Gaziantep - 2.10.10: Security forces detained 77 people.

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