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Betrayed & Encircled, Will Pakistan Switch Sides?

Pakistan Betrayed & Encircled, Would it Switch Sides?

By Brigadier (retd) Usman Khalid
Leader of Al-Ansaar

In a memo titled 'Richard Perle' by Jude Wannisky to Henry Kissinger (circulated by Information Times, USA) he writes:

"I was surprised to see you on television last night making arguments I associate with the world’s No. 1 hawk, Richard Perle, who has been the chief architect of our policy toward the Arab/Islamic world. There is no single American more responsible for inciting outrage among Muslims globally than Richard, whose maniacal prescriptions led inexorably to last week’s cataclysm. It was no surprise to me to see Richard on CNN’s Evans & Novak, Hunt& Shields program on Sunday, calling for all-out war against the Arab world with a coalition entirely composed of western Europeans. If he were just an ordinary maniac, we could live with him, Henry, but he is chairman of the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon, and which gives him total access to all military secrets. Do you have any doubt that he is now in constant communication with Ariel Sharon and Binjamin Netanyahu, the leaders of the coo-coo wing of the Likud Party in Israel?

"Over the last four decades, since I first met both you and Richard in the first year of the Nixon administration in 1969, I always associated you with the moderates, like the late Sen. Jacob Javits of New York, who would look for diplomatic solutions to conflict. Richard, who was then a 25-year-old boy wonder who worked for Sen. Henry (Scoop) Jackson, Washington Democrat, was a protégé of Albert Wohlstetter, who played hawk to your dove in our dealings with the Soviet Union. Back then, I was allied with Wohlstetter, a Cold War hawk, although I at least had an appreciation of your views. Now I see you practically in lockstep with Perle, who we have always known as the Prince of Darkness, a master of disinformation who helped us win the Cold War, and who now wants to bring the Muslim world to its knees......."

These are the words of an insider that leave no doubt that the USA is embarked on a war on all Muslims that display any desire for protecting their sovereign right to chart their own course to secure their independence and economic future. This is a huge change from the Cold War years when the Muslim World and the West were on the same side. The West wanted the Cold War because it saw USSR to challenge its military power, and the Muslims went along because they saw the Soviets to be 'godless imperialists'.

The West alone won no military victory against the Soviet Union; the USA lost in its backyard to tiny Cuba, the USA lost the wars in Viet Nam and Korea, and Communist inspired freedom movements took control of large Christian majority countries of Ethiopia, Angloa and Mozambique. But Communism was militarily defeated only in Muslim countries - in Malaya in the 1950s, in Indonesia in the 1960s. In Afghanistan, USA and Islam humbled the Soviet Union forcing it to withdraw. That was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Empire as every one acknowledges.

Under the influence of the likes of Richard Perle and Indo-Israeli lobby, the USA has rewritten recent history to justify its betrayal of allies of the recent past and to declare a war on the World of Islam. The vicious cruelty being displayed by the USA towards Afghanistan has opened the eyes of all Muslims but regrettably not their rulers. I am one of the many who believed that the West would see the error of its ways as the interests of the West and the Muslim World are complementary. It was definitely the case over Afghanistan. Yet, the hold of the Indo-Israelis in the USA is so complete that the USA merrily continues on its path to self destruction.

It is the common interest of the USA, the newly independent republics of Central Asia, and of Pakistan, that Afghanistan transforms from a barrier to a bridge between Central Asia and the Arabian Sea. President Musharraf, even though coerced into joining coalition against Afghanistan, underlined the brighter side - that the US invasion may indeed bring such a transformation about. But it is clear now that the Indo-Israeli lobby has other ideas. The USA betrayed Pakistan on every turn. Pakistan was told that the Northern Alliance would not enter Kabul; it did. It was told that the Taliban leadership would be treated sensitively keeping in view that it enjoyed considerable affection of the Muslim masses. Now the Taliban leaders are promised treatment worse than the Nazis to instil fear; the Israeli/Perle Doctrine of Vengeance has been made by the USA its own.

Now that the USA is seeking the submission of each and every Muslim country by bombs, bribes and blackmail, its gains of the last fifty years have started to reverse already. I had expressed fears that the USA may withdraw prematurely from Afghanistan leaving a vacuum for Russia and India to fill. It now appears that the USA wanted Russia and India to come into Afghanistan anyway. The Muslim neighbours of Afghanistan felt pleased at being courted and given money. But Pakistan has been betrayed as its volunteers serving in Taliban Militia are massacred and General Musharraf rebuffed and humiliated. This betrayal of Pakistan and support to Northern Alliance has revealed the true aims of the USA. It was to discredit General Musharraf and the armed forces and to make the country submit to the hegemony the local policeman - India.

President Musharraf has been shown to be gullible and a poor strategist who has been focussing on managing the crisis created by 'extremist opposition' rather than exploiting opportunities. The arrival in Kabul of international supporters of the Northern Alliance - Russia, India and Iran - with American approval proves that America never wanted to stay; it merely wanted to smash the place and leave others to do what they will. The Israeli lobby has succeeded in getting USA to give priority to extend the war to other countries of the Middle East and India is still trying that the US give priority to the defeat and destruction of Pakistan. With the arrival of Russia and India in Kabul in force, the failure of Bonn Talks is guaranteed; the Northern Alliance would rule Afghanistan for years to come. Pakistan stands completely surrounded by hostile forces; America has enlisted India and Russia in war on Islam and paid them the price they wanted but one that cost the US nothing.

In the event that the creeps and cowards that make the cabinet of General Musharraf allow him some room for manoeuvre, what can Pakistan do? The war in Afghanistan must be stopped immediately before the planned blood bath in Kandhar occurs. General Musharraf can make a deal with the Russia that involves: 1) recognition of the Northern Alliance as the Government of Afghanistan, 2) Russia and Pakistan withdraw permission for military aircraft to overfly their territory.

Interests of countries do not change suddenly; it would continue to be the interest of Pakistan and the Muslim World to be friends with the USA. It has been and would continue to be the interest of Afghanistan that it becomes a bridge between Central Asia and Pakistan. But if the USA cannot see its interest and is adamant to see the World of Islam through Indo-Israeli lens, we must understand that our security objectives can be achieved much better in co-operation with post-imperial Russia. Unencumbered by Jews, Russia is much better able to see that it can gain access to warm waters in peace and friendship much more easily and durably than with threats and war.

The USA did not earn its victory over the Soviet Union. Those who fought their war owe it to themselves that they reverse that victory. President Putin has shown that he has the courage and the vision to reverse Russian defeat at the hands of the USA. The Richard Perles of this world are confident that Russia does not have the economic muscle to support its 'adventure' in Afghanistan. They are confident that they can bribe Russia and India to fight their war on Islam to enable the USA to maintain its hold on the Middle East.

Russia, India and Pakistan do not have to accept bribes or submit to blackmail. They can pursue their own intetrests as well. The position of militarily credible Pakistan lying at the confluence of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia, is very crucial. Can General Musharraf rise to the occasion, switch sides and order the Americans out? If he does not, it would not be the end of the world. Pakistan would get other opportunities but it would be curtains for him.


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