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Statement issued by the National and Islamic Force

Statement issued by the National and Islamic Forces
December 8, 2001

Following is the statement issued by the National and Islamic Forces on December 8, 2001; signatories are: Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fateh); Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas); Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP); Palestinian People’s Party (PPP); Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA); Palestinian Popular Struggle Front; Palestinian Liberation Front; Islamic Jihad Movement; Arab Liberation Front; Palestinian Arab Front; Popular Front—General Command; Islamic National Salvation Party; and Popular Liberation War Pioneers (Sa’iqa):

In the Name of God, the Merciful and the Compassionate
A statement issued by the National and Islamic Forces
No Voice higher than the Voice of the Intifada
The Call of the unity of the Palestinian blood in face of the Zionist sword of aggression

Our great Palestinian masses
Our glorious Arab and Islamic free masses
To all free and honorable people in the world
Our heroes of the Intifada and resistance

The 14th anniversary of your great Intifada that erupted on December 9, 1987, comes at a time when your blessed Intifada, the Intifada of Al-Aqsa, al-Quds, Independence and Return, goes into its 14th month with determination and will to continue until achieving victory over the Zionist aggression and occupation. The continuity confirms very clearly that the spark of the Intifada in our great masses can never be extinguished as if it is like waves of the sea coming in growing waves of various intensity but remain there until achieving their goals in freedom and independence and until defeating occupation from all occupied Palestinian territories and the removal of settlements and the liberation of al-Quds and achieving the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and properties from which they were evicted and to realize the independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty with blessed al-Quds as its capital.

The national constants that our negotiating delegation, headed by President Arafat, clung to despite the attempts of Barak, Clinton, and the Zionists in the Zionist entity and in the US Administration to deny are the same constants that caused the eruption of the blessed Intifada which is protecting those same rights and constants. These reasons were also the drive for national unity in the Intifada and during the Palestinian national struggle throughout the past periods in a manner that united all the components of the Palestinian people, starting with the popular and grassroots bases and NGOs and civil society institutions with the national and Islamic forces and the PLO and the PNA institutions. The solid unity constituted the safeguard of the national constants as expressed by Brother Abu Ammar. It is not strange to see the slaughterer Sharon seeking to conceal and wipe out these national constants and target President Arafat in an insolent manner and it is not strange to see trying to destroy the national unity through targeting the PNA and its president and through accusing the national and Islamic forces of exercising terrorism and through the series of dictations that are accompanied by threats and destructive measures directed against the PNA in order to cause a split that can lead to Palestinian internal fighting.

The state of awareness at the level of all Palestinian levels and institutions confirm their rejection to fall in the trap of Sharon. The unity of the Palestinian blood proved that it is capable of defeating the sword of Zionist aggression and it will prove to Sharon and to the whole world that the consensus on the continuation of the blessed Intifada and its political program is strong and solid. All the voices that call for stopping the Intifada and its popular activities aim to disarm the Palestinian people from their sharpest weapon which is confronting the Israeli occupation and which is protecting the national unity and reinforcing the power of the PNA towards achieving our goals and constants. Demanding the halt of the Intifada means admitting to the enemy that this noble phenomenon is part of violence and terrorism that must end. All parties must confirm the importance of national unity, the Intifada and resistance because this means protecting the sacred Palestinian blood.

The National and Islamic Forces realize the nature of the difficult conditions of the PNA in light of the US position which is the most biased across history towards the aggression policy of Sharon who is exploiting and investing all potentials to describe Palestinian struggle as terrorism so that he can place himself in the same trench with the US President in the battle against the so-called terrorism. Despite this unsacred alliance which is finding no voice against him in our Arab and Islamic world, the Palestinian popular position is the spark that lights the horizon in the age of darkness.

The National and Islamic Forces affirm the importance of national unity and the need to handle the disputes with brotherly dialogue and on the basis of political pluralism, reinforcing democracy and public freedoms and protecting the PNA and not to act in any manner that can harm the PNA or the higher national interests of the Palestinian people and block the road in front of Sharon and state terrorism that targets our people and the PNA.

The National and Islamic Forces salute the leadership, cadres, and members of the PFLP on the anniversary of their Front on December 11, 2001.

The National and Islamic Forces also salute the leadership, cadres, and members of Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" on the anniversary of its movement on December 14, 2001.

The National and Islamic Forces call on the Palestinian masses to participate in the following activities:

1- Sunday, December 9, 2001: the 14th anniversary of the eruption of the great Palestinian Intifada in 1987; to organize festivals and marches to commemorate this event.

2- Friday, December 14, 2001: the day of Jerusalem and Aqsa; to call for prayers at the Aqsa Mosque and organize marches that condemn the Zionist policy that aims to Judaize Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

The National and Islamic Forces affirm the need and importance to move in a manner that reinforces the unity between the people and the National and Islamic Forces and the PNA, including the release of all detainees and ban political arrests and warn of the collaborators who try to cause riots in marches in order to divert the march from achieving its goal in maintaining national unity.

Long live the blessed Intifada and the heroic resistance
Glory and eternity for our martyrs
Fast recovery to the injured and freedom for our heroic prisoners
It is an Intifada until victory

The National and Islamic Forces
December 8, 2001

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