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New Alert For Fukushima in Japan Due to Typhoon Songda

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28 May 2011
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New Alert For Fukushima in Japan Due to Typhoon Songda 28 May 2011 After the consequences of the 11 of March earthquake and of the tsunami, the radiation leaks and the overheating of the reactors' core, a new alarm has been set off for the crippled Fukushima Daiichi 1 nuclear plant. Typhoon 'Songda' is approaching from the Philippines, where it caused at least 2 3 casualties and thousands of displaced people. The typhoon is heading with winds averaging 216 Km/h (around 135 mph).
Typhoon Strengthens, May Hit Fukushima Nuclear Plant 27 May 2011 Typhoon Songda strengthened to a supertyphoon after battering the Philippines and headed for Japan on a track that may pass over the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant by May 30, a U.S. monitoring center said. Songda's winds increased to 241 kilometers (150 miles) per hour from 213 kph yesterday, the U.S. Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center said on its website. The center's forecast graphic includes a possible path over Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant, which has been spewing radiation since March 11 when an earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling systems. Three of six reactor buildings have no roof after explosions blew them off, exposing spent fuel pools and containment chambers that are leaking.
Power outages, downed communication lines knocked out most radiation monitoring systems in disaster areas 29 May 2011 Most radiation monitoring systems in Fukushima, Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures broke down temporarily after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, preventing local authorities from gauging the ensuing nuclear crisis, prefectural officials said. Twenty-two of the 23 round-the-clock radiation monitors installed around the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant and at the nearby Fukushima No. 2 nuclear complex stopped sending data to the prefectural monitoring center about three hours after the quake, officials said.
Massive nationwide protests call for an immediate end to nuclear energy 28 May 2011 More than 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets in 20 cities across Germany on Saturday to call for a rapid end to nuclear power, even as a government-sponsored national commission is expected to recommend that Berlin abolish nuclear energy within a decade. The Ethics Commission is set to announce the results of its final report on Germany's energy future, calling for nuclear power to be phased out by 2021.
Hackers breached U.S. defense contractors [Awesome!] 27 May 2011 Unknown hackers have broken into the security networks of Lockheed Martin Corp and several other U.S. military contractors, a source with direct knowledge of the attacks told Reuters. They breached security systems designed to keep out intruders by creating duplicates to "SecurID" electronic keys from EMC Corp's RSA security division, said the person who was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter. The hackers learned how to copy the security keys with data stolen from RSA during a sophisticated attack that EMC disclosed in March, according to the source.
Obama says U.S. and France joined in resolve to "finish the job" in Libya [And we all know exactly what kind of 'job' it truly is.] 27 May 2011 President Barack Obama said he and French President Nicolas Sarkozy agreed to "finish the job" in Libya, where Muammar Qaddafi remains in power "directing his forces in acts of aggression against the Libyan people." "We are joined in resolve," [to steal Libya's oil] and making progress in the NATO campaign against Qaddafi's regime, Obama told reporters at the Group of Eight summit in Deauville, France, after talks with Sarkozy today.
Victory! David Cameron planning celebratory tour of Libya with Nicolas Sarkozy 'when the time comes' 28 May 2011 David Cameron is to make a victory tour of Libya with Nicolas Sarkozy. The French president blurted out the secret plans yesterday at the G8 summit of world leaders in Deauville. President Sarkozy said he and French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe have discussed plans to meet opposition leaders in the 'rebel' stronghold of Benghazi. He said: 'I and Juppe will go when the time comes. It should be a Franco British visit. It could be quite clumsy if it was a separate visit.'
Libya: Nato planes target Gaddafi's Tripoli compound 28 May 2011 British jets have struck a compound where Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi sometimes lives. RAF Typhoons and other Nato jets fired guided weapons to destroy guard towers on the perimeter of the Bab al-Aziziya complex, said the Ministry of Defence. On Thursday the UK announced plans to send four Apache helicopters to Libya.
Iraq: Thousands Rally Against U.S. Troops 26 May 2011 Iraqi Shi'ite militia fighters led a massive rally of followers of a hard-liner anti-American cleric on Thursday, marching in Baghdad in a show of defiance as Iraqi leaders weigh whether to keep U.S. troops in the country beyond the end of the year. An estimated 70,000 supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr waved Iraqi flags and shouted "No, no, America!" as the tight columns of the unarmed Mahdi Army marched though one of Baghdad's poorest neighborhoods. U.S., Israeli and British flags were painted on the pavement to be stomped on by the marching protesters, and Iraqi military helicopters buzzed overhead while soldiers stood guard.
Pakistan shuts down U.S. 'intelligence fusion' cells 27 May 2011 In a clear sign of Pakistan's deepening mistrust of the United States, Islamabad has told the Obama administration to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country and has moved to close three military intelligence liaison centers. The liaison centers, also known as intelligence fusion cells, in Quetta and Peshawar are the main conduits for the United States to share satellite imagery, target data and other intelligence with Pakistani ground forces conducting operations against militants.
USociopaths are busy little bees: US-led airstrike kills 42 Afghans 28 May 2011 A US-led airstrike in troubled eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 42 Afghans and injured almost 40 others, including civilians and police officers. At least 20 Afghan civilians and 22 police officers were killed in the airstrike which took place in Doab town, in the province of Nuristan on Thursday, a Press TV correspondent reported. NATO says its forces mistakenly conducted the air raid [Yeah, right!] and it was actually meant to recapture Doab from the Taliban.
Karzai bans night raids by US-led forces 28 May 2011 Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered the Defense Ministry to take control of night raids amid mounting civilian casualties by foreign forces in Afghanistan. Night raids are one of the most controversial tactics used by the US-led forces in the war-torn country. "President Hamid Karzai ordered the Defense Ministry to prevent foreign troops from uncoordinated and arbitrary operations and bring night raids under its control," a government statement said on Saturday.
NATO convoy attacked in Afghanistan 28 May 2011 Militants have targeted a convoy of NATO vehicles in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar, Afghan officials say. Sources said militants rammed an explosives-laden car into NATO military vehicles parked in front of the governor office on Saturday, a Press TV correspondent reported. The provincial governor of Kunar said that the US-led forces were in the building when the incident took place, adding that an Afghan police officer was injured in the attack.
Afghan blast kills police chief, troops 28 May 2011 A massive bomb explosion in northern Afghanistan has killed at least seven people, including three German soldiers and a regional police chief. The bomb went off inside Takhar Province Governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa's office complex, leaving him injured, a Press TV correspondent reported. "Three German soldiers and four Afghans, including General Mohammed Daoud Daoud and the chief of police (for Takhar province) were among the dead," said Faiz Mohammed Tawhidi, spokesman for the governor of Takhar province. NATO's military commander for northern Afghanistan, German general Markus Kneip, survived the attack, a NATO spokesman said.
US-led soldier killed in Afghan war 28 May 2011 12:56PM A militant attack has killed at least one foreign soldier operating under the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in southern Afghanistan. NATO says the death occurred on Saturday without providing further details. The latest casualty takes NATO's death toll to 13 in just three days.
Five US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan 28 May 2011 9:14AM Five US-led soldiers have been killed in different incidents in southern Afghanistan amid increasing attacks by militants in the spring offensive. Two foreign soldiers were killed in separate explosions while two others were killed in direct attacks by militants, a Press TV correspondent reported on Saturday. The fifth soldier was killed in another incident, the report added.
Omar Khadr loses appeal to have sentence reduced 26 May 2011 A U.S. military official has rejected a clemency appeal from the lone Canadian held at Guantanamo Bay. The Convening Authority for Military Commissions says Omar Khadr must serve the full eight-year prison term he was sentenced to last October. Khadr, who was just 15 when he was captured by U.S. forces in 2002, has pleaded guilty to throwing a hand grenade that killed an American soldier. Khadr has spent the past nine years behind bars at the controversial U.S. naval base and is slated to be transferred to a Canadian prison this year.
Arizona Police Under Scrutiny After Opening Fire on and Killing Marine in His Home --The five SWAT team members remain on active duty. No criminal charges have been filed and no disciplinary action taken. 27 May 2011 A Marine who was fatally shot in his Arizona home earlier this month never fired upon the SWAT team that fired at him 71 times , according to reports released by police. Jose Guerena, a 26-year-old father of two and veteran of the Iraq war, died on May 5 in his home near Tucson, Ariz., during an anti-drug police raid. Authorities initially reported that they thought Guerena fired upon them, but an investigation revealed that no shots were fired.
Couple charged in San Antonio with lying in terrorism probe --Fidse claimed it was not his voice on the recording and that the FBI manipulated the tape to make it sound like his voice. 27 May 2011 A Somali couple have been arrested in a federal terrorism investigation in San Antonio in which the pair are alleged to have lied to FBI agents and an immigration court. Abdullah Omar Fidse was already in custody in Texas, and his wife, Deka Abdalla Sheikh, was taken into custody Thursday in Wisconsin. A federal grand jury in San Antonio indicted the pair Wednesday on charges of conspiring to obstruct a proceeding before a federal department or agency, and conspiracy to make false statements to the executive branch during a terrorism investigation.
Furious passengers stage 'Lord of the Flies mutiny' after being forced to remain on board delayed Heathrow jet for seven hours --Eight police officers board jet to quell disorder --Passengers steal food and grapple with captain 27 May 2011 Airline passengers left furious by a seven-hour delay staged a Lord of the Flies-style 'mutiny' on a Heathrow jet. Police were called after some of those on board attempted to grab the captain as the situation on the Middle East Airlines flight descended into chaos last night. Passengers raided the galley for meals after the plane was delayed due to thunderstorms and 40mph winds last night. One witness described the scene as 'something out of the Lord of the Flies', referring to the famous William Golding novel in which a group of unsupervised schoolboys descend into savagery and anarchy when they are stranded on a remote island.
Delta jet blows tire, catches fire landing in Atlanta 28 May 2011 Firefighters say four people have sustained minor injuries as a result of a Delta Air Lines jet blew at least one tire landing in Atlanta and suffered an engine fire. Atlanta Fire Department Capt. Jolyon Bundrige said 49 passengers were evacuated from Flight 2284 after a troublesome landing around 4:15 p.m. Saturday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the flight from Pittsburgh blew at least one tire as it landed, resulting in the fire. Fire crews used a foam spray to extinguish a blaze in the plane's right engine.
Obama Uses Autopen to Sign Patriot Act Extension 27 May 2011 For the first time in United States history, a bill has been signed into law by a mechanical autopen, which affixed the president's signature at the direction of Mr. Obama, who is in Europe. Congress on Thursday passed legislation extending the Patriot Act for four years. (House vote | Senate vote) But with Mr. Obama abroad and the existing legal authorities set to expire, the White House concluded that a mechanical signature would do. "Failure to sign this legislation poses a significant risk to U.S. national security," Nick Shapiro, an assistant press secretary in the White House, said before the vote on Thursday.
Obama signs 4-year Patriot Act extension in France 27 May 2011 Congress on Thursday passed a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. Votes taken in rapid succession in the Senate and House came after lawmakers rejected attempts to temper the law enforcement powers to ensure that individual liberties are not abused. The legislation to renew three terrorism-fighting authorities headed for the president's signature with only hours to go before the provisions expire at midnight. Minutes before the midnight deadline, the White House said Obama had signed the bill.
U.S. to propose mandatory vehicle 'black boxes' 26 May 2011 The U.S. Transportation Department said today it will propose making vehicle "black boxes" mandatory in all vehicles by the end of the year. The department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has long considered whether to make black boxes, officially called event data recorders, or EDRs, mandatory. "NHTSA plans to propose mandatory EDRs in all passenger vehicles in 2011," the Transportation Department said in the report.
US judge rules against corporate contribution ban 27 May 2011 A U.S. judge has ruled that the campaign finance law banning corporations from making contributions to federal candidates is unconstitutional, saying that a recent Supreme Court decision gives companies the same right to donate as individual citizens enjoy. In a ruling issued late Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Cacheris tossed out part of an indictment against two people charged with illegally reimbursing donors to two campaigns. Cacheris says that under the Supreme Court's landmark Citizens United decision last year, corporations have the right to give to federal candidates.
Washington bank shut, 44th in US this year-FDIC 28 May 2011 U.S. authorities closed a Washington state bank on Friday, bringing the total number of foreclosures in 2011 to 44. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said state authorities closed First Heritage Bank in Snohomish, Wash. The five branches of First Heritage will reopen on Tuesday as branches of Columbia State Bank, and depositors will automatically become depositors of Columbia, the FDIC said in a statement.
Giuliani surprise leader in Republican poll 27 May 2011 Rudy Giuliani came out on top of a new survey of the 2012 Republican presidential primary field [with 16 percent support], even though the former New York Mayor has not so far jumped into the race. Many Republican voters quizzed in the CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released on Friday said they were not very satisfied with the current crop of candidates who will battle for the right to take on President Barack Obama in the November 2012 election. Early this month Giuliani said he had not yet decided on whether to go ahead with a second White House bid.
Miley Cyrus knocks Rick Santorum 27 May 2011 Teen pop star Miley Cyrus isn't a fan of Urban Outfitters after stories emerged alleging that the store has copied jewelry designs. She pointed out that the company's president had contributed to Santorum. "IF WE ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE NEXT THING U KNOW PEOPLE WILL BE MARRYING GOLD FISH' - Rick Santorum UO contributed $13,000 to this mans campaign" tweeted Cyrus, mocking Santorum for some earlier remarks regarding gay marriage. She also wrote about Urban Outfitters and Santorum: "Not only do they steal from artists but every time you give them money you help finance a campaign against gay equality." It may not be the best news for Santorum, who is expected to launch his campaign next week since Cyrus has over a million Twitter followers.
Joplin tornado death toll ratchets up to as many as 142 28 May 2011 As many as 142 people may have died from the Joplin tornado, state officials said this morning, while state troopers have been working around the clock notifying families of victims who have been confirmed dead. The number of dead is uncertain because the temporary morgue is working to identify bodies that include partial remains, Missouri Department of Public Safety Deputy Director Andrea Spillars said.
Joplin tornado sends store receipt record 525 miles to Indiana 27 May 2011 A receipt from a tire store in Joplin, Mo., turned up 525 miles away on a front porch in north-central Indiana, a record distance for apparent tornado debris to travel, a Purdue University storm researcher reports. "This paper traveled more than twice as far as the longest distance recorded for debris from a storm," said Ernest Agee, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and tornado expert. The receipt, which was dated May 13 from Joplin Tire Center and folded into a quarter of its full size, landed in Royal Center, Ind., about 45 miles from West Lafayette.
Puppy with broken legs crawls home after surviving tornado 27 May 2011 A puppy crawled home with two broken legs after being thrown high into the air by a tornado that ripped through Alabama. Mason, a terrier mix, was feared dead after the storm but was found two weeks later by his owners in the wreckage of their home. "This is probably the most dramatic we've seen as far as an injury in an animal that's survived this long," said Phil Doster at Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control shelter, who is caring for Mason following surgery. The shelter has dealt with hundreds of pets hurt by the storms.
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