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Earth Emergency: A Call To Action

Earth Emergency: A Call To Action

An acute State of Emergency exists on Earth, imperiling its climate, its life support systems and the lives of billions of people. The related crises of environmental degradation and the destitution of a third of humanity are worsened by a profound failure of world governance. The world community is called upon to act, acknowledging and implementing a planetary ethic - of respect for life and human dignity - as expressed in the Earth Charter.

Millions of people worldwide are becoming aware of the connectedness of all life. By working together through our networks, globally and locally, we can accelerate initiatives already under way, shifting the global balance of power in favour of restoring the Earth, of sharing its resources equitably and assuring the sustainable wellbeing of present and future generations.

To achieve these aims, we call for a global alliance of all sections of society. The creativity of all of humanity is needed - using traditional knowledge, art, design, engineering, modern science and business as tools for creating a sustainable and thriving relationship between people and planet.

We urge world leaders at the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development to join us in acknowledging the Earth’s State of Emergency. Finance is made available at times of war or disaster. We ask the world’s governments to commit the required resources to alleviate the crisis of hunger and destitution of billions, to restore the Earth’s ecosystems and to create sustainable human settlements. We call for the current decade to be used to -

1. rapidly phase in renewable energy technology in place of current polluting energy systems - with appropriate strategies for industry, agriculture, transport and the built environment.

2. shift taxation from labour to the use of resources, pollution and waste - promoting conservation and clean production, and enhancing social welfare and jobs

3. create an ecological economy, compatible with the Earth’s ecosystems - acknowledging that perpetual economic growth is not possible in a finite world

4. build global co-operation towards restoring local economies - prioritising local production for local consumption, and minimizing the need for long-distance transport of goods

5. make sustainable agriculture the global norm - securing food supplies with minimal environmental impacts, avoiding genetic engineering and prohibiting patents on life

6. protect tribal and traditional societies and their lands - acknowledging their right to decide their own future

7. reform worldwide monetary and financial systems to protect and enhance the well-being of human communities and the natural environment on which they depend

8. initiate a progressive shift of funds from military spending towards environmental security - providing adequate water, nutrition, healthcare, shelter and sustainable livelihoods for all

9. create a participative Earth Democracy – fundamentally reforming global governance, for the benefit of people and nature, so that international decision making is open and accountable within the framework of a strengthened and democratised United Nations

Another world is possible.Let’s make it happen.

To sign this Call, please contact or visit; Real world address... Earth Emergency, 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA.

Signed (so far)

Schumacher Society, Bristol
Positive News, UK
Sustainable Society, London
Gaia Foundation, London
Right Livelihood Foundation, London
Friends of the Earth, UK
Ecologist Magazine, London
L’ Ecologiste, Paris
Resurgence Magazine, Hartland
International Society for Ecology and Culture, Dartington
Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Delhi
Centre for Ecoliteracry, Berkeley
Henry George Foundation, London
Restore the Earth, Findhorn
ROSE Foundation, Findhorn
Simultaneous Policy Organisation, London
The Action Research Unit, Delhi
Management Institute for Social Change (MINSOC) Asia
Sustainable Development Network (SUSDEN) Malaysia
Sustainable Kuantan Initiative, Malaysia
People Centred Development Network, USA
Eurosolar, Bonn

Vandana Shiva
Fritjof Capra
Edward Goldsmith
Zac Goldsmith
Susan George
David Korten
Anita Roddick
Fran Korten
Helena Norberg Hodge
James Robertson
Dr. Hermann Scheer, MP (Bundestag)
Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP
The Bishop of Hereford
Chares Secrett
Tony Juniper
Satish Kumar
Jakob von Uexkull
Herbert Girardet
Liz Hosken
Ed Posey
Roger Doudna
Alan Watson Featherstone
Jane Taylor
Shauna Crockett Borrows
Francesca Romana Giordano
Michael Hill
John Bunzl
Christine Eynon
Manfred Max Neef
Elisabeth Sahtouris
Rob Wheeler
Bernard Lietaer
Roger Benson

* * * *

Launch Press Release

From: "Jane Taylor" Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 22:05:13 +0100

Subject: Earth Emergency - Call to Action

Dear Friends,

Earth Emergency - A Call to Action (attached) has been drawn up by a small group in Britain including The Schumacher Society, Positive News, Sustainable Society, Right Livelihood and The Gaia Foundation with input from various individuals such as James Robertson (UK) Vandana Shiva (India). It is supported by amongst others, Fritjof Capra, Susan George, Anita Roddick, Teddy Goldsmith, Manfred Max Neef, Dr. Herman Scheer (German MP), Dr. Caroline Lucas (Member European Parliament) and The Bishop of Hereford and a growing number of individuals and organisations worldwide.

The object is twofold: to unite the non governmental organisations and activists and local and global networks around an agreed agenda, based on a planetary ethic of respect for all life and human dignity and to urge governments worldwide join us in using the coming decade to bring in the new thinking and actions required to restore the earth and secure a sustainable future for present and coming generations. It is intended for presentation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg at the end of August.

The Earth Emergency is brought into focus in the latest WWF Living Planet Report which states that in the past 30 years we have destroyed over one third of earth’s natural resources. It concludes that if we continue business as usual we will need two extra planets by 2050.

As the great American theologian, Thomas Berry, says: we are at a defining moment in history, a time in which the earth itself calls out to us to embark upon a re-sacralization of nature, a new ecological beginning. We are all invited to play our part in what he calls The Great Work of the 21st Century.

Please do join us and sign up and circulate The Call to Action as widely as possible. If you would like to help distribute the special 8-page issue of Positive News planned in support of The Call or if you would like to help financially please let us know.

Another World is Possible. Let's Make it Happen.

All good wishes. In love and unity. Jane

Jane Taylor Associate Editor, Positive News. Tel

© Scoop Media

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