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Scoop Full Coverage: 2008 Primaries

A Rigged Vote. Michael Carmichael: It Wasn't A Miracle, Hillary Won Via A Rigged Vote -- European Press

The mainstream Italian media are reporting both the rigging of the New Hampshire primary for Senator Hillary Clinton and the official demands for a swift, accurate and impartial recount. In an article written by Marcello Foa, one of Europe's most respected journalists, it appears that vote tallies for all Democratic candidates as well as Republicans were reduced by Diebold vote-counting machines. More >>

US Elections - Just Like The Movies Ramzy Baroud: U.S. Elections - Just Like The Movies The United States political process bears an uncanny resemblance to mainstream filmmaking. Elections and speeches are scripted to the letter, politicians put on a tirelessly rehearsed act, catering endlessly to the whims of the target audience. Life can indeed resemble the movies, but in the case of US elections the movie has become so familiar and predictable that it's no longer even entertaining. More >>

Eliminate Secret Vote Counting. Nancy Tobi: We Need To Eliminate Secret Vote Counting, Not A Recount New Hampshire's primary delivered a "surprise" upset victory to Senator Hillary Clinton, contradicting all pre-election poll predictions and even the facts on the ground, which showed Senator Obama with a strong lead and enthusiastic overflow crowds at every New Hampshire appearance. What happened? More >>

*** Martin LeFevre: Deconstructing the Obamanon ***

Primaries: Barack, Hillary - Sinister Nothingness Of "Change"

Black Agenda Report writes: The scam of this still-new century enthralls and envelopes the nation, a narrowly-packaged farce in which political twins Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pretend they are not joined at the hip on every public policy issue that has been allowed to enter the corporate media-vetted discourse: health care, Iraq, trade. Even these points of (non)contention disappear in the din of purely commercial marketing mantras with infinitely malleable meanings: "Change," "Hope," "Reform." More >>

Primaries: Clinton Victory Unbelievable Says Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos, the host of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, was brought in for comment and said of Clinton’s strong showing, “It’s unbelievable!” and that “no-one has a good explanation” for it. The internal polling of the Obama campaign had shown him with a strong lead going into the election and Clinton campaign insiders hadn’t disputed that, Stephanopoulos said. (He was a senior political advisor to Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign.) More >> (Earlier: Part 1)

Rosalea Barker: US Primaries Move On To New Hampshire

On Saturday night, the ABC network held two back-to-back debates in Manchester, New Hampshire, in conjunction with Facebook, the social networking website The format was supposed to be that for the first 45 minutes the moderator would pose three broad topics to the candidates and they would have a dinner-table discussion amongst themselves about them, asking questions of each other. More >>

Iowa: Obama, Huckabee Win Iowa Caucuses In Primaries - US Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) emerged victorious from the January 03, 2007, Iowa Caucuses, claiming the first victories of the 2008 presidential contest. Both candidates delivered optimistic messages of change to supporters afterwards. More >>

Daniel Patrick Welch: No Change For Me - I Want Bills - In the runup to this year's political circus, the buzzwords of hope and change are being bandied about like the cheap currency they are. Divested of any real meaning by their repetition and cynical misapplication, they quickly become empty slogans. More >>

Huckabee. U.S. Elections: Huckabee - Social Conservatism Plus Populism-Lite? - Far right dubs Huckabee the `Big Government' candidate! Owing to his convincing victory in the Iowa Republican Party caucuses, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has become "viable." Over the next few weeks expect the mainstream media to both welcome the folksy/friendly Huckabee with open arms, and slice and dice his record and past statements. More >>

Sam Smith: The Most Important Primary Decision In Forty Years

If Edwards wins the Iowa caucuses, it will be the most significant progressive primary win since Eugene McCarthy got 41% of the vote in New Hampshire in 1968. While those who prefer the personal, albeit single digit, purity of supporting a Kucinich may scoff, even Ralph Nader agrees that an Edwards nomination would be a historic shift in the political landscape. While the iconographic liberals - those placing ethnic or gender symbolism ahead of real change - dismiss Edwards, the obese media and the Washington... More >>

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Any Questions: Scoop Launches New Q&A Website

It’s an easy way to find out party positions and allows you to view candidates’ answers side by side. It’s also a way for you to make your voice heard this election, and get the parties talking about the things that are important to you. More>>


Binoy Kampmark: Trump And Afghanistan

Donald Trump did what US Presidents have done since George W. Bush: commit. Commit, that is, to the mission; commit more promises; and commit more thoughts to blotted paper about the war that never ends in the graveyard of empires. More>>


Rawiri Taonui: The Maori Election

The election battle for the Maori seats 2017 opened last year when Maori Party President Tuku Morgan announced a peace deal with the Mana Movement aimed at securing all the Maori seats and holding the balance of power. More>>

Scoop HiveMind Project: Universal Basic Income - Are We Up For It?

This is an opportunity for you as one of the 4 million potential funders and recipients of a Universal Basic Income to collectively consider the issue:
1. Is UBI is a desirable policy for New Zealand; and
2. How should a UBI system work in practice. More>>


Lyndon Hood: National Announces Plan To Hit Youth With Big Mallets

The National party has announced its youth justice policy, which includes a controversial plan for recidivist serious youth offenders to be hit over the head with a comically large rubber mallet. More>>