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Deconstructor Trump vs. Logical Democrats

The world, and specifically millions of Americans, question why Donald Trump was even considered as a presidential candidate for one of the most important nations on the planet. He was not only considered and elected, but the Republican Party has his knees glued to the floor and he is about to be reelected as a second term president of the United States.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with a renewable team that changes according to each new circumstance or challenge. Instead of recognizing the powerful dynamic of Trump’s logistics, Democrats simplistically continue to believe that he is merely extending his TV slogan “you’re fired” to his campaign and presidency.

Trump’s team “thinks” (i.e., elaborates Trump thoughts, independently of whether they are valid or not) and “makes” them a reality no matter what, understanding that they or whoever implements Trump thoughts will take the responsibility for the wrong consequences, never Trump. Trump followers proudly love it, while his enemies swallow their sad and unacceptable admiration that he gets what he wants with impunity.

The disposable Trump team are loyal slaves. They excel in restlessness, doggedness and creativity; they are literally worker bees.

Trump’s first step was to point out longtime resentments that whites have not gotten over due to irrationality and ignorance; their wrong arguments were never addressed properly in the mainstream society. The important point is that their number, 40 million in a country of over 400 million, is only 10%, but as voters they constitute 2/3 of a likely 60 million of Republican voters, and a large enough bloc to take over the Republican Party. These proportions will keep Trump in power.

The next step, already in place, was to extend his power to the judicial system by selection of judges and the executive branch by placing easily manipulated secretaries in each department, after controlling Congress through the Party [GOP], especially the Senate.

The thousands of lies and hundreds of wrongdoings don’t matter, as far as Trump holds the power. His power to run the country and even the world will persist long after his presidency.

Democrats have seen Trump as a clown TV entertainer who daily manipulates media to his advantage. Not so his followers, who see him only in the guise of his voice and power. Democrats concentrate on the figure of Trump, while Trump multiplies himself in his followers, and in the three branches of power. This gigantic Trump [not the man] has stayed unreachable to Democrats.

Trump, through his team, has committed more than several wrongdoings of detrimental national and international consequences for the U.S. and the world; the energy issue is one of them. An intent of his impeachment for extortion of another country for personal gain leaves open questions about the success of the Democrats in the past three years. With respect to energy Democrats have failed to defend alternative energy, the shafted antipollution regulation, they have failed to protect the natural parks, to provide clean air, and to assure citizens clean water. Further on the Trump people are attempting to obliterate what has successfully been done to protect women rights such as abortion, asylum seekers rights such as immigration, they have succeeded in the commercialization of education and health, weakening protection of the public from lenders and insurers, and in encouraging the rise of the domestic cost of living by imposing international tariffs. Trump has fanned isolationism and enabled increasing worldwide Russian power. He has spurred conflictive divisions among U. S. citizens, supported access of civilians to military weapons, weakened U.S. branches of power, and gave government interference to religion organizations. He has done nothing to provide adequate housing for the homeless. Where are the Democrats?

It is not good enough for the Democrats to be correct and fair, if they do not get results. The Trump period exists due to democratic failure. Democrats are powerless because they still hang on to old-fashioned logic, while Trump and his team deconstruct all the cherished principles that the U. S. was originally built on.

The impeachment inquiry is being deconstructed piece by piece. The testimony of witnesses on factual evidence has been turned into conjectures of non-existent wrongdoing.

Trump and his team spread a variety of explanations of another “Democrats’ failed plot to debunk the person of Trump.” This stance is interpreted by Democrats as a chaotic lack of defense strategy by Trump and his team, when it is precisely the Trump team’s powerful and effective strategy. The Democratic insistence on logic makes them helpless to understand and address the deconstructive methods of Trump and his team.

To deconstruct something is to negate it by pulling it apart.

The factual evidence given by Trump himself, that he ordered the quid pro quo in the Ukraine by his order to Giuliani to accomplish it, is contained in Trump’s phrase “go talk to Giuliani.” Because Trump delegated Giuliani to fulfill his order, Trump has sent people, in Ukraine and in U. S., to talk to Giuliani. Trump and his team deconstructed the phrase during the hearings. According to them, Trump said, “go talk to Giuliani” because he didn’t want to talk about it. So in common sense, “logically” [for the democratic minds] Trump sent people to talk to Giuliani. “Nothing unusual, abnormal of wrong with that.” End of story, get it over, close these hearings.

Trump and his team applied the same formula to every single accusation, complaint, misstep, or decision. First, there are different explanations, idiotic or not, to fulfill all kinds of interpretations, and then there is a consensus conclusion, “it’s just Trump’s candor and the spontaneous innocent way he is”

And for three years Democrats have been feeble, while Republicans have their way unaware that those millions of Trump followers will be their worst nightmare,

With years of piled evidence, Democrats are unable to put together a comprehensive package of unconstitutional, illegal, high crimes and misdemeanors actions by Trump. Democrats reduce themselves to tightrope walk of solely the Ukraine event, which Trump and his team have already deconstructed.

When will the Democrats learn to deconstruct Trump? Or maybe it will have to be a Republican who finally manages it?

José María Rodríguez González

U.S. Foreign Policy Analyst

© Scoop Media

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