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Scoop's "Dissenters and Agitators Butterfly Ball" - Friday 13th November, Dransfield House Wellington

The Fellowship of Scoop Presents....
The Dissenters and Agitators Butterfly Ball

A Fundraising Costume Party for Indpendent Public Interest News
Friday 13th November - Dransfield House, Wellington
Tickets By PledgeMe or At Door $26


Format >> Beer O'Clock Soiree with canapes and drinks followed by launch formalities (brief) and then "Friday 13th Theme" costume party till late.

Name has changed >> Now Called "Dissenters & Agitators Butterfly Ball"

Price has changed >> $26 via Pledge Me - BOOK NOW

The Venue has changed >> Now at Dransfield House -355 Willis St - 5.30pm till Early Hours.

******* OLD INVITE FOLLOWS *****

The Scoop Fellowship presents....
Scoop's Lucky For Some "Batterfly Ball"
To be held this Friday 13th November - Wellington CBD

GET YOUR INVITATION by donation or arrangement, see (look for the rewards on the Right Hand Side of the page) but please also notify your intended attendance on the Facebook Event Page and/or via email to

Dear Scoop supporters, friends, members, contributors, bystanders, Vampires, Ghouls, Werewolves, Hobgoblins and Jason,

As the Scoop Foundation Crowd-Funding deadline approaches we thought we could kill a few birds with a single bat in the form of a party to:

  • usher in a new player in New Zealand public media arena;

  • build some more momentum around the Scoop Foundation establishment PledgeMe Campaign >>

  • and, offer Scoop's keenest members, contributors and supporters an opportunity to meet the Scoop Crew and yet another excuse to pledge.

This party will be an opportunity to celebrate the inestimable power of fate and possibly acquire some good fortune via your support for the nascent Scoop Foundation.

Plus you get to dress up, meet the Scoop Crew, talk about the Scoop Foundation and party the night away with a most discerning crowd, all the while also supporting the cause of public interest journalism.

More details on this Friday's event will be published as they are decided. There is a possibility of a venue upgrade if the party plan goes viral and it turns out that people really do want to party for the news!

Regardless the party will go on as we have much to be thankful for at Scoop, with respect to our fate, especially the good company shared among the amazing crew who have been on this journey over the past two years.

Any and all donations of party supplies, food, drink, music and vibe will be gratefully accepted and may result in invitations. They can also be publicly acknowledged on requested.

GET YOUR INVITATION by donation or arrangement, see (look for the rewards on the Right Hand Side of the page) but please also notify of attendance on the Facebook Event Page and/or via email to

Additional Notes:

TRANSFERING ALREADY PURCHASED REWARDS ALLOWED: If you have already donated for another reward and would like to exchange your reward for an invitation to the Batterfly Ball that is entirely OK with us. Just email us at

DONATION REWARDS: The PledgeMe reward advertised pricing is either $104 (8 x 13 - so doubly lucky) or $169 ( 13 x 13 even luckier). We suggest if you give more money than that and want to maximise good fortune then a multiple of 13 may work best.

Note that an abundance of good fortune may be the primary benefit that paid up attendees will receive from attendance at this event[*]. That is beyond the Scoop loot which we may decide to give out which could include these notebooks.

"Notable" Scoop Members each receive one of Scoop's special leather bound notebook/sketchbooks. The notebooks have the number 13 on their reverse cover for added good fortune for some.

The more you donate to attend the more more Scoop Loot and special benefits you will receive. All attendees will be granted Scoop Membership for 2015 and the paying ones will also get one of our special notebooks emblazoned with the number 13 (designed back when we were 13).

TIMING: Event starts at Beer O'Clock and runs till late. Venue TBD but most probably at the Scoop HQ 2.0 in Lambton Quay. Vampires welcome.

FINALLY: Please tell your friends about this party.

Yours Sincerely
The Scoop Fellowship

[*] The Performance of Good Fortune effect of attendance may vary between donors and is in any event only available to some.


© Scoop Media

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